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Found 2 results

  1. Creating and Manipulating World Objects Seen questions pop a few times regarding placing objects on the map so decided to make a little tutorial on it. Most of the tutorial is written in a single file included in a mod you can download below. The code is commented so you can see whats going on. I recommend loading the lua file in your favorite editor and starting a custom game without zombies with the mod activated in windowed mode so you can play with the mod ingame and read the stuff in the lua file. How it works? The mod allows you to place a red cube on a empty tile, every time yo
  2. Okay! In my endeavour to create a "Boltcutter" item, I'm comfortable with creating my own sprite, and it acting as an inventory item- There's 2 things I need to know however that relate to "Affecting the world" which are: 1: I have FORGOTTEN! the name of the lua file that the "OnGameBoot" event uses to cycle through literally everything on the map, I had it last night at 2am, but forgot to put it in my notes! (If anyone can help I'd appreciate that!) 2: Creating my own IsoObject. I'm happy that I can overwrite the "OnFillWorldObjectContextMenu.fetch" when a player right clicks a squ
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