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Found 5 results

  1. Internal combustion vehicles available in the game are making excessive noise. As much as it is fun to drive, it attracts the attention of zombies. I think the game takes place in the 90s and there were electric vehicles on the market at that time. If these vehicles are added to the game, traveling between provinces or districts with less sound would be a little better. I did some research and in the 90s there were EV1 cars made by General Motors. Generators or solar cells can be used to charge them. Electric vehicles weren't very common back then, and if you add them to the game, you'll still do the same. This will not make the game any easier.
  2. The battery charger kinda serves no purpose right now, and also spotlights can't be used. We kinda need a use on them :thinking:
  3. very basic mod, just adds never to electric and water in sandbox mode so you can have unlimited water and electric. Information `````````````` Project Zomboid's Services Modifier Mod - Sandbox Mode This will change the electricity and water options so you can always have water and power. That's right, survivor robots manage to maintain the power grid and support the water utility, thus giving us unlimited utility's for ever =) Installation `````````````` Unzip into mods folder. Then enable in game. Notes `````` This has been tested and working on Build 23, please let me know if this also works on previouse builds or future builds. Thanks and as always, have fun. PZ Download Link ServicesModifier_v1.zip
  4. So with generators coming out soon. I have been tossing this idea to my group of PZ friends. What I think can be added is a whole expanded "power system" to the game with the generators. I.E. Power storage, alternative power, and other items used with power. Realistic, when setting up a generator a person would want the ability to store the power and use for later long term. here are some things I think would make sense. Power Storage: Small Power Storage Box( or whatever better name can be found) - Maybe have to need to have 6 batteries, 1 Wire, 3 Planks, and 2 Nails to make. This will hold a small amount of charge from your generator to use when you need to NOT make any sound. Large Power Storage Box - Needs 3 Car Batteries or 10 batteries, 1 Wire, 3 Planks, and 2 Nails. This is hold more power than the small box. Building two or more power boxes next each other will stack the storage ability you have. Must be indoors? Alternative Power Sources: Small/Large Solar Panels - These panels will only generate a small amount of power per panel and will only work during the day. The panels will be required to be cleaned every few days, which uses 1 sheet or something similar. This is something that might be hard to add. I was thinking of a few ways. 1. first would be having new items that can be found to make this. Like glass, solar film, or something. OR 2. Make it where there are panels on some roofs of houses or buildings. The player then needs to craft a ladder to get on the roof and disassemble said panels. I would make the panels heavy to move, maybe weigh 9 or 10 Small Windmill - These are similar to the ones you find on Amish houses. The windmill will be like solar panels, where they will generate small amount of power. However they will work all the time but will require maintenance every few days. The windmills will need to be placed on a pole or on top of a roof. These can be like the solar panels where they can be found or built. Fuel cell Generator (instead of natural gas piped in, uses propane) - You see these more and more these today with newer houses and large companies going GREEN. For the game I would see these working with propane and generate close to the same amount of energy as the regular generator. So the player will need to find propane tanks around the map and can fill propane tanks at Large propane storage tanks. You would find these tanks at the groceries store. Other Uses for power: Just some ideas... Power tools: - Electric Chain Saw for cutting down trees. This can be used instead of your axe, saving your axe for fighting the dead. Maybe cut ten trees or less then needs to be charged. Maybe add a Powered Drill that can used with screws to make everything the hammer and nails make plus a expanded list of other items. Cold Storage: - Having the ability to turn on your fridge or maybe move fridges around. Like disassemble a fridge with the Power Drill and reassemble it where you want. Central Air/Heating: - Being able to cool your self off or heating your self to increase happiness or help with outside temps. Water pump: - Building and adding a water pump to your house so that the shower/facets works. These are just some ideas that I came up with and I bet you guys have already thought about it. I just think that if there are going to be generators that there needs to be a large use for the power being made.
  5. Maybe one mod can add a sort of generator and a lead system. Which works with gas. And so to have electricity again. Or at least the duration of the Gas. I know. This will make noise... So we can put a little away from our base and connect the cables. Maybe it's a little complicated to make and use. Perhaps Can need more items. But I think it's a good idea and that maybe in the future can work. Well... that's all. And if my english is bad, Sorry. But i don't speak much english. Greetings.
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