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Found 37 results

  1. Why not? Beetles spawning on bushes, and you can eat beetle... Or use for fishing?
  2. Hello. I wanted to ask, if it possible to ad gates in the game. A gate should be like 2 doors. I live in the isolated house and I built 3 Walls and a door to prevent Zombies enter my base. It kinda looks ugly (and I am addicted to symmetrie). A gate in the mid and left and right a wall. That would be fantastic. And also a gate could be the only possibility to leave your base with a car. It would be unrealistic if you could drive with a car trough a door. Sorry for my bad english. I hope you understand what I mean. Greetings
  3. I believe it would be a good idea to have radios and radio transmissions. At the beginning of the game there will be a number of radio transmissions. There will be news reports etc. Later on the radio station will be breached by the zombies. Before even the power shutsdown there won't be any more news reports. Most of the times the radio will just transmit noise. There will be a random chance for help message Someone calling for help through the radio. One drawback of the radios will be that they will make sounds and noises attracting zombies from the surrounding area.The other is they require power. Players will be able to build a transmisiion tower but however they won;t be able to use it without certain objects . This will help players get deeper in the game's atmosphere and also it will aid them find other survivors . Extra Suggestion : Give info to the player through Newspaper or even magazins Extra Suggestion 2 : Include TVs.
  4. My suggestion is to add smoke grenades. Both military and homemade. Like the m18 or the l83a1 at military depos and police station. But for the homemade ones you'll need saltpeter, sugar, a frying pan, a can, some string, a frying pan, heat source and a cooling storage. First you'll have to mix the sugar and potassium nitrate, then heat the mix up and cool it down. Then just set it on fire and your done. Got no idea what use smoke grenades would but why not ;D
  5. The main Idea is to add canibalism to the game (when NPC survivors come in the game). The player will not only be able to hunt for animals but for humans too . When he kills them he will be able to carry their whole body . Then using the Kitchen Knife or the Saw he will be able to Cut the person to pieces and eat him. The player will also be able to eat a zombie but uncooked there will be 99% chance of infection and cooked 50% chance of infection. It is something an average person would do if he was in the Verge of dying. It is something he can do.a
  6. My suggestion/idea came up when I read the thread bout the new cooking related stuff. And then I thought of fish. Dried and smoked fish exactly. And that is the thing PZ needs! A way of preserving food for a really long time. Dried beef (beef jerky) can last up to one and a half years! Kinda OP, but who cares. No more perishable foods going to waste in the first days of survival!
  7. And this suggestion came up a long time ago. How about one type of clothing would protect more against zombie bites or scratches. It's pretty obvious that a leather bomber jacket is gonna protect a scratch, maybe even a bite, but a polo shirt isn't. And what if you clothes get so much drenched with zombie blood, it would make your character sad or even drepressed (I can't believe if anyone would like to wear blood coated jeans or t-shirts).
  8. Since due to a bug in which I had to delete hours of progress instead of being unfairly pissed off at an video game in alpha stage I decided to do something productive and SUGGEST S~~T. 1 RIVAL NPC GANGS Ok I'd say by now we all know that Npcs are on their way even if it takes a year. Since its humans and no matter what there will always be human activity in a zombie infected world some of these people are going to have different ideas on how to run this world. For instance. A group of conservative Christians hole up in West Point's large church (After all it is the South)* while a group of Liberals attending an Amnesty international talk in West Point High School. Only a fool would believe these two very different group of people would get along. If its land claims, Human rights or Gun debates soon these two groups will be at each other like hawks. Maybe your character could join one side or scream F@+K YOU ALL! Maybe other survivors are caught in the middle, alone in an unsafe apartment above an infested street because they match neither of the groups agenda/ criteria. Maybe the playable character could kill the main people of both forts and claim both bases as their own? 2. SIGNS OF PAST RIOTS, MILITARY/POLICE STRUGGLES AND CHAOS If there is one thing at the begining of a z-apocalypse is that the main street of every town in the world would be rioted. Windows smashed, Cars Crashed.
  9. Post any ideas for new ways to kill our best buddies and the zeds. I think more guns (obviously), and maybe a machete or a katana.
  10. Here is my edited list of ideas. The reason I edited it is because most of the ideas i stated were already planned or mentioned on this forum the ideas were: Charging attacks, amputation, vehicles, campfires, animals, just more so here is a edited list. Throwing weapons Throwing weapons kinda explains itself *for me* it goes like this: you throw the weapon you hit or miss and, if you have a higher skill at throwing you have more of a chance to hit, but you have to go pick up because you threw it.... Yep thats it with combat now on with body parts and zombification visuals on you character model. How you will look during zombification As the zombie infection spreads throughout your body your character will begin to experience visual changes. Your character will turn whiter (or greener if you want it to be green) as the zombie infection that you have progresses and, your animations on your character will move abnormally or, zombielike and once your character is about to turn into a zombie your character will go insane, you won't be able to control him, he'll first fall over moaning, he will then start vomiting, after vomiting he will make growling noises and, congratulations!!! You have now become a full-fledged zombie and since of that here is your prize! it is............. A glass of milk and a cookie congratulations you have now become a zombie! summary without the humorous game-show conclusion, is your now basically a zombie............... Congrats.
  11. I think this idea should be at least tried, because with different maps all the time it makes the experience different every time! ((like "Minecraft" and "the dead linger"))
  12. There is a video on our website to help pitch the game idea, it is a visual pitch and game design of what we would like the final game to look and play like. Here is the link: http://www.kradenscrypt.com/ We are looking for a programmer to join the team! Here's a quick game summary: You’ve been the last to be banished and sealed into the Kraden’s Crypt, You must make your way into the very depths where Kraden himself resides, but many dangers await! Fight alone or with friends with the physics based battle system, where you control every hurl of your spell, every swing of your weapon or every pluck of your bow. Mix and match equipment and weapons to determine your class and play style. Fight Epic bosses, hordes of enemies and why not celebrate your victories in the tavern rooms with a few friendly crypt creatures? You may meet new characters that tell the story of the Crypt from many different perspectives. Never play the same game twice with our randomly generated Crypt that can catch you off guard through any given door! We aim to make this game a unique physics orientated combat game, where you refine your skills in swinging your weapons with mouse controlled combat. We are tired of playing games that require a repetitive array of button bashing with only a few variations to compensate. We want you to feel the swing of your weapon, we want to make a game that gives the players the ability to carefully time, aim and control your attacks. We want you to feel the impact of an orc’s charging attack, and see the consequence of mistakes, thus making Kraden’s Crypt all the more rewarding when you prevail! We think the fundamental game-play with these mechanics combined with clever scenarios and coop game-play will offer plenty of challenge, replay value and endless possibilities for the future of the game. Not only this we are story tellers at heart so we want these characters to feel alive, and very much part of the world around them. Some charters have had a rough past, some are just plain stupid. Some grunts of Kraden will prefer to Drink in the taverns and have long drowned their past in fine old aged Ales, and of course there’s the mystery that is Kraden himself, who even some creatures of the Crypt are skeptical about. We want the game to unfold through a randomly generated dungeon, so it will offer a different gaming experience every time you play. Of course we have big ambitions for the game but we want to build from the ground up and we are far from realizing our vision, If you like what you have read and seen about Kraden’s Cyrpt, and would like to see it come to life then help us by sharing it with friends and family, Spread the word! Also We have no game programmer on the team yet, Our video is simply conceptual emulated game play, a detailed game pitch, but we feel we have done a pretty good job portraying what we wan’t to aim for with our game, If you would like to be a part of the team as a programmer or know someone who would then please get in touch and contact us at: foster@wisewonky.com Of course we wish this to be a commercial game and we will negotiate a fair cut for those who participate, we know it’s not an easy task and we want you to have creative input so long as you like the fundamental aspects of the game. If you already like what what you've seen then we share common ground in what we thing makes a great game. Thank You crypt dwellers.
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