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Found 7 results

  1. Guest

    MEMES [Game]

    NOW HERE ARE THE RULES - Someone will start with a meme - Then someone rates the meme!!!111!!!! - A LOT like my forum game "Rate the person above you" - OKAY LETS BEGIN - PEPE NOW RAAATE Dead memes, old memes, dying memes, pepe memes are ALLOWED
  2. Heard this on (urgh) Chris Moyles show and it made an awesome travel game while baking in traffic jams. Thought it might be fun for here... Examples: Q: The short actor fell from the cable drop and hurt his leg. A: Tom Cruise has got a bruise. Q: The Dothraki Horselord has set up his business and contacted the graphic designers. A: Khal Drogo needs a logo. (specific words in the middle don't have to be exact, as long as the rhyme word and the meaning are correct) So.... to start us off: The ginger pianist has been arrested for shoplifting.
  3. Okay here are the rules. 1: When a person writes a comment, you then comment how popular they are like so: Randomguy395043: Tybug0rz = ?/? OtherGuy37894789345: Randomguy395043 = ?/? And so on. LETS BEGIN!!!
  4. I really couldn't come up with a better title Anyway, it's like this: Person above you says the name of a video game, and then you gotta say a video game that starts with the letter the other video game ended with. Example: Mega Man Need for Speed Donkey Kong ... And so on Rules: Please don't say a game that has already been said. Then we might get caught in an endless loop and also it makes the thread more boring.You can ignore symbols or numbers at the end of titles, instead take the last letter (for example O in Super Mario 64)And now I'll start: Project Zomboid
  5. In this game puzzles are given as a sequence of phonetic pictures, and the person who solves it can post a new puzzle. The topic can be any well known 'thing' (Person, Fictional Character, Film, Book, Catchphrase, TV show, Food, Place, etc...), and should be given along with the pictures. Example: Topic: Cartoon. 'Phew' 'Chair' 'Armour' = Futurama. --8<--------------------------------------------- First one: Topic: Person. - Click on the thumbnails to embigulate the images. - To add pictures in new puzzles, simply add them as attachments and then select 'Add to post' to insert them between your text.
  6. Heya guys, since my last forum game saw an untimely death, I figured I might start something (barely) more serious. Without further ado: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/RollToDodge How To Play: Just figured I'd see if a few people are interested in a completely nonsensical game of forum funnery. 5 people at a time maximum playing, everyone else wait listed for when someone doesn't show up/dies. If you die you can rejoin at the bottom of the wait list as a new character. Anyone interested? Edited Post for more comprehensive rules! Current players: MashPotato, EnigmaGrey, acex222, Terra_Incendia, CaptainBinky, Xydonus, PugDug808, Vulspire, Pancakez54 Wait List: Tooks, Ironfist56, Terra_Incendia I'd suggest current players subscribe so they can easily see when updated. How quickly the game moves is solely dependent on how often people post their actions, with most forums it's about every 24 hours.
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