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Found 4 results

  1. Ever since the map system has been implemented along with letting players mark down their map and write notes in it, many players have grown used to it, and have found their own creative ways of using it (me included), and certainly, lots of players have felt that there could have improvements to the feature. Of course, those are not needed, but they sure as hell would be welcomed. Changing Scale and Resolution of Markings Even though marking symbols and writing notes is already perfectly functional, being unable to change the scale of both icons and text can really be a nuisance when trying to keep a map clean and readable, hence why there are currently +150.000 players using the Map Symbol Size Slider mod, from capsgry. Not only that, but as soon as you zoom-in on the map, you'll realize how low-res those symbols are, which of course, would be even more noticeable if we could increase the size of them. It would be perfect if we could change the scale of symbols to our desire, and even better if they were of a higher resolution, thus losing less quality when scaled. There could have a setting in the game options so players can enable or disable those decals being compressed. Representing Physical Objects Zomboid can be one hell of an immersive game, even if we're not seeing through our characters eyes (at least, not literally), I'm sure that no player has ever managed to stay completely calm for the first time they witnessed their character panicking, probably while trying to barely escape of a horde while listening to their character's heartbeat speed up, get louder, while intense music players. The reduction of awareness from being tired, not being able to knock down a Zombie when exhausted, and the list keeps expanding. We always see our character doing specific actions, such as eating from the plate with their hands, forks or spoons, to grabbing a crowbar to unbarricade a window... but when we write down on our Journal? All we see is a GUI pop-up following Zomboid's layout in which we type text in, while the character stands still. Of course, there is absolutely no need for it, but I can only imagine how "into the game" I would feel if I could see an actual piece of paper, or ruled notebook page instead of just another GUI pop-up that I can perfectly see through, Down below you'll find a concept that I — who's very clearly not a designer — have made, that perfectly illustrates what I have in mind; As mentioned within the text, writing down on journals is a very common form of roleplaying, which only adds to the immersion. For example, any of DaFox's illustrations on "Lily's Journal", which usually shows a few illustrations followed by its inspiration being occurrences that the player lived through, and wrote down on its diary. Again, none of these could be considered a "must have" addition, but be honest, wouldn't they be a huge improvement to how immersed we can already get when playing? Hell, I would even suggest letting players draw on pieces of paper and maps, those could even reduce Boredness! Although, we all know what most players would end up drawing. Hopefully this suggestion can be taken into consideration, so we all can live as our characters before the unevitable.
  2. Better Journals In this current stage of the game there are only so many ways for our characters to express themselves, and I have found journaling to be one of the most rewarding aspects of the game, to fill a somewhat empty world (for now), with some life. But I think we could make it a lot nicer. As of now, each page is very small in terms of how much text you can put in it, while going beyond the word limit of the box requires you to scroll through said tiny box, which isn't very easy on the eyes. Moreover the aesthetic of the box is very simplistic. I know this is a personal gripe that comes down to personal taste, but looking at what the developers were capable with the great map UI (the way it opens a window with a textured page that you can pan your view through, with proper writing) I'd like to think that they understand what I'm getting at. My posting this was partly inspired by the journals of u/Special_Pickle_Buddy and u/CausticCafard on the r/ProjectZomboid subreddit, the latter of which really went above and beyond what a cool journal entry aesthetic can be. Images down below. Now I'm in no way suggesting that it needs to be up to the standard of Cafard's work, what he's done is some great digital artwork but its not the standardized journal type you'd imagine a game to have. Something to Skyrim's journals would be more appropriate I think. This is my (poor) attempt at depicting what it might look like. Its missing some options like page-turning, and isn't well formatted because I'm quite sloppy, and probably has numerous other issues. The options I would like to have in it in descending levels of priority (that is, what I prioritize, things that I would really like and look for) are: Multiple fonts (Cursive, print-esque handwritten, maybe block letters if you have a typewriter?) Different options for paper texture before you press the lock button (More wrinkled, different colors of paper within reason like yellow legal pads, lines, blank etc.) Big Leap of Inconsequentiality Drawing tool (Something like a brush, perhaps with varying levels of thickness starting from pencil-thin to something like a marker), I think this would be nice for the map too) Tools to add shapes and lines (If you're making a table for an inventory or diagram this would be handy) Stamps (Dates, symbols, CONFIDENTIAL, that sort of thing, maybe importable stamps?) Big big big leap in unimportance Image Importation? I would probably like to add zombie sketches to try and make a cool research journal. Hydrocraft had envelopes and manila folders. Maybe the ability to store pages in such folders as you can with keys in key rings. Could also use the letter opener in the vanilla game to be able to recover the folder for later use without ripping it open and ruining it. Final Addition: I'd also really like those same previously mentioned shape & line tools for the maps themselves too, because I think you also might want to make a birds eye view of your base on the map.
  3. Survivor Stories (WIP) This is the latest mod I've been working on. It basically adds a bunch of readable messages to loot containers all over the world which describe the horrors of the Zombie Apocalypse but also the life before the Outbreak. All in all it should create a bit more immersion Also: Easter Eggs. This mod is heavily in development at the moment. Expect bugs and problems all around Download from pz-mods.net ! IMPORTANT: You will need to install my modding utilities to be able to use this mod ! I'm also going to accept custom stories / notes etc. as long as they fit the style of the game & mod. ContributorsRathlordGammlernoobPlannedOnly some notes will have survivor messages on them. Empty notes can be used to write your own stuff down on them.Better UISpecific spawnsMore stories / notesWriteable journalKnown IssuesItem's can only be clicked when expandedUi doesn't have scrollbarsText field isn't correctly wrapped in UI atmNotes can be found too easyNote-Items have no further use once all of them have been foundPermission (Click the spiffo for more informations): Changelog
  4. Could someone make a notebook or journal that i can actually write(type) in? I would like to use the in game notebooks or convert them to a usable notebook that i can list things iv done and plan on doing. Like i have a notepad i write in for things i must or want to do within so many days for PZ, but it would be better if it was actually in game and wouldn't make PZ feel so much like work. I would also like the time to stop if possible while i type in it. I will be using it for single player only, so as for the menu to type in it can be anything from a chat box to a pop up window. I hope one of you great coders can jump on this asap, Thanks in advance.
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