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Found 25 results

  1. **WHAT DOES DEADLINE OFFER?** > - Unique player generated stories and histories spanning decades, all in an a map that keeps evolving between*'Chapters'*. > - Seasons will work differently in DEADLINE, where each Season will have three *'Chapters'.* After each *'Chapter'* is a soft wipe with a 20 Year time-skip, where the map and it's environments evolve with each *'Chapter'* release. > - Every *'Chapter'* will have milestones that trigger plot events, but you're in the driver's seat here. Your character's decisions and actions *will* matter. We don't have everything planned for you to walk a straight path. Unique and interesting solutions are possible. You could be the person who comes up with a crazy plan that 180's everything. We want to incorporate your ideas, your character histories into the world and events. As such, character creation may be a little different than you're used to on other servers. It's more a conversation about who your character is and some fun things you'd like to do with them. > - There is a specific Universal Quest that your character can complete to be able to play the same character in the next *'Chapter.'* All characters will be able to take part in this quest. Your character must also survive to the end of the *'Chapter'* which also acts as the *Deadline*. > - This will allow for proper player generated history, generational RP including alliances and feuds. What you do *will* affect the future. > - All possible with our custom mods and maps that will be made in-house. If you are new to roleplaying, you are very welcome to join. Our veterans are happy to answer any questions you might have. **Server ID:** **27960** https://discord.gg/deadline-rp
  2. Server Goes Live Announcement We are excited to announce that our server is going live for a 2-week beta testing phase! As a beta tester you will get an extra bonus after the beta phase, feel free to participate Join Now https://discord.gg/PxXDPKkN You don't want to join discord? Join directly! IP Address Game Port 27140 Beta Testing Period: Start Date: 20.06.2024 End Date: 04.06.2024 Server Location: EU What to Expect: Extensive Shops: Explore shops with over 200 items classified into tiers from 1 to 6. Unique Events and Event Items: Earn exclusive items through special events, boss battles, treasure hunts, and more. Dynamic Gameplay: Experience a balanced and challenging environment with low zed population, military checkpoints, and a unique trading system. PvP: Engage in thrilling PvP encounters with fair rules to ensure an enjoyable experience for all players. How You Can Help: Report Bugs: Help us identify and fix any issues by reporting bugs and glitches. Provide Feedback: Share your thoughts and suggestions to improve the server. Spread the Word: Invite your friends and fellow survivors to join the beta test! We look forward to seeing you in-game and hearing your feedback. Let’s make this server the best it can be together! Map Stage 1 [BETA] - Every 2 weeks more details of the map getting released
  3. Lore du Serveur : 🌳 Trois ans se sont Ă©coulĂ©s depuis la pandĂ©mie dĂ©vastatrice qui a frappĂ© notre civilisation. Ce flĂ©au a laissĂ© derriĂšre lui une armĂ©e de morts-vivants et quelques chanceux qui ont rĂ©ussi Ă  trouver refuge dans des abris fortifiĂ©s. Au cƓur de ces refuges, la lutte pour la survie Ă©tait quotidienne, marquĂ©e par la peur de l'inconnu et la nĂ©cessitĂ© de prĂ©server les maigres ressources restantes. 🌳 Cependant, rester confinĂ©s a eu des consĂ©quences inattendues. La nature, imperturbable, a lentement repris le dessus, envahissant les rues dĂ©sertes et les bĂątiments abandonnĂ©s de la grande ville qui fut autrefois le cƓur battant de la civilisation. Les arbres ont percĂ© le bĂ©ton, laissant la vĂ©gĂ©tation s'Ă©panouir lĂ  oĂč rĂ©gnait autrefois l'urbanisation. 🌳 Au sein de cette mĂ©tropole dĂ©chue, des mystĂšres subsistent. Des rumeurs circulent parmi les survivants, murmurant l'existence d'une femme qui aurait Ă©lu domicile en ville. Ces histoires, bien que persistantes, demeurent entourĂ©es de doutes et de scepticisme. Est-ce une figure salvatrice ou simplement une illusion crĂ©Ă©e par la solitude et la peur omniprĂ©sente ? 🌳 Les explorateurs intrĂ©pides qui osent quitter la sĂ©curitĂ© de leurs abris dĂ©couvrent un monde teintĂ© de mystĂšre. Des enclaves de survivants luttent pour prĂ©server ce qu'il reste de l'humanitĂ©, tandis que les rues silencieuses rĂ©sonnent encore des gĂ©missements des morts-vivants errants.
  4. Hey fellow survivors, We're Coldwinds, a group of friends that have played Project Zomboid for a while now on an increasingly challenging server setup. Over time we've refined our server settings to offer a hardcore survival experience. Recently we opened up our server for new Survivors and have been growing steadily ever since. We're EU based and generally active in the evenings. Our server is open to everyone, though, regardless of location. We do ask for newcomers to draft a short whitelist application. It's a quick step to ensure our community stays close-knit and committed to the unique experience we wish to offer. Server peak time is around 8PM CET. Some key features: Time since the apocalypse is 12 months. It's cold. And snowing. Reduced item availability. Limited and damaged cars. No water and electricity. Shorter but darker nights. Map: Muldraugh, KY. Last world reset: October 22nd 2023 Mods we're using: Cryogenic Winter Warm Up Random Zombies Read While Walking Snow Is Water Sapphire's Heaters Barricaded World Share Annotations More Description for Traits Show Skill Xp Gain Common Sense True Actions, Sitting and Lying Braven's Achievements Repair Wall Pack ZIL-130 If you're someone who values a more personal, community-driven Project Zomboid experience and is up for the challenge our server presents, we'd love to hear from you. There's quite some more information to be found on our Discord if you're interested to learn more. You can find us here: https://discord.gg/2SwawRFpDw. We're looking forward to meeting new survivors and building a strong community together.
  5. Personally speaking, pz starts to get way too easy when you hit around 500ish hours. And the sole reason for me it's the loot situation in towns. I think that the levels of loot in the first 2-5 days, should be pretty high, (due to the fact the most people would rush to the stores, thus making them infected) but afterwards it should start declining rapidly, so after a week or two, the stores would have very little loot left. House loot should decline but not in every single house but just in the houses that other survivors have already looted. Also the same things as the store situation should apply to EMS buildings (especially the police), so that EMS gear and tools could only be find on zombies. This should only apply to cities and not to isolated places!
  6. Role-play: The current theme of our server is "The Last of Us" with spore zones, clickers, bloaters, 10 years later content and more. We aim to create a more hardcore experience that is engaging for all skill levels. Features include... RPG style inventory RPG randomized weapons Custom mods Dungeon style loot zone content Weekly Raid content areas for groups Plenty of unique car mods Boss style infected zombies and much much more Our server hosts a handful of QOL mods and changes as well as changes to the core game-play loop of Zomboid tweaked to encourage interactions between players but still having the ability to be a solo woodsman if you so choose. With the organic RP there are less rules overall as not to hinder game-play but still enough to preserve the quality of Role-play that Zomboid naturally brings to the table. For more information: https://discord.gg/Xf679Xr7Yh Fresh Wipe 8/2/23
  7. RockyX


    Greetings, survivors! We are excited to introduce the Project Zomboid Sanity Mod, a realistic and immersive addition that factors in your character's mental health during survival. With mechanics like fatigue, hunger, and stress affecting sanity, this mod enhances gameplay and depth in both single and multiplayer modes. MECHANICS: Fatigue, Hunger, Thirst, StressFromNotSmoking, and Unhappiness (Also Smell if using Excrementum Mod) affect Sanity. Wetness, Panic, Pain, Boredom, Stress, and Health work as multipliers for Sanity change. For example, if your character is extremely hungry and stressed out, they will lose sanity faster. Once your character loses enough sanity, they will start mumbling and performing self-harm. Mumbling is server-sided and can be seen by other players and heard by zombies. ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Settings for this mod can be adjusted in the sandbox. The mod adds a new item called Xanax (which does not increase sanity yet) and new traits. Optional setting for nightmares and new ambiences. WORKS WELL WITH: Excrementum - now when you sh*t yourself, it actually affects your sanity. INCOMPATIBLE WITH: Danger Moodles (Insanity) MoodleSanity Steam Workshop Link
  8. Bored of the abundant loot? Too many slow shamblers? Of the cars in good condition? Are you looking for a more challenging environment? Say. No. More. Be prepared to be parachuted into the undead territory and forced to survive. In Final Days loot is so scarce you would be relieved to find a bag of chips! Sprinters come along the shamblers to keep you on your toes, no more peaceful walks in town! Also, good luck finding a car with no missing parts as action takes place 10 years later! Are you up for the challenge? Join our community today, bring your friends, team up, meet new survivors, try to accomplish your mission, and prepare for the way back home! HOW TO CONNECT MAIN FEATURES - Spawn with your friends. - Ridiculously rare loot. - Worse vehicle condition. - Chance of getting caught by sprinters. - Pitch-black nights. - Zombies moves slow at night. - PVP and friendly fire always ON, be careful. - Safehouse after 12 days of survival. - Farming and nature abundance is very poor. - Professions and traits are nerfed. - No password, no whitelist. - Other finely selected settings and mods. - No server wipe until the next big run! Join us on Discord today: https://discord.gg/4KECTFFN7k Check out the full list of mods here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2800516433
  9. Hello, we are happy to announce we are testing out a PZ server for experienced players. LINK TO THE DISCORD SERVER ---> https://discord.gg/7jmvCq66Cf We are using a Six month's later, insane population, extremely rare loot configuration with additional hardcore settings to make the survival experience even harder. To name a few, there is no safe-house system, and no in-game maps, and immediate infection. Better if you can join with a friend! SERVER INFO: - Server title: FinalDays - IP: - Port: 27450 The server is still being tested. We are open for feedback, so join our discord if you want to propose a change in the server or new mods. We hope to officially launch the server in the coming weeks. The game is almost vanilla. We've added mods to add more vehicles, weapons, and more to make the experience more immersive. Hope you enjoy!
  10. Greetings to all lovers of survival. I want to invite you to a new server - Project Darkwood. Here you can find: - Reworked zombies - Various new mechanics and events - Your own story, due to which the server changes - Balanced respawn (The weapon is extremely rare and you have to fight for it) And much more. Come in, you won't regret it! IP: Discord channel: https://discord.gg/gAc7VEPMEy
  11. Check out our Forums and Discord! At Reanimated Roleplay, presented by Infected Gaming We strive to provide a welcoming community and create a wholly organic Roleplay experience. Whatever you want to do, Knox County is your oyster! But beware, the apocalypse is not for the faint of heart, This is the story of how you died, remember? Check out our lore here, for information on what is going on and what is up and coming! Hope to see you soon! - The Infected Gaming Team
  12. IP: Port: 16261 Server description: New Hope is hardcore PVP russian server, recommended for expirienced players. Also it has PVE Zone (Shelter), several RP factions, and fixed spawn spot - KNOX Prison. New Hope Modpack includes some popular mods (Nolan's armor and traps, Immersive Overlays e.g.) and has own scripts, created and improved by server admins and players. Server was created at July 2017, active and experienced admins, discord support. Join us if you like hardcore and difficult tasks. Server settings: Xp multiplier - 1.0 Loot respawn - 12 hours (real-time) Zombie respawn - ON Infection morality - blood and saliva (wild garlic ant antibiotics help and cure) Destruction by sledgehammer - OFF (call admins if you need to destroy walls) Fire spread - OFF (prevention of cheating) Factions - ON (day survived to create - 0) Safehouse - ON (faction leader only) Max accounts per user - 1 (admins create additional account for roleplay and events if you need it) Balance settings: Cold climate, farming plants don't grow if temperature below 0. Shorted foraging season: may-semptember for forest food, june-augus for medical plants. Cold and high temperature, depression (moodles), toxic rain - hurt your health. Zombie settings: fast shamblers, superhuman strength, tough, eagle sight, normal hearing, poor smell. Poor loot respawn, no fresh food, no sledehammer, zombie loot - almost trash. Special [resource spots]: gas, propane, components - once per game day. Extended craft: smithing, weaving, skill books, pills (and antibiotics), industrial craft and more. Useful professions: trapping for feathers and leather (arrows and armor craft), fishing for glue, cooking (sugar, vinegar, alcohol, weight control) and so on. Faction leader creates safehouse, 40 building squares per faction member. Fixed spawn zone - Prison. You should works for cigaretts and pay for prison escape. Local RP factions [KNOX] - jailers, [ABT] - prisoners. Shelter PVE zone - helpful beginner quests, trade, jobs, located near West Point [Picnic Area]. Discord Steam server guide (RU) Online players and statistics
  13. IP: Port:26515 Server description: Brand new project zomboid server 24hours online,perfect conection,no drops,no lag,hard role play mode with whitelist,send the applicantion in the discord server. Discord: https://discord.gg/b83uREg Steam version: 39.67.5
  14. anyone who wants to join my server can: lots of zombies rare loot. try and survive with me! im usually on during weekends
  15. [EU][PUBLIC] - [No RESET] - [PvP] - [HARDCORE] IP: Port: 16261 Location: EU Slot: 50 "In a world dominated by the undead, where only the most experts and tenacious can survive, the writing "Alive Inside" is the last witness of the human’s presence. But Alive Inside isn’t only the last sign of humanity written on a roof or on a wall in a world dominated by a zombies, is also the essence of a true survivor. Alive Inside is for they who know that these are the end times and nothing will ever be the same again, for they know that there is no hope of surviving. Alive Inside is for who wrestle every day against extinction, for they know that despite the efforts it remains always and only the story of how you died." Alive Inside just a Project Zomboid’s server. VANILLA Nutrizionism: ON Sleep: ON PVP: ON Infection: ON Hard Experience X3 4 Hours for Day Loot respawn every 10 days in game No Cheat – No Backup – No Sky Base
  16. On Sunday, the 6 november you will be able to play on our "Project Zomboid" prime time server. Prime time means the server will only be available certain days/hours per week. The idea behind this "prime time" is that we will be able to implement a real storyline into the game. Just like in the pen and paper game "Dungeon and Dragons", a gamemaster will control the environment you live in. Also, prime time will prevent hardcore gamers to get the best loot/bases when the casual players will not be online. This "roleplay project" will not be like on our dayz server before. We donÂŽt want solo players who prefer to be all alone all the time. Sure, it can be part of your character story to be alone a certain amount of time, but we are focused on getting people together. As a player on our server you can be sure we will create an awesome story for you to be part in, just as we tried on our dayz server but without any server tools we could not do that. In "Project Zomboid" we have all the opportunity to create a living, persistant world. Can you survive a zombie apocalypse? Do you have what it needs to be a leader of a group? Do you want to help people or rob them to make sure you and your group survive? For more informations, please join our teamspeak on sunday the 23. october at 7pm cet We will be there and answer all the questions you got about the project, rules and everyting else (except the dayz server) Kind regards, Elysium
  17. Server Name: [TWD][HARDCORE][RP][24/7] Status: LIVE Resets: whenever majority is ready to start over Loot Respawn: 2 years Zombies: Normal count, poor senses You can only hit or push 1 zombie at a time due to the weapons nerf mod!! MY Work Schedule: (US-Central) Mon: 11p-6a Tues: 11p-6a Wed: 12a-5a Thurs: 5p-5a Fri: 5p-5a Sat: 5p-5a Sun: OFF The Server is live!! This is my first time running a server, so bear with me, and let me know if you have any problems at all!! You can be any character that's ever existed within TWD universe, or create an original character. Characters are available on a first come, first serve basis. Please use proper names for original characters. Rules: -To create ENEMIES: When you/your group are in an intense situation and someone opens fire, please don't actively chase anyone down and kill them, until 2 encounters have happened. Take pot shots at each other, but then run away. After the 2nd encounter, however, all bets are off and may the best survivor win. -Absolutely NO KOS!! Pvp is allowed but must have a reason (you are enemies/you need their stuff). -To claim a safehouse, rename something and place it in front of EVERY door on 1st floor. Safehouses cannot be robbed unless at least 1 person from the house's group is online, and safehouses cannot be attacked unless at least half of the house's group is online. -Fully Fabricated safehouses are not allowed. You must use a pre-existing building and fortify it. -Police Officer, Veteran, and Carpenter occupation is not allowed for any Original Character. They can be chosen ONLY if you choose an established character with the occupation. -Global chat is for OOC conversations only. Use the ingame radio/walkie system to communicate at distance. Try to keep OOC to a minimum. -Consider this an alternate timeline, as such, relation progression from the show doesn't matter. Only acceptable lore relations are those from before the start of the apocalypse (family and friends), nor do you have to follow your character's path from the show. Only thing you can use from the show is the character's personality and skill set. -Don't cheese or do anything that wouldn't be believable (No luring huge groups of zombies away from loot spots, no soloing 30 zombies, ect.) -There will be one custom building towards the center of the map which will act as a neutral trade post. No pvp allowed, no exceptions. -There's almost no way to RP familiar games without some metagaming. As such, the pz map by blindcoder is allowed. -Rp Personalities are not a reflection of RL Personalities. -We are working with the Honor System!!! Mods: -Hydrocraft 498441420 -ORMtnMan's Real Gun Mod Edit by Jether 560023706 -HydrORGMAmmo 559049684 -ORGM Guns Silencer 640674707 -ORGM Override 543483053 -Self Induced Injuries with Hydrocraft/orgm 654022334 -Allmapshere 655062253 -Littering 1.9 498547445 -QuickContainers 499134809 -Weapon Nerf 498343035 -ModelLoaderExtension 616177013 Maps: Bedford Falls Downtown Drayton Rebuild Louisiana New Denver Phoenix TWD Prison Vine Grove Dreadwood- No spawn point South Muldraugh- No spawn point Grove Beach If this seems like a setting you will enjoy, pm me your character and build for approval. Hope to see you in the Apocalypse!! Claimed Chars -Shane Walsh -Daryl Dixon -Tara Chambler -Glenn Rhee -Tyreese Williams EDIT: I've finally gotten everything working except the workshop ID's. When they are included in the ini, it won't advance past the "server requires these mods" screen even if I'm already subscribed to the required mods. So I'm going to include the workshop ID for all the mods. Just copy the ID into the workshop search bar, and it will take you to the page to subscribe to the mod. Also, due to how long it took me to fix and figure out the server, I'm putting loot to respawn in 2 years instead of never. If you had a character, you will have to delete them...sorry about that.
  18. Advertise your Servers Gentlemen
  19. Isbarah Isbarah for a new game.Who are we? We are a team of five from different places and we love games, some of us like Platform games and some others are inspired by Danmaku “bullet hell games” and this is when the idea was born to get together and create something new and we called it Isbarah Isbarah is a mix between Japanese bullet hell and platformer - we took the "bullet hell" concept and placed it in a Platformer game and used a life character instead of a spaceship, and this is what came out, The Danmaku part comes from the only enemy you get in each level, unlike any other game - ISBARAH is different, you don’t have to work your way up to meet the boss because in our game you'll only deal with the boss and that’s what you’ll face in each and every level! Also keep in mind Bosses are not that easy as you think! and therefore we gave abilities to the character to help the player, you gonna figure these out when you get into the gameplay. Here are some links to the trailer and a tutorial,https://youtube.com/watch?v=zXOjowC3Y9Ehttps://youtube.com/watch?v=yfuTTc6FvtA Please give us a feed back about what do you think? and we will answer to your inquiry ASAP.
  20. Title: ONE DAY for Ched Version: 1.0.4 Genre: FPS Engine: Unreal Development Kit (UDK) License: Free Platform: PC Release Date: August 8th 2013 Developers: Bs1 & BSL Team (Ukraine) Screenshots: Description: ONE DAY for Ched is a free hardcore corridor shooter from indie developers BSL Team. The game has nice graphics, interesting story, quest elements and very hardcore gameplay. Features of the game: · Hardcore gameplay · Beautiful stile · Cool graphics · Low system requirements · Many kinds of monsters and weapons · Quest elements · High complexity · Interesting story System requirements: - Windows XP SP2+, Windows Vista, Win 7, Windows 8. - 1.8 GHz core - 1+ Gb RAM; 2gb for Vista, 7, 8. - 128 mb video Additional materials: Download the game: Download from Desura Download from IndieCity Download from ModDB Download from IndieDB Download from Game Jolt Download from Dropbox Download from Yandex Disk Help our game get to Steam. Vote for ONE DAY for Ched on Steam Greenlight! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=218934247]http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=218934247
  21. Hey all! This servers main goal is to introduce to the community a persistent and hardcore roleplay sever. Before applying make sure to check out the rules. Server will restart everyday at 6 PM EST. No progress will be reset however, this only means the server will be down for five minutes or so. USE REALISTIC IC NAMES AS USERNAMES PLEASE. I want to make it clear this means no numbers or random capitals in your name. Titles/stage names are fine, so long as they're not like Ki3th and JeNniFFer. Local chat is IC. To emote use *. EX: *Eats apples.* Global chat will be used forOOC. We now have an IC Radio chat on the server website! Server info and IP The Rules of the Road Our Website Steam Group The World Info Download Bedford here Little Extra info: The point of the loot is to make sure soft resets don't happen everyday. I'd like things to get a little difficult because we reset. And with that... I don't believe I'm missing anything. Make sure to sign up to the website! Edit: Added Events! Current Groups/Clans The Rogue Traders [bedford] Revolution Confederation of Russia [bedford] Catastrophic Disaster Response Taskforce [CDRT] The Bedford Republic [bedford] The Human Empire of New Earth [bedford] Got one to add? Go ahead and announce it/make a forum if you want. The Timeline Story So far: (Each year will be updated with RP events). It has been one week after the outbreak, people struggle to hold onto their humanity and find a way to live. There are very groups and bands to stay with, and people are actively searching for their families and friends. No one is safe. This is the end of the world. This is how you died. A Russian plane crashes in Kentucky. [See raider Russian clan] Military broadcasts and presence (3 months in) (Event link) People begin grouping together and creating clans (4 months in)
  22. 8 - 17 - 2014 UPDATE: "... and from its ashes a new phoenix arose" After almost 2 months, the server is finally up. But since then new ideas have made it into my head. The server is released under a new name, THE UNDERTAKING: ORIGINS , so go there now, and read all about it. This forum post/thread/topic will no longer be in use. old stuff if you want to nag me about changing my stance on certain things. MORE ABOUT HARD/SOFT RESETS ABOUT THE SOFTCORE ROLEPLAY HOW PvP/PvE WOULD WORK SPAWN AREA / OUTPOST ROSE / AND NEW PLAYER STARTER SURVIVAL KIT INITIAL GAME WORLD CONDITION
  23. Hello dear Project Zomboid Community, Our [TRC] (sponsering the server) and [saD] (playing on the Server ) Clan-Server is now online. The difficulty settings could be called "ultra hardcore": Superhuman - Zombies extremely rare loot PVP - Shoot on Sight (but of course you can try to coop, but can you trust people in a Zomboicalypse?) Announced Soft-Resets! Language: German/English It is a german server, but everyone here is willing to speak english as well. But don't get mad, if people speak german. IP: Port: 16261 administrative contact: Deadpool (irage at stupid-and-dangerous.de)
  24. Project Zomboid Hardcore+ Introduction Hello! First of all i want to ask sorry for my English. This text possibly contains many mistakes. If you found some - please, write me in PM. Project Zomboid Hardcore+ it's a global mod about hardcore. The main goal of this modification - provide as many abilities as possible and make them easy to configure. I release it much earlier as i planned to, because i wanna get feedback - is that actually interesting for someone? And.. sorry.. No dragons yet How it works? This mod have both Java and Lua parts. Original PZ code don't damaged and constains only one line of my code. So, why i need Java? Right now - for nothing. But in future i have some crazy ideas that cannot be realized without Java. Features (aka "Modules") Not much yet: as i say before it's only "testing" release i just want to know - is that interesting for players? So, now mod constains only 1 feature: --> Combat 1. "Weapons Fall Out" When you fight with Blunt weapon it can fall out from the your hands. If you have high Panic or Pain levels chanсes to lose your weapon increase. Passive chance and maximum chance can be edited in configuration. Settings Any "module" or "feature" can be fully custumize thought PZHP configuration file which located in C:/Users/%Your_User_Name%/Zomboid/mods/hardcoreplus/cfg/settings.ini Default config file can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ew7ri5g7043dbcf/settings.ini Instalation Copy anything from "to ProjectZomboid" to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\ (or where your steam is live?) Copy anything from "to Mods" folder to C:/Users/%Your_User_Name%/Zomboid/mods/ How to delete mod You can just disable mod through "Mods" menu, but if you want fully disable Java part: Variant #1: delete hardcoreplus.locker located in C:/Users/%Your_User_Name%/Zomboid/mods/ Variant #2: download original PZ Java classes ->https://www.dropbox.com/s/wvzvzcfg5xwt1kz/originalPZ.zip and copy to C :\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\ Download https://www.dropbox.com/s/h12zaqbr66cx8ra/hardcore%2B.zip Screenshots:
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