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Found 10 results

  1. One of the major problems with vehicles is navigating off-road with all the tiny trees that are easily mistaken for bushes. In real life, even a small car would knock over and snap a sapling. Small trees should be destroyed by vehicles, and maybe larger trucks could even knock over medium trees (but still take some damage). Vehicles should also destroy bushes and grass as they drive over it - maybe not all of it, but say 50% of the tiles they pass over. This way, if you drive along the same route often, you'll eventually clear a path. It would be cool if the tiles could turn from g
  2. A sapling has spawned even though I dug up this tile, put down a mall decoration, and later a floor and a decorative tile.
  3. As of now, rain impairs the movement and senses of zombies, makes players sick, moistens crops, fills barrels, and puts out fires. However, there is a lot more that can be done to make it feel more like true rain. Flood Tiles by Riverbank (And future added Creeks/Streams) When it is raining/has just rained, the banks of the water sources really should be raised. My suggestion is that the Devs add a "transition tile" of sorts, basically a tile that will switch states from land to water based on the amount of time it has rained, the time since it stopped raining, and what month
  4. I would like some help understanding the settings better for Erosion; I have it set to it's lowest setting on our server and still forests magically sprout up in empty fields within a few days time. Questions: We have it set to 500 days... what exactly does that mean? We are seeing whole forests magically appear in a weeks time in an otherwise utterly empty field. Whenever we set about removing vines from a building/fence, in a few minutes they magically pop back into existence; you then have the option to remove them again, yet they stay there forever and ever.
  5. On Bedford Falls, I'm building a base in the large clearing east of the lake in the middle. With the latest build you can move lights, sinks and TV's etc, but because it isn't an existing house, the game doesn't supply power/ water to them.(yes the water and electricity are still on in game). So is there an easy way to mod the files either with the map editor or manually to make the game see those cells as having water/electricity? - I also want to do this to stop erosion from spawning grass and shrubs inside my base. I don't really expect a mod, just a quick fix until the devs implem
  6. Has there been any talk about landscaping once 'Erosion' is in? Currently, I find that having tall grass in my safe house is an annoyance and because of that, I tend to pick safe houses with little high grass in the yard. For me, it makes farming more difficult and my OCD does not agree with the untidy appearance. (off-topic: I would love to eventually remove blood stains) To solve the high grass problem, I use my spade and dirt bags to cover the grass tile and remove it. However, this leaves me with no grass at all! There should be some seeds for growing grass. In RL I have grass seed in
  7. Zmurf

    Snow indoor ?

    I have problem with snow inside my building on my map I made in the editor. The building has a roof, and the rooms has carpets and tiles. When I enterer the game in january on my server (wiped clean) snow eventually cover everything , even indoor. How can I prevent the snow from falling through the roof? I have included the Lot files , .TBX , .TMX and PZW MyMaps.zip
  8. The idea To slowly have the map detoriate over time, nature grows wild and the urban areas slowly decay. What will the mod do? Currently the planning is for Erosion to add the following effects to the game: Plantlife:Nature will slowly start to take over, popping up on natural tiles.Currently plants have 6 stages (low grass to tree), only the most fertile spots will reach the maximum.Random special objects with a very low chance of spawning (imagine a dead campfire and the likes).Streets:Big cracks in the road that gradually become more intense.Patches of cracked road where grass and s
  9. So I noticed that, unfortunately, vines neither block vision or hinder movement when they creep over windows. I think they should honestly do both. This could be used for tactical purposes and could also pose a major threat. You could allow vines to grow over windows that you don't care about, making your safe house seemed abandoned while at the same time providing a natural layer of protection, since nobody can see in, and if people/zombies attempt to climb in it would slow them (or, if the growth was thick enough, outright block movement in and out). On the other hand, it adds a much nee
  10. So ladies and gentleman as some of you may know the PZ devs are adding the erosion mod that also adds seasons. So????? Lets talk about some features that would make this interesting, shall we? 1.Clothing: During those cold seasons you will need to fight for warmth especially when the gas/power go out. Resolution? Get that jacket on and strap on those boots and pants this can make a VERY serious yet entertaining experience, especially during a blizzard when you're outside. So seek shelter. 2.Food?: Well this mainly appeals to the cold seasons but you could melt snow for water but you need
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