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Found 41 results

  1. There is a difference between bladed weapons and blunt weapons when it comes to aim in-game. IMO there should be a difference between two handed firearms and one handed firearms (I am using those two terms to encompass shotguns, i.e. not rifles vs pistols). Not only are two handed weapons much easier to aim IRL, but this would stop KOSers who level up "Aiming" quickly with a shotgun and then switch to a pistol. Ability to shoot a rifle accurately ~= ability to shoot a pistol accurately Just a thought.
  2. Hello reader and or devs! I am just going to make a straightforward suggestions (bullet point form) mainly to do with guns. (the other part is to do with gun modding, guns and vehicles and bullets) First in civilian bullet cases, then military. Guns: Assault rifle(s) (varying calibers like .308, .300, .273, .223, or 7.62, 6.8, 5.56 in military terms. some are to be single, full auto, burst and or interchangeable firing typesHigh powered sniper rifle(s) (.338 LUPAU, 12.7 BMG etc)Explosives (grenades [frag, concussive, flash bang, incendiary etc, molitov cocktail [zombie game must], grenade launchers?, rocket launchers [RPG, LAW etc], mines etcShotgun types (magazine fed one, auto shotgun)Handguns (revolvers [.22,.357, 44] .45 auto handguns, etc]\Weapon jamming (based on condition) Gun "modding": How do you do it? I consulted the wiki and tried my best to modify guns in game, but it didn't really do anything.Extended magazines for magazine fed weapons"Strip" clips (bullets attached together) for rifles (significantly reduces reloading time, but have to be manually reloaded into the strip clip)Removing the "reloading difficulty" (I find it that you should have to manually feed rounds into the magazine where applicable then insert the magazinePerhaps increase reloading exp? I find reloading is the longest skill to actually level (maybe farming, I have not looked it up or farmed yet so I do not know)Being able to "sight in" a gun with a screwdriver, which lightly (5%-15% based on your aiming skill) repairs it and makes it slightly more (2%-5%) more accurate/further rangedGun parts (allows the player to use it to repair guns, instead of having the gun. even maybe having modification parts like a match grade trigger for higher rate of fire etc)Weapon cleaning kits (a clean weapon is less likely to jam and the condition deteriorates slower the cleaner it is, while a dirty weapon does the inverse effect)(as mentioned before) Match grade trigger (increases fire rate of non-automatic/burst fire weaponsCustom bolt increases the fire rate for any bolt action weaponCustom pump increase the fire rate of any pump (shotgun) based weaponBolt polish temporarily increases the fire rate of a bolt action weapon (based on your aiming skill, use of the weapon and weapon condition should last between 5-100 shots Gun related things (items, traits, skills etc) Ammo boxes! (yes i am aware of ammo boxes, but they often take 2-4 drops of ammunition. what i mean here is a larger version of that, one that holds many ammo types. maybe make it so you can equip it or keep it for storage purposesVaried amounts of ammunition (instead of finding the exact same number of rounds, make it vary! it can be effected by the lucky skill. make it so you can find anywhere between 1-15 rounds of ammunition for 9mm, 1-12 rounds for shotguns. because of this change, the chance of you finding ammunition should be increased. say if it is 10% chance without lucky, increase it to 15-20%. (with lucky between 20-25%) makes the game much more immersive in my opinionAmmo magnet: increases the minimum (if applicable) and maximum (if applicable) amount of ammunition you find (i'll let you guys figure out the percentage)I'm out!: reduces the amount of ammunition you find Unrelated idea Have professions with a starting item(s)! (would cost a lot of trait points though. examples, veteran could have a sawn-off shotgun, police officer with a handgun, night security with a flashlight etc.)
  3. Dunno if it's just me, but I seem to find pistols WAY more often than ammo, for corpses at least. And I think that'd be fair to have guns spawned with a random quantity of ammunition inside the mag.
  4. Just wondering what in-game advantages a sawn-off shotgun has over a regular shotgun, and/or vise versa?
  5. I apologize firstly for the small book below, and if this has been suggested previously, as I am new to the forum. I've been playing PZ for a while, and have thought that a reloading system (similar to "Fallout: New Vegas") would be a major addition to the game. As an avid shooter in real life, I understand the advantage of having the tools required to reuse my spent shell casings. It isn't a hobby EVERY shooter does, but I'm sure every shooter appreciates. In the game, I understand that we are trying to survive, and not scrounge on mall parking lots looking for little brass shell casings (hard enough to find when you aren't looking over your shoulder for zombies) but if the player were able to find occasional small and rarely large caches of used, empty brass (or hulls, for shotgun...of course) and able to find lead fishing weights or tire weights, BBs or anything that could be melted and poured into a mold (nails for a shotgun shell...picture it...you know you want to), it would add to the atmospheric realism, as in a war-torn suburban region (especially in Kentucky) these would be fairly common. Regular smokeless gunpowder would have to be scavenged, but blackpowder can be made from natural materials (no, I'm not familiar with what exactly they are, but it is something a lot of preppers talk about doing). The only other element would be finding primers (the part of the cartridge that ignites the powder...makes it go boom). These come in sleeves of 100 in real life, and if a cache of reloading supplies were found, they would likely be in the mix. The best example i can give is to check out "Fallout: New Vegas's" reloading system. You can find the brass and hulls in the world, and for every round fired, theres a percent chance (i don't know what, maybe 20%) that you will recieve an empty case. The powder is found in jars, and cannot be crafted. The bullets are constructed from a parent materieal simply referred to as "lead." Primers are also found in the world...there are different sizes but i wont go into that for the purpose of this post. An example cartridge would require 1 case (of respective cartridge, since PZ doesnt deal with cartridge, it would simply be 'pistol' or 'shotgun shell'), lets say 5 powder, 1 primer, and 7 lead. Bigger cartridges would take more powder and more lead and so on. In F:NV the player must use reloading stations that cannot be moved...however in PZ, the use of single-stage, hand presses could be used to allow hauling back to base camp. The other advantage this could allow...again pointing at Fallout...is the ability to craft different types of rounds. Although armor piercing (until you have the military to deal with) wouldnt be practical, the use of hollow-point (HP) and jacketed-soft-point (JSP) would grant some combat bonuses. Maybe I'm getting too deep with this, I just know it's a valid skill. I'm aware it would really take some doing to do it right, but it would give an extra dynamic to the shooting element of the game. The use of smokeless vs blackpowder would cause some grief in real life, and would demand constant cleaning of guns...so it would be a matter of where do we draw the line. It would also possibly open up a new 'profession' for participants in a role-playing server. Someone who can keep you in ammo is as important as your botanist and your doctor.
  6. This is something really simple that's bugged me for a long time. When using your gun you don't know how many more shots you have left. I know it is like real life but you should be able to click a button and have you remove the mag and count the bullets. it would save a lot of wasted shots and unneeded reloading. The second idea is being able to unload guns. *drops mic.
  7. I haven't noticed anyone else suggest this but i didn't delve far into the forum! What i was thinking was having a flashlight attachment for guns that take two hands to carry, this would enable the user to see better at night time and would be a huge help on multiplayer! (say you're going out at night with a group or alone whatever your option to scavenge, get revenge on others or whatever it is you funky ass people do! you're going to need to see at night and isn't unrealistic in any manner) It could aid in accuracy in dark areas e.g houses once the power has gone out, going out at night, but would make you more visible to zombies as they would be attracted to the light. I don't think it would be unrealistic to find these flashlights in a gun shop, shooting range or police station...but i wouldn't really know as i'm a UK player myself and we rarely see guns, but i just think it wouldn't be very farfetched at all! Anyway have fun surviving!
  8. A minimalist version of the TommyGuns Mod. This mod contains the following: AR-15Remington 700MacheteSurvival AxeSuppressor for the ARSuppressor for the vanilla pistolRucksack Enjoy!
  9. As a gun enthusiast and full supporter of game realism, the addition of weapon optics to Project Zomboid was a great start. Having scopes with zoom capabilities for long range targets and red dot sight for close range. But I know from experience that there is a easy tweak that would make using an optic far more realistic. If you’ve ever shot a gun with a zoom optic, then you know that your vision is narrowed on the spot that you’re aiming at. The more powerful the zoom or the closer your point of aim is, the more narrow your field of view becomes. In addition, when using a zoom scope, the only eye that you keep open is looking down the sight, making your peripheral vision almost negligible. When it comes to red dots, you keep both eyes open when aiming. This allows your peripherals to be utilized far more reliable and effectively. But this also means you won’t have any magnification on our optic, thus decreasing the red dot’s effectiveness at longer range. As I said, I love realistic games. The more minute a detail seems, the cooler I think it is. So I think it would be a great idea for vision to be narrowed when aiming. With what little coding “experience” I have, it would seem to me that it wouldn’t take a great deal of effort to use the lighting system that is already in place to narrow a player’s vision in various ways when aiming at different ranges with different optics. Personally, I think it would be a much needed addition to the firearm system (as much as I love this game, I think it’s fair to say that the firearm mechanics are still a work in progress). From what I’ve seen, this game has always been all about realism. I think adding that little twist of only being able to see where you’re aiming would put a new and more realistic spin on this game.
  10. OK I've been looking into resent suggestions and have seen somewhat of what I'm suggesting but not the full thing and if this is wrong for me to post this please do tell. So what I was thinking was Gun stats and attributes. The attributes affecting the stats and the stats affecting the Gun/Weapon. I was reading the Big No's and I saw no specific names for the firearms like AK47 or M14 as it said and this I can understand, it makes things alot easier, that being said I do think that it would be a good thing have. Now when I say attributes I mean like scopes or extended magazines and the stats give some over view of the weapons overall damage, accuracy, durability, etc. These attributes can be classified as just Rifle Scope and giving a +6 accuracy to said rifle obviously this system could go very in depth to how weapons work and I do realize that I'm mainly targeting firearms but this can also work with melee weapons as in sharping a knife or everyone's favorite a nailed bat. I do believe that this could make specifically guns more of a burden as they would not be as good with out attributes than with thus making a rifle near useless without a scope. I understand if this is not wanted, as it would be a fairly lengthy process to get all the factors in but, please consider my suggestion.
  11. I found it kind of annoying how when you find guns, they're always empty. I was wondering if you guys can make so whenever you find a gun, there is a chance that the gun has a full mag, half full mag, or empty.
  12. Ok, so basically I think that multiplayer gunplay needs some big improvements. Yesterday I was playing on a server and me and one other guy were in our base doing some farming and construction when all of a sudden the door into our base opens (also barricading on player-made doors doesn't seem to work) and a few random guys walk in with guns. Me and my team member both ran indoors and went upstairs to grab our guns, I went out onto the second floor walkway that we'd built and couldn't see the guys but I could hear the gunshots, and saw my teammate get gunned down, I went down and watched the door, waiting for them to walk in, eventually they did (2 guys, one was dead) and it turned into a clickfest. CLICKCLICKCLICKCLICKCLICK dead, and so was one of theirs. Basically I didn't like how this played out, I hate the auto-aim within a 90 degree radius and I hate the ability to fire at an infinitely high rate of fire using a pistol without any loss of accuracy or anything. Sure the gunfight was tense but it wasn't really a gunfight, you weren't aiming and taking cover or anything you were just seeing who could click faster than the other. In my opinion if gunfights in multiplayer are to be fun, the aiming and shooting needs an overhaul at some point. I have another topic I made a while back which goes into detail about the changes I think should be made: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/5589-the-aiming-overhaul/ Also something I didn't mention in there is the fire rate of pistols, I think there needs to be a delay after each shot so that you can't just click like a maniac to win fights. Other than that (and the barricade problem and the lack of threat that zombies pose in MP), loving the Multiplayer, although in my 4 hour or so playthough yesterday I saw about 10 zombies total.. -GodWaffle
  13. Disclaimer: I've only played a couple hours since 2012 so I'm not entirely sure if some of the mechanics and additions I describe would fit in with the game, or be possible in the engine, but here goes. Suppressors I think firearm suppressors would be a great addition to the game because right now, firearms are very rarely a viable option, and can turn an emergency situation into an even worse one by attracting more zombies. Crafting: This would necessitate the existence of a mechanics/physics skill, or maybe a firearms knowledge skill? Anyway, the player would need several materials, tools and the correct level of said skill/knowledge. This would make it difficult to acquire quickly. There could be several levels of crafted suppressors, each being more effective than the last, but likewise requiring more materials, time and knowledge. Looting: Pre-apocalypse manufactured suppressors would be extremely rare (There'd be a good chance of none spawning) but to make up for this they would be more effective than a DIY one. However, they would only work for a certain class of firearm and no others, whereas crafted ones can be made for any firearm. Gameplay: When attached to a firearm, a suppressor would nullify the report. However, the volume of the shot in the direction of fire would remain similar to that of an unsuppressed gunshot. This means that if there are zombies between you and your target, they will also hear the shot, however the radius the noise travels from the shooter would be reduced. At longer distances though, it would be practically silent. Ammunition crafting: Now this one is a bit complicated and probably won't be added, but with advanced firearms knowledge the player would basically be able to craft different loads, IE high-velocity, or sub-sonic ammuntion. Sub-sonic ammunition would reduce the volume in the direction of fire at a cost of decreased penetration and damage, and would be practically useless without a suppressor. High-velocity ammunition would be the opposite, it would make the firearm have a louder report in exchange for increased damage and penetration. It would also degrade the firearm and the suppressor faster than regular or subsonic ammunition. The player could also manufacture hollowpoint rounds which have increased damage against a single target but virtually no penetration. This doesn't yet seem necessary since zombies will die to one shot anyway, but if there are any changes to that it would be a welcome addition. Weapon Modification: With advanced knowledge in firearms, survivors would be able to make minor modifications to their weapons provided they have the materials. These would include magazine size (In the two higher reloading difficulties, these modifications would be made to the magazines themselves where applicable), stability/accuracy (Stocks and grips [Though they seem 100% accurate at the moment]) and view distance (Improvised/looted optics). With a scope attached, when in aiming mode your field of view would be very narrow, but very long and increase the distance you can scroll off-screen. If you've played Jagged Alliance 2, you have some idea of how I imagine it in my head. Firemodes would also be another possible modification, in other words making a semi-auto weapon full-auto. The rate of fire of shotguns could also be increased by converting it from pump-action to semi auto (I'm not sure how possible this would be IRL but I'm sure it would be, given enough patience and knoweldge) The main suggestion here is suppressors. The other two are ballpark, but I included them anyway.
  14. Rad5002


    So I was thinking for some time how the weapons could be made slightly more effective with more of a downside. Such as a few more weapons to the game, or allowing certain levels of accuracy to change the effect on zombies. Such as crit. hits on the head, making zombies going into crawlers, that sort of stuff. So what I would out up for discussion would be slight more additions to the firearms. Only a few, and nothing overpowered. I'd suggest the addition of an Sub-machine gun (Semi-automatic only) It'd be an improvement over the pistol in most ways, and use the exact same 9mm ammo. For instance, range could be increased, the magazine could be increased to 30 although the accuracy would be exactly the same. However, there would be a few downsides to this. It would be louder than the pistol, causing more zombies to hear it. Level 2/3 accuracy (Or reload) would be needed. I assume a sub-machine gun would be harder to aim than a pistol and so without the correct accuracy/reload level then the player would just not be able to use it 'stating something along the lines of I don't trust myself with this' or something. Also, it could not be equipped with a silencer. Which brings me to my next point. Silencers. Silencers could be extremely rare, accuracy level one and to of read a book on equipping silencers. This would mean that people who use handguns (As it'd be for handguns only) could use it to be more silent. It'd be as loud as a melee weapon then, or a little louder. The downside could be that accuracy is reduced, and the handgun's 'life' is reduced from 1/60 to 1/20 or 1/15. Lastly, what about skill books for guns, only causing a slight xp boost. Sorry about the rant about guns, I really enjoy using the guns in PZ, and I find having the sandbox settings of Zombies - Insane, high health and extremely strong with loot abundant to be quite fun!
  15. Hello Everyone. Let me start off by saying I'm really bad at understanding any programming language, but I'm pretty good at piecing together/slightly modding other people's work to get what I need done. That being said, I have a question and some ramblings. TL;DR Is there a way to make custom weapons require reloading using the game's reloading Lua?
  16. Hey, As you can notice when playing Project Zomboid right now, guns are super-easy to use, kills pretty much every single time due to auto-aim. I was thinking that this would become an annoyance in Multiplayer (and with NPCs) if it's a matter of whoever shoots first wins instead of having to actually aim. Taking cover First and foremost we'd need a way to get low down so we can hide behind objects (I'm thinking cars when they're added), this would give another way of taking cover in a gunfight. I'm thinking a way this could be achieved is standing next to an object like a car, and holding CTRL will make the player crouch down behind it, while the mouse is facing away from the object the player will stay crouched, if you point the mouse 'over the top of the object' then the player stand up and aim over it, but crouch down again if the cursor is moved back. Better aiming I'm thinking that when you aim with a weapon, rather than aiming in the general direction of the target and just shooting and hitting using auto-aim, you would need to aim with your mouse. When a gun is equipped and the CTRL or RMB is pressed, the mouse cursor would become a crosshair (or a transparent line would emit from the player in the direction of the shot, the higher the player's aiming skill is, the longer the line is, 3D engine will allow this I'm assuming) and you'd aim for the target. When you shoot, depending on your shooting skills the bullet will have a 'radius' of where it will hit from where your mouse cursor was, this radius will get smaller as the player's skill increases. I feel that the transparent line would be better for this as it would feel more like you're aiming from the player's arms than pointing a mouse cursor onto a target. Getting shot When you get hit by a bullet, the game would calculate where you get hit, fatal shots are possible if you get hit in the heart or head, and other vital areas would cause a quick death (you'd bleed out fast), if you get hit in the arm, you will be injured and bleed, but you can bandage your wound and take medication to avoid infection (maybe have a 'remove bullet' tooltip on a set of pliers or something) This would avoid it being a one-hit kill on characters which would be frustrating as hell, and would give you a chance to escape. Anyway, just my thoughts, let me know what you think. -GodWaffle
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