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  1. I am making custom buildings in the building editor at the moment, and I would like to add a double door to one of them, but I can only make it so that two individual left opening doors are side by side. I would like a proper double door that has two doors in one frame, rather than two separate doors side by side. How can I achieve this?
  2. I noticed you can't tell how damaged a door, window, wall, etc. in the game is when it's being attacked by a zombie for example. Like a fresh door looks exactly the same as an "about to be busted down by a zombie" door. Basically you can't tell when a structure is about to give until it gives. So what I was thinking is structures such as windows could get more and more cracks as the zombies bang on it creating some nerve racking suspense for the player! Doors and walls could get cracked and crooked as the undead bang on it too. Barricades can get mangled up similarly. This way the player could tell if they must spring into action immediately to survive or if they've still got time! Also useful for determining how urgent it is to address trapped zombies trying to bang their way out of the rooms they're stuck in. As for hostile npcs and players this would be useful for knowing when the survivors you turned down giving supplies for are about to bash in! So when the undead or hostile survivors come a knocking you know how urgent it is to get into gear and fight back!
  3. Last Edit: 14:50 GMT, 2nd May Latest Version: 0.2.2 To all modders out there: i have no clue of debugging, I'm doing trial & error scripting so far if anyone knows how to debug, please tell me if there are some "hidden" errors and stuff. thx Hello fellow survivors, I'm new to the modding community and want to present you my first mod v0.2.1. As the topic title suggests, i made a mod which allows you to build whatever you like. Well, not yet, but soon Longterm target: I want this mod to become a community project where everyone can suggest new items or buildable objects (as long as they provide the textures). HOTFIX v0.2.2 is online! Check out the Changelog! RecyclingMod not required anymore! Read before installing: From v0.2.1 onwards, this mod uses a modified version of the ISInventoryTranserAction.lua. So this mod has compatibility issues with other mods using modified versions of the ISInventoryTranserAction.lua. However, i do not know of any other mod using the same file yet. Important Known Bug: Sometimes if you want to add a single item to a container (drop one), it seems not to work. however, i found that repeatedly clicking "drop one" will solve the problem sooner or later (sometimes after 2 retries, sometimes after 10 or more). get the mod here: http://pz-mods.net/gameplay/BuildingMod/ What this mod is able to do so far: Buildable Objects Food Furniture Building Door Frames Window Frames Doors Windows Floors Roofs Effects/Functions Resources used From original game Build 25: From Recycling Mod (by Ramibuk) Farming Recipes Changelog Known Bugs/Issues What is planned for this mod: See targets for further versions: Installation: Credits: Thanks to Ramibuk for his work on the Recycling Mod, of which i integrated parts (i.e. items, recipes, textures) into my mod to make it a standalone mod. Permissions: Feel free to link this mod, alter this mod, or use it as a starting point for your own mod. All i want is credits I will keep this thread up to date. Please post me any suggestions, bugs, and whatever you like to post
  4. 41.65 • Multiplayer. • Host. • No Mods. • Reproduction steps: 1. Start game on any difficulty 2. Enter various homes. 3. Occasional furniture is completely black as if blocked by an object or hidden behind a wall. 1b. Start game on any difficulty. 2b. Have a second player join. 3b. Find survivor home with barricaded windows and doors. 4b. Secondary player is able to open and interact with barricaded doors and windows, allowing movement completely through them. 5b. Attempt to interact with door, also possible to open them for the host once second player has interacted with them. Additional notes: I have also noticed significant desyncronization with zombies. A friend and I have been fighting zombies that crawl over fences, and I hear and see him be bitten while the zombie is still crawling over the fence. Combat is also noticeably less fluid than version 41.63 in MP context. Two players, with pvp off, fighting the same zombie often ends with lacerations, scratches, or bites despite the zombie being hit repeatedly by secondary or tertiary player. Zombies occasionally lunge for a grapple despite being in the stunned animation. where they should not be able to attack. Further testing can be performed for more data, as this occurred a few days ago. We stopped playing from frustration, and I am just now getting around reporting the bugs. That being said, the multi-player experience in the beta versions has been great. We appreciate all the hard work and completely understand how much work it takes to get things running smoothly. Happy Holidays!
  5. I did a quick and cursory search and found nothing much on these topics so I figured I'd suggest a few small ideas! Survivor Door Blocking - The concept is simple enough, right click the door and block it via leaning your back onto/pushing up against it which would keep the zombies from pushing it down for a short time. I assume this would make it take less damage over time, with the caveat that holding it for too long until the zombies break it would basically have you swarmed; maybe even knocking you down when it breaks. I've given this idea some thought and in my opinion the best way to balance it would be as an emergency procedure; scaling the reduced damage to the door with your characters strength, over time as the zombies bash the door down you would gain stress, and panic, as well as exert yourself. Maybe this is asking a bit too much, or asking for something unnecessary, but I legitimately think it's a cool feature and could also prove to be very immersion building in multiplayer if the idea was implemented. (On a side note, I'm sure someone's already asked but I second any suggestion to add in using chairs to put under doorknobs and block doors that way). Speed Bumps - I don't know about you, but in my residential areas and in some more urban city-like areas we have speedbumps all over the roads, almost every 200 feet. If placed correctly, those could act as a cautionary danger for those of us who tend to drive too fast in our cars while out looking for loot; damaging the wheels or suspension if you go over them too fast. May even make some people think twice about using their car EVERYWHERE they go, and change up the gameplay a little. Junk Distractions - A good concept for a bit more tactics in interaction with zombies could come from the use of junk items and other set pieces to cause noises or temporarily block areas. Being able to throw tin cans and empty soda cans once they're fully consumed to attract zombies with the clanging noise - throwing empty glass bottles for a bit of a louder noise - and knocking over trashcans/shelves of items could cause a larger crash that also spreads any items in them on the floor while also providing a new static object for zombies to have to traverse over; in essence giving you a bit of extra time to distance yourself from the pursuing zombies while they traverse over the object at the cost of MAYBE luring new ones to your location. Thanks for taking the time to read these suggestions, I'd love any feedback if possible. I mainly decided to bring these up since I had it in my head that the first and third suggestions would look really cool in the games art style and animation style - so there's that lol. Best of luck developing this great game! - Doc
  6. In my recent game, I died two times and had to restart. Both times, it was because I opened a door that had a zombie behind it, and it immediately jumped on my character and bit him. I had no chance to retaliate before it was too late. I feel like this might be a realistic game mechanic, since you would be using one hand to open the door and therefor be vulnerable, but there should be a way to jump back or block, when you know there is a zombie there. Because otherwise, I feel like the mechanic is just unfair. The first time, I tried to push it back the moment the door was opened, making sure my character was facing the zombie, but it did nothing to help prevent it from biting me. The second time, I tried walking backwards to get some space, still making sure my character was facing the zombie, but this didn't help either. Furthermore, this was a custom game with weak and fragile zombies in build 41. Am I doing something wrong, or do people agree with me that this should be changed?
  7. I think it is unrealistic for a zombie to break the door on its own, I think three zombies should break the door (hardly) okay the glass alone can break a zombie, but it is ridiculous for a zombie to break the doors. I think this needs to be fixed. second, i think the characters can knock on the door and break the lock (depending on the character traits ) thanks for your attention
  8. everything ok but the doors are not ok, this patch (build 41) is about all animation (I think) so ı think you need add a doors opening and closing animations too and car doors. a another idea is broking doors, its very basic (this build) doors gone just planks. if you can add broken door animation (on the floor) please add this. than survivors craft them to planks with saw or axe. it s all just idea have good working al pz crew ❤️
  9. I swear I thought I saw another thread about this here, but I couldn't find it... I'm currently using the isolated house in Muldraugh as my safe-house, and I just finished barricading up the windows, but I can't barricade my door at all because it is my only way in and out. Unfortunately that makes it a weak-point. I think we should be able to make Door Bars with either Carpentry or Metalworking so we can fortify our doors but still use them. Building it should require more skill and material than just nailing some planks to the frame of a door ( Say, at least level 2 Carpentry/Metalworking? ) and maybe not as effective as normal barricading four planks until the usual 2 levels or more above the base skill requirement. 4000 × 3000 Metal Door Bar Example 466 × 350 Wooden Door Bar Example
  10. I had a fully loaded police truck when I saved and exited the game. It was parked and turned off about 20ft from my location. Loaded up a few hours later and the car was gone. This was parked by the rear exit to the movie theater by the mall. EDIT: Another odd effect. The backdoor to the movie theater is now locked and it was NOT when I last played. As far as I can see, the pile of dead zombies I was disposing out back are still there. So, car and contents vanished, door locked itself. The trunk was nearly full with a few tote bags, a school bag, and a hiking bag loaded mostly non perishable food, building supplies, tools and some guns and ammo.
  11. Some zombie can open doors and gates! Zombies don't even try to break the door. Just run up, open the door to the room or house and run on to my character. How? Is this a new feature or a bug?
  12. I am building a a single story structure at the 3 lakes north of the warehouses out of town POI and it seems I cannot place wooden doors. I have tried removing door frames and rebuilding them. Door remains red. There isn't any obstructions to keep door from being built. I have also gone into admin and used build cheat to build multiple door frames and no doors could be placed.
  13. One of the most irritating things about PZ is how you go about opening locked doors. Currently there are only three ways to get through a locked door: find the key, break it down, or disassemble it. Sometimes if you're lucky the key will spawn on a nearby zombie, but oftentimes you're sh*t outta luck. Breaking down doors takes a toll on your weapon health and is time-consuming, plus it leads to insecure rooms (especially if you're trying to open a locked door in your safehouse). Disassembling the door is also time-consuming, requires specific tools, and can't be done on every type of door. With that in mind, I have a few suggestions on alternative methods to opening locked doors: 1. Kick that f*cker down. Or use your shoulder. Depending on your Strength and Fitness you should be able to kick open a locked door without injuring yourself. Of course this means the lock will be probably be busted, but at least you'll still have a door intact. 2. Lockpicks. The most obvious solution, and could even be a brand new skill. Probably wouldn't work on all doors but if you've got a screwdriver and a paperclip, I'd say go for it. 3. Breaching charges. Again, if you're not interested in being able to lock the door when you're done, this one's for you. Though it'll probably attract a LOT of attention. 4. Shotgun. Blow off the lock with your trusty boomstick. Again, will destroy the lock and probably attract a f*ck-ton of zombies. 5. Fire. Thermite, acetylene torches, any sort of flame you can get your hands on to melt or cut through the lock. Warning: chance to set fire to the surrounding area. All of these seem like more reasonable alternatives to breaking the door down or disassembling them. What do you guys think?
  14. So earlier today, it was brought to my attention there are some new tiles that "Starkittycat || Game Dev || YT" made me aware of. One of those new tiles is Sliding Glass Doors! So here's how to use them on your house to pretty em up all nice. Ok top left click on Building - Then tiles Left side the top menu click on Doors Then in the middle window pane, scroll till you get to fixtures_doors_01, then on the right side the doors will appear. Go down and click on the white sliding glass door(or the red ones). Then you see my mouse cursor in the bottom left is over the Plus symbol. click Add Tiles Click Ok when you see it added to fixtures_doors_01 on the bottom left menu. Ok then go to ISO mode and click on Door Icon at the top toolbar, then click on Door Frames in the right side menu, Select NONE otherwise it will act strange This is what happens if you don't click none, apparently the modified it for doors to act sideways. This is it with door frames at none. Now I'm going to do windows. Ok, so click on the windows, then select the white window one without a handle, Go to the bottom left and click the plus. (just like we did with doors Then in ISO mode click on the Window Tool in the top toolbar, then go to the windows, on the right side menu and select the white sliding door window under fixtures_doors_01 Now you don't have to go to Tiles ever again for those textures! it is a little silly, but it saves time later on. I hope this helps everyone add some awesome sliding glass doors to their houses! Happy Mapping and thanks to StarKitty for motivating me to do this!
  15. Little monsters have captured your home. Use all your skills to pass through all levels of this addictive puzzle. Click and send each monster back home through the portal. Protect your home. Once, in violation of the temporary opened a small portal in one of the apartments. From this portal jumped out small funny monsters and began to house in the apartment and restore order. You have to collect all of the monsters and return them back to the portal). A fascinating game that will make you break your head. Go through each level of 150 and send all the annoying monsters home. The monster in my house is one of the coolest puzzles that will make you strain your brain and pass each level with pleasure. Game: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yad.monsters Developer's site: https://yet-another-developers.ru/
  16. So sheets have been the staple for minimal cover in a house for a long time. With the inclusion of working curtains, it would be nice to see the ability to put curtains on doors (I love my pretty pristine bases). I suggest like with windows, you should be able to use the "place" option to curtain a door. Also I don't know how many other people have noticed this, but there's shutters on many windows in the game with zero function. How cool would it be to add a function to them "close shutters" (from the outside, or from the inside with window open) to add a few more hp to those brittle windows?
  17. GOGOblin


    First of all the link to a Simpsons scene: fake chainsaw As we all love zombiemovie cliches, it would be nice to make low-hp doors transparent for Zs' scratches and grabs and also bullets (and line of sight as well). Same for walls and barricaded stuff like windows. I dunno if it is hard to code, but this could be really nice.
  18. Bonjour all, I have put this thread up in the past but seeing all the new animation stuff going on I thought it was worth putting up again! Hope you'll agree this feature would add immense feel to the game!
  19. There's a major problem when to comes to doors in the game. When a door is in the foreground in front of my character it registers as invisible thus it is inaccessible to any menu commands allowing me to unlock or unbarricade it. Here is a vidcap of what I'm talking about. My character, who has a hammer, is standing behind a door that has been barricaded and there's no menu option. I'm forced to go inside to be in front of the door where it then becomes visible to interact with it. As you'll see in the picture windows are always visible, yet for some reason this aspect wasn't used when it comes to doors.
  20. I'm sure we're all familiar with those; found in garages, warehouses, self-storages and the like, and that cannot be opened unless you have a sledge. IMHO, there SHOULD be a way to open them. I mean, they ARE doors, and there are storages where there's stuff locked inside and no other entrances but sledging one of these doors (or a wall). So, I was thinking that maybe we could have them as doors, but with certain characteristics: -Almost Indestructible No amount of head thumping would be enough to breach one of them, and neither can Axes or Crowbars. However, you COULD blow them up with a pipe bomb or similar explosive. Also, once driving cars is added, ramming it with a car could destroy it. (and of course, there's the Sledge, which is kind of a cheat.). -Slow and Noisy to open and close. If you still have power, they could come with a small engine that opens them for you, but makes as much noise as a generator. But, if power's out, you'd had to crank them open and closed, which would make for a rather slow process and still be quite noisy. -Can only be locked with a Padlock. Whenever you wanna lock one of these, you'll need a padlock to do it. And since those aren't exactly common, this would make them very secure against Zed, but easily opened by a Survivor. Overall, the main idea is to make them balanced enough that they make certain places easier or harder to settle in, depending on what you're dealing with.
  21. With the addition of Keys into the new build I think a nice addition to go along with it would be the ability to dismantle doors using a screwdriver and be able to retrieve all the hinges and door knobs. As with the current situation of destroying the door there is a chance that the door knob could be lost, rendering the key useless. I know that the problem with that is that technically a door is then made with screws, so would that require the need to add screws? In the long run I would say yes, but to be fair I have never had a door assembled with nails, or without a drill. Just saying To make it fair you could only dismantle a door from the inside, as most doors can only be dismantled from the inside. But don't make it 100% effective, instead it would just have a higher percentage of dropping. Since some things just break from age. The door can still break to planks like it does currently. This would be a safer option for base builders as it would give a higher chance of items, and it would allow people to take the door knob for a key that they just found, instead of not knowing what house the 5 keys you have go to. This would also give the screwdriver more use in the game.
  22. The animation for the window smashing, got me thinking. Add a running tackle. Efficiency You NEED to wind up your hits to get the max efficiency. So you should also have to build up speed to knock them down as well. You won't aim with the mouse. But you should still have to click the mouse to initiate the hit, at the right timing of course, as you run your character into a zombie or something. Zombies/People. You shouldn't have to stop your forward momentum every time you're trying to escape another pinch. Just hit and run. Doors. Door ramming should be a thing. It should be quicker to do, but more taxing on the body than a standard door kick would (but I'll get into that later). Windows. This, does not pertain to the big windows in the city, that go from the ceiling, down to the floor. Just the windows above the floor. Now, if you add the Running Tackle, you have GOT to add the Window Dive. Just like everything else we could tackle, you would initiate it the same way. But only with the windows, the tackle sprite can be attempted, in the hopes to see it turn into a lunge sprite right through the window. But ONLY if the attempt succeeded. Otherwise, the window stops you at the tackle, and you'll look silly. Big Wooden Fences & Big Windows. Maybe you are strong enough to climb that big wooden fence, but your friend isn't. Are you just gonna leave him there? Or are you gonna risk your life to save him, and bust through that fence? That would be a cool option. And that would require a health bar for the Big ass-Wooden Fences (if it's not already existent). And you should be able to bust through those Big Windows as well. Runner Zombies. The runner apocalypse would become much more manageable. Insufficiency Obviously, we can't do ANYTHING, without suffering the negative consequences that follow. Windows, Doors, & Big Wooden Fences. More, obvious causes of bleeding and bruising, because of tackle and dive attempts that don't succeed. And even the ettempts that DO succeed as well. Clumsiness. Improper timing of your tackles however, may have a chance of causing you to trip and fall over. Depending more on your Clumsiness, and less on your Luck. But still, ultimately, Clumsiness & Luck. But, you should be able to get better at it as well. Extras Door Kicking. If you don't like the door ramming idea, get this. It could be done almost exactly like my running Window Dive idea. But do a running Door Kick. And the exact same ways we normally can choose to smash windows, let us use that for more door kicking. BAM! Running Weapon Swing. Just like the running tackle, we hold sprint, and left mouse click. But maybe we could also hold the attack stance at the same time, and then left mouse click while a weapon is in hand. Complicated I know. But all people would have to do, is change the attack stance to the space bar, easy peasy. But if not, maybe we could just hold the left click down for a bit, and then release while running. Endurance. More things through out the day should cause more physical pain, strain, and/or damage over time, of constant usage. Like, Foraging, Farming, Capentry, Stoneworking, Metalsmithing, Engineering, Cooking, Tending a Fire, Shooting, Swinging, Hitting, Kicking, Pushing, Ramming, Diving, Landing, Climbing, Swimming, Running, Walking, Sneaking, Standing, and even just Sitting can cause more pain. Some of it can be helped. For example, rapping a lace or some tape around the handle of a weapon, can help to cause less pain and strain in your hands (and maybe even help with the weapon's durability). Or, simply picking the couch over the floor, will cause less pain in you ass and back. But, all of it can be built up to tolerance and calluses over time. So while you're leveling up the skills and attributes for the actions you take most often. You are literaly building thresholds for the body parts you've been using and abusing the most. Allowing those parts to tolerate more pain and withstand more damage. To a reasonable extent of course. And, same thing goes for Mental Endurance. Like, you panic enough times, you start panicking less. You kill enough living people, and you'll eventually stop feeling so nauseous every time you do it. And instead of panicking, you'll eventually get used to it. Then there's only two ways to go from there, you either learn to fear it, and/or you learn to love it. No wrong way. But I am so fucked up right now. And I love you all, PEACE!
  23. You can open them, you can close them, you can lock them, you can brace yourself on them to resist the zombies, you can look through them with a peephole or through the glass which shouldn't be impossible to look through Zomboid Door Overhaul It'll be the latest thing I'm hoping that within the decade half of these things can get implemented
  24. So I've been working (and mostly have working) doors that you can be 'latched' or locked from the inside. The major caveat is that they only work on building boundaries (much the same way current default locked doors work.) I'm also expanding it to allow for locking doors that can be locked/opened from the outside using keys. That's very much so WIP. The way I plan it to work is that keys will spawn in residential buildings (which works but needs loot balancing) and then the player will be able to knock out the building's doors for the doorknobs that those keys will work on. Keys will only work with doorknobs scavenged from the same building that they came from. I feel like this gives a good reason to go out and loot more interesting things rather then sit in place in base and craft up. And it's realistic. I'm not sure if I'll put a visual indicator or not for keys/doorknobs or if players will just have to guess what matches just like you have to in real life. I'm open to ideas there. If you want to see how I've done things or give what I currently have a spin you can find the code here: After getting keyed doors working well I might move on to trying locking containers. I dunno.
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