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Found 4 results

  1. FOLLOW-UP: I've confirmed all of these locations were in the real 1993 Louisville - West Point - Valley Station area except the fireworks store. In a separate post I'll have more generic buildings. 1) The National Weather Service office of far southern suburban Louisville. Its Doppler radar was installed in early 1994 between West Point & Fort Knox. Images of the older radar office + the machinery is here: Radar History at Louisville (weather.gov) In 1993 the office was in southern suburban Louisville, Jefferson County, per April 16, 1998 Poster (weather.gov) - it's just off the highway near where you'd see offramp highway gas stations and basic stores, so it feels more like a rural town than suburban Louisville. - this website includes lots of old posters which you can freely use in PZ; just ask them. 2) GE Appliance Park, in southeastern suburban Louisville. General Electric's Appliance Park in Louisville, KY (Google Maps) (virtualglobetrotting.com) Appliance Park Map.pdf (geappliances.com) It's a vast campus. Half a dozen of the buildings are for production, and the largest is a massive warehouse. It began construction in the 50s and was finished by the 50s or 60s. These factory floors are for making washing machines, dryers, fridges, microwaves, and so forth - so it'd be near-useless to a survivor too, except for scrapping the production lines for goods. You could also use the name of the wholesale kitchen seller already existing in the game's downtown Louisville. 3) The Sheraton Hotel, today known as the Seelbach Hotel. Seelbach Hotel - Wikipedia This luxury hotel is mentioned by name in the Great Gatsby, and Al Capone used one of its back rooms for his dealings, as he had a secret escape door installed in that back room. Numerous secret tunnels and escape routes exist in this hotel. The hotel's been in three movies: The Hustler (1961), The Insider (1999) and The Great Gatsby (2013). The Seelbach Hilton Louisville, KY This link has 3D virtual tours of some of the rooms & meeting rooms in the building: 3D Room & Floor Plans - The Seelbach Hilton Note this hotel is VERY distinct from the already-existing hotel downtown, as this one is truly luxurious. 4) Any of these plaques and/or locations, all found here: https://www.hmdb.org/results.asp?HistMark=Y&WarMem=Y&FilterNOT=&FilterTown=&FilterCounty=jefferson&FilterState=ky&FilterZip=&FilterCountry=&FilterCategory=0&SeriesID=249&Search=Series 5) Phantom Fireworks, in a small town east of Valley Station: Phantom of Louisville South | Phantom Fireworks Numerous photos of the interior are on its website and Yelp Photos for Phantom Fireworks of Louisville - South - Yelp . It just sells lots, and lots, of things that go boom. Given that the soft start date of the Event is July 9th, there'd likely be 4th of July clearance sales of red, white, & blue fireworks on the 9th.
  2. [EN] Hello! I decided to make more realistic retextures for vanilla machines. I decided to create a mods theme on the forum, maybe someone is more comfortable. Work is still ongoing!) [RU] Всем привет! Я решил сделать более реалистичные ретекстуры для ванильных машин. Решил создать тему мода на форуме, возможно кому то так удобнее. Работа все еще продолжается!) Мод тут | Mod Here
  3. I got an invitation for the group to join magnum2016's role-playing server, i accepted and once he sets it up after build 28 we will help him build the town. This is a Role-Playing group about the Kentucky National Guard after they are sent in to quarantine the towns of Muldraugh and the surrounding areas. We will have multiple roles, ranks and divisions for people to sign up for. Like medic, foot soldier, sniper (when the developers implement the hunting rifle), CDC Expert, CDC Scientist, Officer, General, CDC Director of Operations etc. Once we get things under control we shall border off the town of Muldraugh and establish a base of operations outside the town just off the highway coming into Muldraugh. The sign up sheet is below, copy and paste it into your reply box to get started! Don't copy and past the words in (this). Name(As in Jack Brown or Gordan Freeman, not Ult!m@t3amA$0r)- Race- Age(18 to 40)- Sex- Role/Division- Character bio- (Optional,just to flesh out the rp) Time Zone- Usually Online- First people 5 people to sign up get high ranks. List of people already signed up- CDC Director of Operations-Jackson Paul (Jacksonap) General- Officer- Navy Seals- CDC Expert- CDC Scientist- Richard Cheug (Orman) Foot soldier- Cpt.Miguel Rocha (-snip-) Pvt.Adam Lambert (noxiousd) Pvt.Simon Riley (ludo0777) Pvt. Marc Masters (superking333) Engineer- Sgt.Daniel Fodor (rotacioskapa) Medic- Lt.Alex Cartty (Neltarin) Sniper- Ssgt.Garett Hart (GreenSilo) Pvt.Casey Marks (LemonCutie007) Police Chief- SWAT- Officer Connor McCall (Strang) Police Remnants- Deputy Jack Rusket (Daman453) In order to be in the Navy Seals section you must prove your worth to the group and to the server that we will be playing on in general. They will protect the high ranking officials of the group and be the first ones going in to the thick of things. These soldiers will be the best of the best among the group and will be a shining star among the soldiers risking their lives to bring order and stability to the land. Uniforms Cops/Swat- Blue sweater Soldier-Green sweater/vest (depending on heat conditions) Scientists/Medics- White sweaters Engineers-Yellow sweaters/vests High ranks/Seals- Black sweaters/vests Lets hope this goes well! Fingers crossed!
  4. Pretty cool seeing Muldraugh and West Point in the game. I have actually been there, almost stayed at the SunStar Hotel even (except its really called the Golden Manor) but we ended up staying in Shepherdsville which is just east of West Point. We stopped at Dodge's Chicken and bought gas and cigarettes, not sure the name of the place in the game, but its the gas station near the laundry mat on Dixie Hwy. I was working inside an underground tunnel at Fort Knox that they used to test munitions and explosives. and trust me when I tell you, the helicopters in the game are spot on... They are constantly flying blackhawks over there. annoying as hell. They have an entire mock village built in the woods where they fly in and shoot the place up with door gunners then repel out onto the roof tops. They told us at the gate "don't look, don't stop, don't take pictures" lol. At the edge of the mock town there was a little shack that had a dirt bike propped up against it with a Taliban dummy sitting in a chair holding a rope attached to a goat haha so when you add the base in the game, don't forget the goat. (I really don't expect the map to extend that far into the base) The whole road (Mt Eden Rd.) is littered with old tanks, trucks, etc that the army has used for target practice. (you can see it on google earth or google maps) The only thing that zomboid has wrong is the flat groung... its quite mountainous instead. Very cool nostalgia playing a map where you have actually been. Such an awesome game. well done!
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