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  1. hi Like the title says, i have a question regarding the topic of adding one attachment to multiple firearms For example, i have a generic "Foregrip" for most assault rifles. However, it seems that i can only put one firearm in the line were it says "MountOn" If i try to add more firearms by putting a / it will not work for anything at all Can anyone help me with this? cya
  2. Couldn't figure out how to remove.
  3. Greetings, Devs! I absolutely love this game, and want to support it as much as I can. This being said, when I was considering purchasing this game, the game's existing trailer did more to push me away than convince me to buy the game(after seeing gameplay, I decided to buy). It just seemed a little dry, and put together at a moments notice. I would like to make you new trailer. An Epic trailer depicting the games true nature and awesomeness. I have some very experienced friends who would be willing to aid me in this endeavor, and I feel that you could benefit greatly from it. Hope to hear back, and know that I will continue to love and support this game no matter what! Willing to do whatever(Within reason), badsanta211
  4. Hey guys, so I decided to change my Minecraft server into a PZ server and have been using the Cent OS guide pinned here. I've read all through every page, as well as googled the error etc etc but am still stuck. I'm at this point: app_update 108600 -beta onlinetest validateAnd I get this error: app_update 108600 -beta onlinetest validate/home/buildbot/buildslave/steam_rel_client_linux/build/src/clientdll/applicationmanager.cpp (961) : Assertion Failed: Failed to write app state file /server/steamapps/appmanifest_108600.acf/home/buildbot/buildslave/steam_rel_client_linux/build/src/clientdll/applicationmanager.cpp (961) : Assertion Failed: Failed to write app state file /server/steamapps/appmanifest_108600.acf Update state (0x3) reconfiguring, progress: 0.00 (0 / 0)Error! App '108600' state is 0x1 after update job.And got sick of just sitting and staring at my screen not knowing wtf to do next lol. Help please! Edit: Patience is a virtue, downloaded after a lot of reattempts.
  5. I'm looking for a way to Detect a weapon's upgrades(scope,Ammo strap,etc) and return true if it detects a specific one Any Ideas?
  6. Hi, I've got a feature id like to add to one of my mods and am looking for some help regarding it The feature is being able to Put zombie blood into bottles, and then being able to dye a sheet/clothing item in it in order to camouflage the player from zombies and id like to know the methods i could use to do this.
  7. I would like to host a Pz server for myself and a group of friends. However, for some inane reason the phone company reserves all ports from 10'000 to 40'000, which includes the Pz port 16261. Is there any way to change the pz port? Either via a mod or in the files? Ive looked around, but not found anything. Thank you for your help. Im running Pz on windows 7
  8. Get bored of pausing game to see if an item is a component of a recipe on your favorite pz wiki site ? This mod is for you. This mod will help you to learn the recipes of Project Zomboid. SCREENSHOTS HOW TO USE IT: CraftHelper offers two ways to learn recipes: See all recipes where an item is usedSee directly the complete list of recipesAll you have to do is : Open your inventoryRight click on an item. If the item is used in or more recipes, the "craft helper" option will appear in the contextual menuClick on the "craft helper" option to see all the recipes where the item is used.Move the mouse over a recipe to see its composition in tooltip boxOr Click on the new available button (to the left of screen, under character info button) to open a window where all recipes (sorted by name) are displayed. Like above, when your mouse is over a recipe, its composition will appear in a tooltip box.NEW In recipes list, recipes shown in green can be crafted. In tooltip box (recipes composition), you'll see [+], [~] or [-] before items name. [+] : means that you actually have this item in your inventory [~] : means that you actually have this item in your inventory but not enough to craft recipe [-] : means that you don't have this item in you inventory FOR MODDERS Modders, you can hide your recipes from craft helper. You'll need to create a module for your recipes. module My_Mod{ recipe Make Foobar Recipe { foo=10, bar, Result: Foobar, Time:80.0, }} Then, you have to put this line in your code: if craftHelper ~= nil then craftHelper.skipModules['My_Mod'] = true;endHOW TO INSTALL THIS MOD: Just extract the media folder and put it in your Project Zomboid game directoryLINKS Available on : Xeno-mods : http://xeno-mods.com/mod/91/craft-helper-modpz-mods : http://pz-mods.net/gameplay/CraftHelperMod/ CHANGELOG v1.1.1 : compatible with new mods loading system of PZ : Show recipes you can craft with what you actually have in your inventory. For each recipes, show in tooltip box what items or not you have in your inventory. For modders, possibility to hide your recipes in Craft Helper (filter by items module name)v1.0.3 : Craft Helper window's background is now opaque (transparent background can make reading difficult recipes when multiple windows are openv1.0.2 : Now that the new PZ version (v2.9.9.10) is released on Desura, hotfix is included in v1.0.2 archiveHotfix : Makes CraftHelper compatible with PZ v2.9.9 (forum test release)v1.0.1 : Now works on Linuxv1.0 : Initial release
  9. Okay, I apologize if I'm doing something wrong, here, but... I recently picked Zomboid back up again after a few months hiatus. A lot has changed! I'm impressed with the updates, but a few things are bugging me a little, so I thought I'd talk about them here so that maybe someone could inform me as to if I'm simply not doing things right. To put it bluntly, the new bandages system is extremely frustrating and time consuming. I sterilize a bunch of bandages, no big deal. I get a "scratch", which, to me sounds like an 'oops' ordeal, not a 'oh no, I'm going to lose an arm' ordeal. Keeping this in mind, I slap a sterile bandage on it and go about my survivalist life. No more than 3-5 minutes later, the bandage is dirty. So I'm thinking, okay... maybe they took a realism approach and fighting zombies is getting it "dirty" so quickly. Instead, I opt for simply looting houses and organizing stuff, etc. Things that wouldn't get my hands dirty, so to speak. Same problem. It's barely been 5 minutes (I'm talking real time, since I've no idea how long that is game-time-- my days are set to be an hour long) and I need to change the bandages again. Repeat this ordeal about 3+ more times on an infected wound- significantly less for one not infected. I will also note that I do not have zombification activated- i.e.: playable character will not get sick / infected / turn until dead, presumably. My problem with this is, well... no matter the wound, be it bite, scratch, infected or not; this is extremely annoying to me and not so realistic. I love zomboid and almost ALL its features, but this is the very first time I've ever been generally distraught about things. Thick skin (since it's been moved to the trait choice list) seems significantly less effective than it used to be, so I'm getting injured more often now than before when first starting a game. I've tried seeing if choosing first aid traits helps with needing to replace bandages SO often, but it doesn't. Is this how it's intended to be? Or have I encountered some sort of bug? I really don't mind this new bandage feature, but the rate at which you need to replace the bandages really is frustrating and annoying; heaven forbid you've chosen the slow healer negative trait, which, don't even get me started. Biggest mistake ever, choosing that one with this new bandage system! Any help would be much obliged. Is there a way to slow bleeding to stop bandages from getting dirty so often...? I'm using sterilized bandages... the real ones, not sheets or anything else. Not adhesives. Actual bandages.
  10. Hello everyone, I am looking at producing my own buildings and hopefully (Eventually) a map, but I need a bit of help understanding Sprites and tiles and I have a few questions. They are shown below: 1) When placing objects using tilemode on the building editor, if I place a wall tile on the door layer, furniture layer or roof layer, will it behave differently or behave exactly the same no matter what? For example would you still collide with it no matter what layer and could you still demolish it with a sledgehammer no matter what layer. 2) If I place furniture objects in tile-mode rather than using the furniture tool will they still behave the same? E.G if i place a 2 tile wide cupboard using tilemode will it still appear in world as two lootable sections and spawn loot normally. 3) I cannot find some tiles/sprites in the building editor despite them clearly appearing in the zomboid map. Some notable examples are the mannequins found in the mall at http://pzmap.crash-override.net/#0.8355907133538171,0.19491794658321468,1255.3734309738713 and the elevator also found there http://pzmap.crash-override.net/#0.8331898134094702,0.19476161261440364,1506.4481171686452 4) Some people are creating awesome custom sprites and posting them on the forums (http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/7280-where-do-i-post-sprites-maybe-here/?hl=+sprites Credit DoubleBrain) How does one go adding these to the building editor and if someone wants to use a map with these objects in will they have to be downloaded seperately beforehand (Like a mod) or are they automatically added by downloading the map. Lots of questions some of which I'm sure have obvious answers but I woul appreciate some help Thanks in advance
  11. 've been trying to play with my friend on PZ for a while now. We followed all the instructions onhttp://www.reddit.com/r/projectzomboid/comments/28xzzz/server_setup_guide_build_271/ , and I have port forwarded using ports 16261 to 16265, and still my friend cannot connect to me. So, my question is, what can I do to play with him? It is NOT on LAN. Please help!
  12. Hi everyone, So I gave it a try to open my own private server, but it seems to have a problem with loading. I have a udp 16261 and 7 tcp 16262 - 16266, when i try the server it assigns me as 16262 which i believe its normal, but once i play for like a minute, it stops loading the map, but not the zombies, them things follow me in a small black wall cage. I want to know if there is any fixes with the """ Processed delayed packets...""", the server is working well, because it is constantly raining and thundering. Seems to me that its the game.
  13. Is there anyway to make a standalone maps and have them work in multiplayer? I am able to make a 10 x 10 cell map. Give it it's own folder, */media/maps/mymap and fill it with it's own lot files, description files, objects, spawns, etc and play perfectly fine in singleplayer, everything works perfectly. When I setup the server and pick 'myname' as the "lots=" option in server.ini, the map loads, I'm able to spawn, but others get n "unknown" error. I transfer the map from its standalone state (which uses cell coords 1,1) to an offset of 26x26 on the Muldraugh map and everyone can spawn and play no problem. My issue with this is the fact that I have to either place a HUGE 10x10cell zone to stop some of the zones that are already placed (got a lot of random forage zones on my map now because of the 26x26 offset) Another issue is I either have to stop players from leaving my custom map by building over the water surrounding it and eventually making it back to the normal map of Muldraugh and West Point. Only way to stop this is to overwrite virtually all tiles on default PZ map to water. This map has barely any weapons, but if they could just build across the water and get to West Point for guns, come back and kill all the islanders, the server will die instantly. Also, would it not be ideal to let the server use standalone maps? This would be less overhead perhaps, it would also keep zombies from spawning in parts of muldraugh and west point that the player wont even be able to see, ever. Basically making this thread to ensure some things before I continue this map. One of the errors from a client trying to join the standalone version:
  14. Hello! Have some Problems with my Tileset. I have the tileset successfully inserted into the editor and can use it there, all fine. But when start the game the object does not appear ingame. I have tryed some Tutorials but nothing work for me :/ What I've done: - Insert new Tileset 64/128 - Make Properties and save it in Editor file/Tiles/newtiledefinitions.tiles- Make Tilesset in Building Editor, so i can place it on Map. Whats next? Ingame all works, only my custom Tileset not :/ Hope anyone can help with explanation or a tutorial link for the current version of the editor. =) Thanks
  15. Everytime I launch Project Zomboid only my Mac out of no where, it gets to the title screen then everything fades in so slow, like minutes slow, and the options don't show up to click on them at all. I have v 30.16. Please help, thanks.
  16. Greetings Indie Stone Forum I'm currently working on a Modification and I could need a little help. I'm trying to lower the Player's Health/Life when a specific Event happens, but the ways I tried to address the Health this far didn't really work the way I want it to work. setHealth() seemed to only have 2 Effects, either Alive or Dead. My Question is now, is the setHealth() Function the actual health and the Health Bar ingame only visual, or is the Health Bar ingame the actual health. I didn't find anything on the forum that could've help me. Sorry for the english, it's not my native language. Thanks alot for reading
  17. So, I bought project zomboid after I had played it at a friends house, but after I downloaded it, the game doesn't open. When I launch the game through either my desktop or library, a little command prompt window opens and closes after about half a second. I would really appreciate it if I got some help from you guys, I really want to play this game.
  18. I am currently using the early access build version 30.9; I'm a little over one month in on regular survival. While building something on the second floor of my base, I accidently fell and fractured right shin. From what I've looked up and from what I understand, I SHOULD have what I need to make a splint (One ripped sheet, a sturdy stick and/or a tree branch). I currently have 8 ripped sheets, 1 tree branch, 16 sturdy sticks and 1 regular sheet all in my inventory and I am not getting an option to make a splint. Am I doing something wrong?
  19. Hi, I am new to the community and speak Spanish , I really like projec Zomboid and let me know how you can entabilillar leg after fracture I think this would be the correct section to put this through . Translated by google translator.
  20. Hi all, First off I just want to say that I love PZ and I am excited to watch it grow into something great. I've been playing for a while now and I wanted to try my hand at creating a mod or two. I have an idea for a series of mods that I'm going to start working on called PZMD. I'm a medical student and basically, I'd like to try and inject some more realism regarding human physiology, medicine, pharmacology, etc. However, a lot of this is pretty complex so I wanted to start somewhere easy so my first mod is going to be "PZMD Hygeine". This is what I would like to to do: Track player hygeine level and have effects based around poor/good hygiene (increased happiness, decreased chance of infection, etc.) Allow player to perform hygiene related actions such as brush teeth, shower, wash hands, etc. To that end, I've decided to start with the "Brush Teeth" action. I'd like to use the existing toothbrush and toothpaste items in the players inventory to allow for the activation of a timed action when either the player right clicks on a water source (e.g. sink, bathtub) or has a water source in their inventory (e.g. bottle of water). So, I've started but I think I need a little direction. I've been trying to do some reverse engineering (RoboMat's Lockpicking mod) and I've been looking through the javadocs but I can't seem to figure out how to determine if the player is clicking on a water source item or not. Getting the inventory shouldn't be too difficult but I'm a little lost with the other bits. If any one could havefer a nudge in the right direction, that would be great. Thanks! Cheers, - Vanek
  21. Can someone please give me a detailed walkthrough of how to install the NATURAL CLOCK MOD and get it working? Along with the Building Mod, the recycling mod required to use the building mod, and the utilitymod required to use the recycling mod. Every time I tried to activate the utility and recycling mod, my screen would go black and I'd have to delete and reinstall the entire game. The natural clock mod shows up as a selectable mod, it just doesn't appear in game.
  22. memsid

    Luas don't match

    I'm installing mods on a remote server and keep getting 'luas do not match the servers' even though they are the exact same files, I've added them in servertest.ini, and loaded.txt in different orders. The mods also work just fine in single player... what's the problem?
  23. Hi, I have been looking into lua and the mod tutorials and am just about to try to do some simple modding. But my question is, how moddable is PZ? Can you do a total conversion mod and make it into a completely different game? or are the mods more "cheats" and new items?
  24. Hello everyone, Im an indie game developer at EGGHEAD. I am happy to announce my first 2 game which is available at EGGHEAD . Please visit my website for details. 1. Krash On Planet X The story so far..... You are Commander Krash and your Assistant Engineer Bubo are escaping from General Zolt Army. You crash on Planet X after depleting the energy crystal. Collect all the crystal on planet x to excape. 15 level to complete, The Desert, Underground Carven, Ghost Castle, Frozen Ice and The Forest. 2. Precision Lander. The story so far.... Control your Lander on an unknown planet. Avoid hitting rock and wall or you explode. You have a limited fuel for 300 sec. Refuel at any station for extra 15 sec. You might encounter hidden relic. Collect them. 34 maze level to complete. Best regards, Neil Gomes @ EGGHEAD STUDIOS
  25. I just started adding mods to project zomboid and noticed some files are .rar files, and since those aren't folders, what do? (Yes, i'm legitimately this stupid, and yes, i do have winrar)
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