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Found 10 results

  1. Gimbo


    Add the possibility for the candles to light on even when placed.....
  2. The battery charger kinda serves no purpose right now, and also spotlights can't be used. We kinda need a use on them :thinking:
  3. After having re-read the techdoid, specifically the awesome propagating lighting demo that shows off red signs and blue nighttime lighting (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_0TiPQ-JQA&feature=emb_title&ab_channel=IndieStone), it got me to thinking about how there are multicolored bulbs in the world, but very few places where they are used. I think I've only ever seen them in a hardware store. The way that lighting interacts in that video is really awesome! I think it would be cool to have wall nightlights appear in some kids bedrooms. The nightlights could be dimmer than normal lights but use regular lightbulbs. Some of them might contain different color lightbulbs. This would give a bit of atmosphere to the game and be an opportunity to really show off the light propagation system. Perhaps they would also be something an electrician could disassemble for experience and parts. Non electricians could pick them up them and move them into any other wall that is powered.
  4. How it possible ? Did you see the town with 4000 of population without sockets in the houses in real life ? Zombies eaten sockets ? And where is wires ? I mean wires outside between two electric pillar. So , I think it will upgrade electric branch and doing more realistic game. And also will be cool if you will add the function of creating Christmas tree and Christmas lights on wall. It's easy for implementing and holidays are coming. We need little bit positive in the game on the minute. We need a "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" 🎊😊😊
  5. Hello guys, Iam sure that you've already reed same or simmilar topic last days, but cause of many ppl at mp found that like a really big issue and Ive tried to describe it at our discord channel with examples recently, so I decided to bother you a little too and share it with you, so sorry - but I think it should help a bit. First of all the differences between shaders on and off .. or if you want postprocesing on and off... Postprocesing off - flashlight off Postprocesing off - flashlight on Postprocesing on - flashlight off Postprocesing on - flashlight on So, this is one problem ... the thing that even flashlight has almost no effect - other side of it is the game is now unbalanced for those who uses postproc. and whose not - cause one of us will need to use flashlight if it will be even effective one day, and other one not cause night is almost same like a day with postprocesing on ... For better imagination how lights are good with postproc. on theres even indoor ones to check - No difference at all ... so, light are no more the thing with postprocesing on ... example of light without postprocesing - Check even colour balance of it at those example from indoors .. with postproc. it looks like with rly bad filter making it almost warmtones less ... Next thing is (well, as soon as flashlights will have some effect) the weight ... batery in flashlight remains for cca 3 hours in game max with full use of it ... that means you need 3 of it for one night .... thats 1.8 pounds ... flashlight is 2 pounds ... almost 4 pounds total weight for one night - just for those who wont use postprocesing .. others can play without it at all ... So when you count that you spent 2 points for Cateyes trait - wasted cause no more effect .... now you are forced to spent 4 points of your inventory each night, and even those who doesnt likes totaly messed up colours and lights with postprocesing which making game unbalanced for each other ... (that one can be partly solved by server settings i think) Started at 11 pm and been testing it so turnng it off and on again and again .. so its 3 hr max ... Thats I think all to this topic. Idk what can be solution, just describing it properly cause its needed i think .. To be honest, comparing that state without postprocesing to other survival games (as it was compared by admin), wheres nights spooky - its nonsense - spooky doesnt mean unplayable, and thats it in zomboid now ... Thank you for and if there will be replies and sorry for my messy english.
  6. Hello guys! I have a problem that I could not solve on my own. We make a custom model of police car for Project Zomboid (Link). After we upload it to the Workshop, and we saw that the textures of light, damages and rust do not worked. In lua file the textures was writed to the model, but it still does not work. Anyone know, how fix that problem?
  7. Hello all. I have made a lamp that can be crafted. This is a moveable type item that once crafted and in your inventory you will click the place button and choose where to put it. You will still have to have the normal electrician of 5 and electronic scrap and a battery to click on the placed object and make the battery connector, and then again to install battery. Considering that you might have some of these things in crates in the wilderness, or may not have picked up a lamp somewhere, this is useful to craft your own makeshift battery powered lamp for base lighting. Thanks and credit goes to Svarog for finding how to do moveable objects as items here: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/17951-moveables-defined-items-build33/ Click to Download: PortableLights.zip
  8. I was reading at a thread about generators the other day and as I though as was said in the OP of that thread that generators doesn't seem to be worth the effort of using atm. I started thinking about how it would probably be in realistic zombie apocalypse for the average Joe and the reason he/she would want to get a generator working. Alright some might think of maintaining their food fresh, some of warming themselves, but for a lot of people having electricity in ones home would be just a huge moral boost, and it would probably be because of them being able to see notably better at nights and maybe even having the possibility to read. Both of those things as it stands are not a problem for the player, and I think it would be nice to have another reward for getting a generator working and maybe not that hard to implement. And so, I suggest making nights darker and only being able to read at a determined light level. Also, another plus of making nights darker would be that a lamp on a pillar, flashlights, candles, and other light sources would be a lot more useful, as would also be the trait Cat's Eyes. Well thats about it, I just thought I could make a thread myself as I've been reading this forum almost every day for about a year and never made one or even posted a comment. Also, THANKS to the developers and the people helping them at this forum for the great work. It's an incredible game the one you've got here.
  9. One of my biggest complaints is the lighting. Many buildings will have random rooms that have crazy amounts of light in them. Just last night, i was playing on V31.11 and I went into a bathroom (window less) and the lighting was perfect. I turned on the light and it completely flushed everything out. There have been times when i was walking down the road at night and I look over at a building and see perfectly into the room through the window like the light is on. This was months into a game. Or some times it's just part of a room. a piece of the wall that lit while everything else is dark. Have any of you noticed this? All my friends that play have the same complaint.
  10. So, I didn't see this suggested anywhere and I searched pretty thoroughly, so... It might be part of the incoming alternate energy stuff, but since I can't seem to find that info I'm going to post this anyways. * * * The idea is that when the power goes out, there's presently very little ways to create light. Candles and fire run out and risk burning down your base--batteries also die. So, for lighting your base, solar garden lamps would work fantastically for providing a light source once the power goes out without using up your batteries. They could be attached to posts with rope like flashlights, planted in the ground to create lighted paths, or carried as a lame light. The point is that they're not as bright as other lights, but they're still better than complete blackness. Positives: -supply-free light source -can be carried -can be hung on posts -can be placed into the ground Negatives: -Not nearly as bright as other light sources (important!) -only work outdoors -must charge during the day -get dimmer as night progresses -cannot be turned off and may attract zombies at night -don't work well if it rains during charging hours Is it somewhat realistic? Totally. You can buy these almost anywhere. Does it fit with the spirit of PZ? I would like to think so. The list of positives and negatives balance out pretty well. Won't make the game too easy or hard. It's not unrealistic or OP. Just a fun little thing to add alternatives and deepen the realism of the world. Would it make the game too easy? Depending on how it's implemented, attracting zombies after the power goes out might make it more difficult. Would it require rewriting the entire game (like changing the camera view, for instance) It might take a little more coding than average to implement, with zombie attraction or removing the option to turn the lights off/making them only work outdoors. Would it add enough to the gameplay that it would be worth taking the time to add? I would say that it's of relatively low priority, but it could make for a good alternative to fire that's acceptable in a world that has decent technology. Also, since sleeping isn't a thing in mutliplayer, and being a mac user with the annoyingly bright bar across the top of my screen, it makes the game unseeable during the game's night hours. Having something that's not going to turn my base into a bonfire but still let me play would be fantastic. Would it be found in Muldraugh, Kentucky common enough to be added? As I said, can be bought almost anywhere. Dollar stores, hardware stores, gardening stores, spring decoration sections at grocery stores, home decor shops... the list is long. Not to mention, you can probably find lots of them in people's yards. They're decently ubiquitous.
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