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Found 2 results

  1. Firstly, I know a few of you forum regulars are also regular backers on Kickstarter - this is not about why you shouldn't back kickstarter indie games, but rather the likelihood of that backing coming into fruition. After reading this post on A Look At Kickstarted Video Game Delivery Rates, I came away a little shocked and surprised. The walk-away message is essentially that of the video games successfully backed on Kickstarter over the 2009-2012 period, only 37% came to a full delivery before Jan 2014 (The video game itself was released, not necessarily all the additional reward level content). That's over 12 months after the successful backing of the last project! (source: evilasahobby.com via Gamasutra.com) So that's not too bad, right? 1 in 3 games that is fully backed comes into fruition between 1 and 3 years after receiving funding. Sure, we all know of a game or two that have remained in development a lot longer than initially expected by it's financial backers, don't we? Well, look at the delivery rates by backing values, and be surprised that is isn't the small 'hobby projects' making the statistics look bad, even though we may have thought it most likely the $100 video game would never get finished on that budget. It seems the more money obtained through Kickstarter, and thus likely more backers interested and waiting on the finished product, the less likely the video game is to be delivered to a release standard. (source: evilasahobby.com via Gamasutra.com) That's two in every three video games that we back on Kickstarter that are never completed within their own delivery dates, and the more people involved in financially backing the project, the higher chance of basically throwing your money away. Not only that, but the development times of the projects which did deliver could vary by well over a year after the initially stated release date. Poor project or financial management by these project starters, or just a simple naivety of an overly ambitious indie or hobbyist developer? Once finances have been sourced from people expecting some kind of return on their investment (less than 1% of backers typically expect nothing in return - success or failure, they're backing the project with the intent of helping it succeed), the project must forge ahead even if it means blowing out time and monetary budgets, or risk legal action against them. Is it time to jump on the Kickstarter bandwagon and make a tidy little sum for that glossy project you've been planning, with no intention of ever taking it to completion? Or should we steer clear of crowd sourcing funds, and the planning, management, and delivery expectations that come along with it? (Pretty pictures from the article linked at the beginning, the rest of the post just my thoughts and interpretation of the findings.) What do you guys think about the delivery rates of video games backed on Kickstarter? Is it too low, or to be expected? And how much would you be willing/able to effectively lose if you backed a project that either never intended to deliver, or was unable to deliver the promised product?
  2. Hello, Our team, Mechanical Ink, is currently working on the videogame project “Golem: Odyssey”. The game will be a sidescrolling platformer, with a strong emphasis on storyline and somber atmosphere. Check out more details in our presentation clip: Golem: Odyssey Reveal Movie Here are some screenshots (also appearing in the clip): For weekly updates and more info, visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MechanicalInk
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