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Found 13 results

  1. Rad5002


    Just a random thought, what about a Nail gun. I'm not too sure on the coding, so I don't know about separate ammunition etc, as I think it's either electronic or gas-powered. But, of course nails are highly needed (I've seen from other stories and suggestions and guides). It could be something like this: Nailgun. 30 nails at once. Requires a new battery every 90 nails (Unsure if can be implemented). Very weak. Not very accurate at longer ranges. Quieter, but still a small sound. I have a few ideas about it, but I'd rather see if this idea is okay or a flunk before posting anymore just in case.
  2. So this may have come up before but I couldn't find it. My suggestion is simply to make a check box that allows you to swap the weapon "attach to back" with your current weapon. For instance you are carrying an axe killing zombies and you start getting overwhelmed; you have a gun attached to your back so you pull it out causing your axe to be equipped to back instead of the gun. After you finish with the bulk of the zombies you swap back to the axe without having to open your inventory.
  3. What if in the game you could make official firearms (including ammo) as opposed to makeshift zip guns? I was thinking the player could come across some houses with machinery used to make firearms and ammo. Basically an at home workshop for guns. They existed back then in 1993 as well as today in real life so it would be fitting to come across a house with a workshop for guns and ammo the player could use. The player could have a gunsmith occupation to make use of the machines more readily with the right skill level than with other occupations. The player would have to get resources to put into the machines to make the guns and ammo such as steel wood and smokeless powder. Then the player would put the materials in each machine and progress turn them into guns and ammo until they were finished. Such machines would include drill presses, milling machines, lathes, stampers, etc. The player could also come across gun factories to use to make guns and ammo as well as use the already finished inventory of them. You can't always find a nearby gun store or police station and looting cars, homes, dead bodies as well as zombies for guns and ammo usually doesn't yield much not to mention it's tedious. That's why as a survivor it makes sense to make your own guns and ammo!
  4. I think there should be more tactical firearms (you know things with a pistol grip, detachable box magazine, stock and other basic parts of the gun) in the game as well as accessories. The guns should be accurate to their real life counterparts like no gun holding more or less ammo than it actually does in real life. Accessories should follow suit. As for what guns I think they should be her are some suggestions (they can have their real life like the M1911 pistol or just a fictional/generic game like MV-58 or assault rifle 2). Some starting examples AK47 with 30 rd mag. maybe a WASR-10 for a semi-auto version. Pistol grip for M14. FN FAL with a 20 rd mag. Tec 9 Pistol with 30 rd. mag. Ruger 10/22 with 30 rd. mag. Silencer for the pistols in the game. M40 Sniper Rifle with detachable Scope
  5. I recently have found very rare gun,M16 and ammo for it,but I have also found M14 mags.So to use either of these items I'd either have to go look for very rare item which isn't very pleasant to begin with especially in winter. My solution to this is loading a single bullet into gun without mag. It's very slow,but atleast it will make shooting that rare gun possible atleast once a year and not once in a lifetime without cheating.
  6. Hello Devs! (if you're reading this lol) I'm pretty new to the PZ community so please bear with me. I understand you guys probably have a long list of things that still need to be implemented but hear me out. I was having a great discussion today with some members in the indie stone discord and we all agreed that the pool of firearms in the game should be expanded upon further with more realistic representations. My suggestion for a firearm that was extremely common during the early 90s is the glock 19. Obviously it would be smart to call it something else in game (g19 possibly). Many civilians and police departments were using this pistol due to its light weight, small size, and its high magazine capacity. I think it would be a fantastic addition to the game and a great find off of a dead zombie police officer or maybe in a nightstand. Not to mention it would help diversify the firearm pool. As I understand the only 9mm pistol on the game right now is the m9 which would be more common in military areas. If anyone else has any suggestions for more firearms please post them!! After all, Variety is the spice of life.
  7. Hello I never got around posting this mod on the new forum. It's a silencer for a pistol - but not just any silencer. It's also your pillow! Just as you though pillows where dog gone useless in survival, you actually have something that will silence your gun. Hold a pillow as your secondary weapon and it will silence your gun, but not forever. It will last 5-15 shots until the pillow is completly torned. Download it from pz-mods.net (pz-mods.net is a top secret procrastinating project for hosting my mod I'm currently working on - which was before I discovered xeno-mods.net .. duh, now I'll make tutorials there instead .. well more about that later.) Features Is not a recipe - holding a pillow as secondary will silence your gunEach shot decreases the pillows ability to reduce noise.Lasts 5-15 shots until pillow is tornedSilenced gun shot sounds includedNo editing needed!It's very good for clearing rooms and hallways without getting other zombies attention. Installation Installing the pillowsilencer is as always - extract the contents of pillowsilencer.zip in your project zomboid folder Changelog Version 1.0 Fixed first shot being entirely silent (ie. not affect zombies)Pillow is replaced by RippedSheets when completely tornedFire max range reduced significantlyFeedback and suggestions are really appreciated Have fun!!
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  9. I think that existing weapons in the game should have texture variations to add some sort of personal depth to the survival experience. Police weapons could be found in police stations, and sports weapons could be found at the firing range. There would be a story behind the item and it would become more unique and personal to you.For melee weapons there would be different golf clubs, knives baseball bats etc. All having the same effect. Maybe if possible the weapons could have slightly different sound effects. All of the stats would be the same but they would only look different. I know the image of the pistols all have different calibers. It's just an example.
  10. It's inevitable, one day you loot a house, forget to check a room, run into it and discover one or more zombies, you do manage to fight them off, but you discover that you were bit. Now what do you do in such a situation, when you know that the end is near?
  11. Hey again, I know PZ is a dark game and I don't know how much "darker" the devs would want to get but... A suicide option with a pistol, shotgun, knife, sleeping pills, or sheet rope (via second floor window) would be an interesting addition for those who are "zombified," or create another danger for the player to have to over come when managing their character or group. It would make sense considering that drinking bleach/burning is horrific way to go and that folks would probably want something less painful I figure that if the character's sadness level gets way too low there could be a chance the character will do it to him/her self without the player initiating it and that this could happen with NPC members of a group too. It is a very dark option to expand upon, but this is a dark game. I would figure that if a player gets their fort gets surrounded by a massive horde and they are on their last legs supply wise and ammo wise they may want a more expedient option than bleach, burning, starving, or jumping off something. If the option is too dark... you could just have the screen fade to black followed by the sound effect associated with the method (e.g Pistol= *BANG*) and then the infamous "you survived for X months, days etc." Just an idea, and I apologize.. it is dark one Lol.
  12. "Say Hello To My Little Friends" Bugs so far: Ammo is lost on conversion if it is loaded. Infinite durability because of conversion. Coming Soon (In order of me doing it): Durability to remove the infinite on conversion issue. Mod compatibility for more whipping. Swing sprites. Fix losing ammo on conversion issue. It's my habit not to include instructions on how to use my mods, until people figure out how to use them . Thank you Pezi for your feedback. *TIPS* Firearms now have a safety switch, which will jam upon activation.Unjam the safety switch with a screwdriver and hammer, a rather long process.During the unjamming, you will need to clean your weapon with a dish or bath towel.The blunted sawn-off shotgun can be used like a knife in close quarter combat.The blunted shotgun can be crafted with ripped sheets or belts and knives for some ass-whooping. DOWNLOAD: Main Download (PZ-Mods) || Mirror Download (My Dropbox Link)
  13. Hi, I don't know how to use the secondary weapon. I would like to have a pistol in the secondary slot, but i don't know how to use it P: Oh, yes, I have keyboard and mouse. And Thanks!
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