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Found 3 results

  1. What? A game mechanic that acts as an additional 'sink' to the food system, thefore providing players with another means to dispose of rotten foods instead of through eating or cooking them. Why? Freedom of choice. All skills require time investments and not everyone is a cook/chef. An additional method of removing non-usable food to free up local space, specifically around bases/homes and food spawning containers (fridges). How? Once rotten food is left sitting around (on ground and possibly other instances as well) for a server-prescribed amount of time, a couple scenarios could take place: 1) Outside- rotten food on the ground can attract insects and/or fungi that will work to exhaust the remaining energy stores and then vanish. 2) Indoors- can attract insects that will again consume the rotting food but can also have a potentially negative drawback: food spawning containers can attract the insects brought indoors originally by the spoiled food and become infested (if in close enough proximity). Once this happens, all newly spawned food in said containers will be tainted by the insects,causing a chance for harmful sickness if ingested by humans. Another consequence could be that infested fridges must be cleaned with bleach/disinfectant in order to rid them of the "infested" property. Recap: In essence, this is a propsal to provide players/NPCs with an additional "space freeing" capability in regards to item management. The downsides would be the negative consequences of rotten food attracting insects/fungi that could possibly spread to fresh food, unbeknownst to the player/NPC. Attached is a simple flow chart just for funsies, chiefly.
  2. Hello, I am a newbie to PZ and the forums of course. I am here to discuss a more "Apocalyptic" world. Now, lets get started! The Buildings During the outbreak of the virus, the town would've gone to hell. Houses with smashed windows and blood, houses on fire ect. This would be a nice feature to the game. Maybe a house half-barricaded as the owner was munched on by a zombie during the construction? Maybe even survivor camps when NPCs are added. This would be quite real... The Streets Ok, now were onto the streets... Blood splattered across the road, power lines snapped if we get power lines to the world. Maybe once vehicles are added the highway can become packed with them and zombies. Not once have I seen a zombie apocalypse without a highway packed with cars. Maybe bodies of those who didn't make it and have them soon come back? The Woods There could be some tents and fires in the woods with survivor living in them, farming for food. It would be great to finally have something out in those, deep, derpy woods. Once animals and hunting are added the survivors can hunt for food. But as I know programming all this in would be a challenge and kinda hard. But yes, its good to get this suggestion out there. Someone else probably suggested this in the past but yeah, I would absolutely LOVE to see this happen. Yes I have seen the Erosion mod and I love the look of it, well done Turbo. Thanks for reading, this is my first suggestion and I don't mind any criticizing.
  3. Bit of a sudden one, just popped into my mind right now. I was thinking that, as time goes by the world will become more and more apocalyptic, think about I Am Legend, with the lack of maintenance the roads and buildings would become overgrown, buildings would become more and more derelict, etc. We already have the 'decay' system in place for zombies (I believe they get weaker and slower after some time), and also food rots. I just think that as a very slow change this could be really cool. I don't know how hard this would be to implement, but even something such as changing textures after a few months, then continuing to do this until we reach the 'overgrown derelict apocalypse worthy' stage, it would be pretty awesome. Just a quick one, let me know what you think
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