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Found 8 results

  1. The vehicles in the game all have the some looking dashboard HUD so I was thinking different vehicles should have different dashboard HUDs. You know with differently arranged and shaped odometers, fuel gauges, rev counter etc. Makes the game more realistic and authentic.
  2. Is there a mod to either select which buttons show on the upper left toolbar? Or perhaps resize and move it? I can't seem to find anything other than Immersive HUD which sounds good in theory but is fairly broken. Cheers!
  3. I can't see most of the progress bar when filling a vehicle's gasoline tank if I have the key or is hotwired, because the icon that displays this (key icon) is displayed in the same spot as progress bars above the player's head.
  4. I've run into this problem before, and it's always resolved itself when I quit to menu, or sometimes I'd have to quit to desktop. It's been a few hours and a few restarts later though and I still get errors when entering a car, accessing hood or trunk, or pressing V standing next to vehicle. The HUD for the dashboard, repair menu, and vehicle action scrollwheels won't open at all. I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to fix this? I started a new game and ran until I found a car, was able to see the HUD and drove it so it seems specific to my main save. I really love what you all are doing here by the way, thank you for this game. This game is a dream to fans of the genre, truly something special.
  5. This is a spinoff idea from two threads which have popped up regarding elements of the HUD (Help Guides for Simple Info-Trombonaught, and Unified world item picking- Faalagorn). The big idea in both of these: What if the HUD elements could be made even less visible by weaving them more seamlessly into the gameplay? Small ideas: Eliminate: Move Furniture This essentially duplicates the context-menu and inventory-menu ability to move around items, but is specific to world objects and includes the ability to rotate items. The proposal is to weave together furniture management and item management into a single system contained to context and inventory menus, and eliminate the furniture icon. See Faalagorn's thread for update on discussion. Crafting The spirit of these menus can be reimagined into a more useable and informative literature (inventory) item referred to generally as a Help Guide. See that thread for update on discussion of what that could look like. The proposal is to eliminate the crafting icon entirely. Modify: Health Proposal to repurpose and move this icon. This could be moved to the moodles side of the screen and display as the top moodle, which could also indicate overall health status. This would replace the "minor/moderate/severe" damage moodle and also include a "no damage" state (with a better name). Clicking the moodle would open health menus. Inventory Another "repurpose and move" idea. I believe we need on-screen "clickable" access to our inventory menus. However, I propose we add another function to the Inventory icon: The capacity moodle. Like what I suggested for the Health icon, Inventory can function to indicate your current load (fairly heavy, heavy, etc) with the addition of a "light load" neutral-state indicator. tldr; The new HUD would look like this: Two "equip" slots on the left, two permanent "menu/status" interactive moodles on the right. What do you think?
  6. My Mitts 1. If you are BUTT naked. You shouldn't even be allowed to access your inventory. Meaning if you have absolutely NOTHING on, and you're indoors, in the darkness (and I'll get into "indoors" and "darkness" later). But assuming you still have two arms at least. The very LAST things you could POSSIBLY have left in your hud, is obviously Primary and Secondary. Although I guess if you lost an arm it would just be primary by default. My Eyes 1. I feel everything for your hud (that I can think of), just like your inventory menu, should be able to be moved around as much you want. 2. Allowed to be resized vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. 3. I feel ALL of the things that can be in your hud can ONLY be shown if it is in your character's direct eye sight. Now bear with me. Clocks 1. I love it, but I feel the "default" should not be the digital clock. To me, always having the digital clock kinda feels like cheating. There for, I lose appreciation for the value of time. 2. You only should see the digital clock; which should be a whole seperate icon apart from the "default" mind you, if you're holding and/or wearing, and/or just simply looking at one on the wall, and/or maybe even a big town clock that you can see from farther away, useful if it even works, and if there are any, in the towns we're in of course. 3. Same goes for analogue clocks as well, obviously meaning you'll have to animate an analogue clock for the hud. 4. We should be able to see multiple clocks on the screen too, so as to easily compare them to one another. Because SOME will be alive, and showing the right time, while most will either be dead, or need to be rewound or reset. Such as the state of the human population and economy at this point. The "Default" of Time 1. The "default" should be a seperate thing all together. But I can only call it the "default" because you see it most of the time, you cannot bring it up at will, and it was here first (before clocks). 2. Now, the game is isometric, so we obviously won't ever actually be able to see the sky. But don't worry, I'm not talking about a literal first-person view, that would be way too much. I'm just talking about a basic-easy to understand-representation. Only the basic things your character would see, that the player can do with this as far as their character is equipped for. But obviously, still relying on what the player can ultimately understand. The Representation of The "Default" The Sun. It should shine really bright sometimes, and other times, not so bright, through out the potential years to come. The moon. Maybe you could make a rough idea of how much of the sun is actually reflecting off of the moon at different times of the year. Or even an eclipse and a blood moon, for flavor. The Clouds. Maybe you only wanna show a few clouds. Or maybe it's so cloudy that you can't even see the sun on this thing, hindering your ability to tell time without a proper clock. The Transition of The Sky. My basic example would be like, from black with stars to red to orange to yellow, and then strangely-suddenly to blue or grey depending on the weather, time of year, and the part of the world you're in. And it goes on like that for like, half of the day, and then back to yellow to orange to red and to black with stars again (and any other colors I missed). Maybe that could better help to figure out what colors to shade the landscape at different times of the day and year. I think that would help us better to feel apart of this planet. A Box. A box to put it all in. Directions of The Sun. On the Left then Right of the box you should put East then West. That will make a compass more meaningful as well, but we'll get to that later. Weather. To allow for better planning through out the day, add some basic weather effects that will be easy to understand. And people can eventually learn the patterns of these effects. That way, people know to get indoors ahead of time. But I'm not talking about an exact forecast, just the basic stuff you would pick up from simply looking into the sky. For example, if you know the temperature is warm, but the sky is grey, the clouds are packed, and the sun is covered, but you know there's still daylight up there above the clouds. You can probably guess that it's gonna rain. All of this in a box of allowed variant sizes. Indoors 1. Now I said you would see this "default" time indicator MOST of the time. Assuming most of our characters would be outside mostly. 2. So if you're indoors and too far away from any open shade window, the "default" would disappear. That way, being indoors with the shades closed for long periods of time, can really make you lose track of time if you don't have a proper clock. 3. You would lose happiness faster. More HUD Items Maps. They obviously NEED to be in your hands to be looked at. Compass. In hands, got a strap? You can where it. Step counter. These are supposed to be worn around the waist, so they always come with a clip, so I guess you could just always wear them. But a step counter makes it easier to learn when your feet are going to get sore as well. Oh yeah, and sore feet. . . that should be a thing. Thermometers. Thermometers and any other hand-held weather measuring equipment you could think of, you should add into the game. GPS. It should be like a map, a compass, a clock, and maybe even a thermometer all in one. That, would be a sweet use of batteries. Books. You hold books, you SEE the books (on the screen), you read books, you write in books, blah blah bl-blah blah. I'm not gonna tell you how to use pens or pencils. I'm sure I'll love whatever you all do. Player Knowledge 1. Again, able to be solely reliant on the player's knowledge of how to use these tools. Some of these items would really help to find distance. And knowing distance related to time can help plan out trips. Darkness 1. When it comes to the darkness, we all know the darkness likes to hide things. So the darkness should make your hud harder to see. Unless the tool has a screen that lights up, glows in the dark, or you have a flash light on. I don't know, could be cool. Some Extra Things Shade. Even on sunny, blue sky days, clouds should still be able to block the sun sometimes. A little shade can be the difference between depleted stamina and death. Especially, for people with asthma, on really hot days. Or making it colder in winter days with blue skies as well. Trees. Unless that's truly ALL the trees the state has, there NEEDS to be more trees besides pine trees. It is a real pain in the fracking arse to push through all of those damn pine trees. Maybe some trees where the bristle or even leaves are actually above your head. And instead of having to push through the bristles all of the time, you could just maneuver around the stocks of some oak trees or something. Plus, I wanna climb a tree. . . I wanna climb a tree. . . I really really REALLY wanna climb a tree (in the game). If some of the stuff you're already doing is the same as some the stuff I mention, sweet. But that's all I got for now, I still love this game like it's my first time, every gruesome death I endure, will allow me to enjoy the pleasant death I will earn in due time. I love you all, peace. P.S. Did I do the right punctuation for "You only should see the digital clock;" in number two about Clocks?
  7. I think it is a compulsory feature for the game to allow players scan for servers . It will be much easier than finding the best one in the browser and less time consuming. It will allow the players to Find a server where they can join without having a high ping. Filters will also be required : As someone may need to search for RP servers or PvP etc. There may be servers where needs are enabled and others that all needs are disabled the player may want to have them disabled. Also when you click on a servers name there must be a small description of the server (with the rules ,required addons etc.) I just suggest something like this . There no need to post a link with servers for me. I wish you take my suggestion under Consideration.
  8. Kurruk

    HUD lock

    Hello there people of the forum. First post and straight to suggestions. Haven't noticed that anywhere else, but you never know. Now that we have 23 in beta and position of windows are stored with save (shame visibility isn't), there is only one thing that really bugs me. What I'm missing is lock (ex. an lock icon below heart). That way one could move things around and once happy, lock it, so that it won't be possible to move windows by choice. I was just stung far too many times with accidentally moving window when trying to move things from one container to another. Couple of times found myself with windows stuck to my cursor - luckily windows are limited by window size and I managed to click at the header bar and retain the control. It all might be related to fact that windows can be moved by dragging them at any place, instead of limiting it to header bar. Lock option should be simple to do (even before moving 23 to main branch?) and would allow freedom of choice, where by default it would be "open" essentially retaining current behaviour.
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