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Found 4 results

  1. This has probably been suggested already, but i searched and couldn't find anything on the subject. Anyway, I think it would be cool if there was an option in sandbox to choose what level you want your characters skills to be at at the start of the game. You can set the EXP multiplier really high but it affects all skills. I usually just set it to max because I hate the idea of grinding just to get certain skills up. however this makes the game too easy and id like it if i could just set my skill levels prior to start and have the rest go up as they would normally. for example I like to run ar
  2. With the introduction of a button specific for melee without weapon attack, I get use to do the 1-2 combo, where I hit with my weapon and then push the Z's away with the melee command, and some times save some durability of my weapons by stomping with my foot the fallen Z's. But I find unappealing the fact that it doesn't bring any XP gains Since it seems that anything that can be lvl up give XP makes sense that stomping a zombie to 2° death doesn't increase the XP, but taking the risk of going hand-to-hand with such dangerous creatures deserves some kind of award... So, in order to ke
  3. Ladders. From what I can tell. Very common. I have a pair, my neighbours have a pair, and people generally have ladders, And if you don't you will never get to high places in life. Simple things, they help you go up. They are moveable. You already have static ladders on the map. So, just add ladders to the game? Acquisition Can be found or Can be crafted (Simple crafting I guess) I-I I-I I-I I-I I-I Cons You have to carry them. Makes you walk a lot slower, Requires both hands as equipped and very heavy (Just like a Corpse) Your easier to grab and slow down. Uses Basically acts lik
  4. Sinma

    Level in MP

    Hello, i have a question about level on MP, how i can assign points from level up, without sleeping(that i assume isnt possible in MP). I need this to for example craft better things, or there is a other way to assign those points? Sorry for my english.
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