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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, everyone! I have been trying to start a LAN server to play the game with my wife. We've got it working, we're both able to play on the server. Method used is files downloaded from SteamCMD and I have ports 16261-16270 TCP/UDP open on my router. Just in case that's relevant. I know there's PZServerSettings.exe in the Steam files for Project Zomboid that you use to change some of the settings. I copied that and a file that was associated with it to my server folder, started it there and saved the settings into the same folder. Is that all that needs done to change the settings? How can I confirm that what I set is being used? I'm also curious about how to change other server settings, such as password. I've tried to search for the answers to some of the questions here and haven't been able to find anything that really helps. Maybe I'm using weird terms or something for my searches or just looking for the wrong thing. So, I figured I'd just ask the other questions I hadn't searched for yet in here if I'm already asking for help. Thanks a lot for your answers!
  2. Hey folks, I'm just throwing this up here as a sort of last ditch effort, I've all but given up on being able to play multiplayer with my friend on a server I'm hosting. I've tried several of the troubleshooting tips that you can find around the net, port forwarding, using Tunngle instead of Hamachi etc. Do any of you know if there's common slip-ups or mistakes when trying to get a friend to connect via LAN simulation? I feel like the ports are all forwarded, the Hamachi client is running, my server is running on my PC... we've tried a million permutations lol Feels like it should work, but it just fails to connect. Zomboid seems really fun online and I'd love to give it a whirl Thanks for your collective time
  3. I have had some trouble getting the multiplayer going on this game (there's a lot of guides on how to set one up but nobody mentions how to join a server) but now I have it up and running I'm really enjoying it. Recently we've hit quite a big snag though; every time my router goes down (from a power cut or it starts to play up and I have to reboot) I get a new public IP address which my friend then needs to connect to my server. When he does connect he has to create a new character and change his username; losing his carpentry skill and all his items in the process. Is there any way around this problem? We live in the same house and are connected to the same router so we could run the server through our LAN if I knew how, however there's no real guide for this. Thank you.
  4. Hi guys I followed the instructions here: http://www.reddit.com/r/projectzomboid/comments/28xzzz/server_setup_guide_build_271/ I can get the server working no probs, along with custom spawn points. Mods work in SP, and I have added the mod id's for the following mods to server.ini: turbo-luanetturbo-apcomCraftHelperRainPanrkaModRMLockpickingModTommyGuns ALL the mods fail to load on the LAN server with the following message: MOD: failed to load poster C:\Users\Kyle\Zomboid\Mods\ApCom\Logo.png it does this with each of the mods above. How do I fix this? PS I am on Build 27#1, not the IWBUMS thread, and I purchased game from Steam FWIW Thanks in advance! Kyle
  5. Hello fellow survivors. Is there's a way to play Project Zomboid using Hamachi instead of Steam? I want to play this game with my distant friend, however, I have no idea how to setup a local server so we can play together. The version of my game is Can you help me? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi Guys, Im new in the community. I had a problem creating a LAN game in Project Zomboid. I followed all the steps listed at this post in order to create a game: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/5577-multiplayer-open-test-details-inside/ And also readed this two post, and follow their instructions: http://steamcommunity.com/app/108600/discussions/0/540735425868310571/ http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/6122-lan-servers/ The problem is, after we connected few laptos to a router to create a LAN game, and the server is running `SERVER STARTED´ we tried to connect to the game by typing the local host IP. Nothing. The server says: Id=0 gy=(lots of numbers) Disconnection notified. We tried running the server in differents laptos, with differents IP asigned by the router and it didn´t work. We turned down the firewall, and antivirus. Also open the ports that the post recomended. The curious thing is, we we are out of the router´s LAN, and connected to internet. We can create a game and enter by typing our own IP. Also we can enter in other servers trought internet. Weird
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