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Found 9 results

  1. So how does one normally start of these off? Welp here goes nothing.... I do enjoy Project zomboid from Alpha eight until forty-one but over the course of time. A few things about the game has bothered me a tiny little bit and I do implore the Dev's if they decide to read this to at least consider the ideas going forward. Idea 1#: A Hospital / FEMA Quarantine zone: I believe in every zombie survival game. There should be a Hospital / Quarantine zone and hopefully with a little magic it should be loaded with zombies. either on the outside or inside depending. I think it
  2. I've compiled a list of jobs that PZ already has, and jobs that I think they should have. Ones they already have are in black. Ones that are planned are in blue. Ones they don't have in red. Actor Artist Baker Bomb Squad Burglar Carpenter Chef Chiropractor Customer Service Construction Worker Dentist Doctor Drug Dealer Electrician EMT Engineer Farmer Fastfood Worker (Burger Flipper) FBI Fireman (Fire Officer) Fisherman Fitness Instructor Garbage Collector Handyman
  3. Now with NPCs soon to come and multiplayer already released! We are not all alone anymore in single or multiplayer! I enjoy playing supportive roles in games and have noticed that the character traits have a lot of options but is mainly self centered. Which isn't bad just I think it would be fun if they had time, could add more traits and roles which were best brought out in a group. Some Ideas in general to help build supportive strong groups: OCCUPATIONS Pastor - possibly can give long term stress and unhappiness reduction through certain actions. EMT-(unique trait maybe called Communi
  4. Ok first of all I would like to warn everyone that this will be a VERY long post so if you intend to read all of it, hope you are comfy and have all you need. Second of all I would like to say I didn’t steal anyone’s ideas, I have had most of these for months but have not bothered to post them until I had them in an ok format. Third of all and the last thing before I start please remember nothing is confirmed and some of these ideas may reference my other posts and or upcoming posts so some things not implemented in the game may be talked about for possibilities of the future. Thank you and en
  5. First off I did search to see if this had been brought up already. if it has and you can provide a link to the thread that would be appreciated. so far we have: unemployedsecurity guardpolice officerfiremanrangerbuilderthese are some ideas for perks I would like to see: Sailor = less effected by rainy/cold weatherchef = advanced cooking skill. tasty food with less ingredients.miner = see better in dark and make explosives (if added)office worker = does not get boredlumberjack = can cut trees faster and make more planks per logwhat occupations would you like to see and what would be the perks
  6. This seems obvious so it may have been suggested before, but what if the player always starts with a couple of items, and the occupation you choose changes these? For example, a cop would start with a pistol, a fireman with an axe, a park ranger with a campfire/tent kit etc. This might make up for a job whose perks are a little lackluster, eg. the park ranger loot would make it attractive for players to choose, even though the perk that job gives you ("Outdoorsman") doesn't really do much.
  7. What is this? I'm doing a comprehensive guide on traiting and professions in Project Zomboid, because I feel like the new people should be assisted with this. Something you find necessary is missing? Just tell me down below and I'll make my best to add it here. This also focuses primarily in single player, but works online too. Traits, what are they? Well, traits let you choose what good sides and bad sides your character will have, and will greatly affect core gameplay. Here are my choice of the traits that affect the game the most. All the profession traits: It's pretty obvious that the
  8. So while I was playing today (I've played basically everyday since the announcement of West Point ), I thought it would be cool to make some characters from popular media, which ended up me thinking of some traits/jobs that would be epic to have in game. Jobs: -Teacher Booksmart: You gain more entertainment from reading books. -Governer Golden Tongue: Survivors (NPC's) are more likely to want to join you/Help you -Pizza Delivery Boy Delivery!: ??? -Bartender Happy Hour: You and all survivors following/with you are less likely to get drunk. -Doctor First Aid: Bandage-Applied
  9. Hey Peoples Me and some friends are trying to make a video game but we've hit a small problem that we could use your help with. we don't have a coder or someone who is competent with gamemaker or any other game making software. Since this is our first attempt at making a video game we have very little funding... actually we have no funding so we wouldn't be able to pay you for your work until the video game is complete and making sales in which you will receive the same share as everyone else (as long as you see the project though). The game idea. Plot: Angels vs Demons vs Humans with
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