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  1. From playing this game for a longer time now, I realized that there is not really a reason to cook food. Why so? Because you can shove an entire stick of butter down your throat and call it a day! Cooking and preparing food is a fun mechanic in Project Zomboid, but it is rewarded way to little. To be precise, cooking food is rewarded enough, but for example, eating entire stick of butter is not PUNISHED enough. Butter is extremely good due to its calories, I always take underweight or even super underweight traits, because I know I can easily bulk with foods like butter, peanut butter, etc. Most foods you can craft, like soups or stir-frys, etc are good because you can realistically have 3 meals per day. While that is not something you need when you can just carry butter with yourself and eat that. There needs to be some mechanic like vomiting or nausea to make cooking your own pancakes and stir-frys more justified and even rewarding
  2. Good day, Had a quick search but couldn't find a mod that makes selecting ingredients more streamline. The vanilla menu will list, for instance, 10 entries for tomato paste (in the sub menu of making a stew), etc. I tried search for a radial menu for cooking but got no joy. (Mind you, I might have given up to quickly?)
  3. Good time of day, faced with one problem when modding I added one item that has a poison flag. However, if I craft it, it does not show its poisonous properties. But if I add it via the console, then everything is fine. What can it be related to? Does anyone know? As always, code is pasted below items.txt item poisbottle { DisplayName = poisbottle, DisplayCategory = Poison, Type = Food, CustomContextMenu = Drink, ReplaceOnUse = Base.BottleEmpty, Poison = true, PoisonDetectionLevel = 7, PoisonPower = 150, UseForPoison = 35, Weight = 1, Icon = poisbottle, CookingSound = BoilingFood, IsCookable = TRUE, UseWhileEquipped = FALSE, WorldStaticModel = poisbottle, MinutesToCook = 60, ReplaceOnCooked = POIS.poisbottle2, Tooltip = Tooltip_PoisBottle } recipes.txt recipe cook poison { Base.BottleEmpty, POIS.comp1, POIS.comp2, keep Base.Spoon, Result: POIS.poisbottle, Time: 200, Category: Poison, }
  4. Reduce Encumbrance of components after adding them to dishes, according to how much u used to prepare that dish. There is example of almost depleted fish fillet but it still weights 6.52
  5. [41.74] singleplayer (but not necessairly) mods: more crops mod is installed in order to get fresh bell pepper (it doesn't overwrite the vegetable itself but it adds seeds) old save Reproduction steps: 1. fill cooking pot with water 2. cannot put bell pepper into stew, even when i place something else before it (for example rabbit meat) I searched on the internet and there are in fact stews with bell peppers so plz fix
  6. It might have to do with the cooking level, mine was below 3, but I had been using Oregano and Parsley in salad recipes pretty regularly but now I'm stuck with two Oregano and Parsley that weigh 0.1 each, and each have 0 Hunger and have since been unusable in any recipes. I do use mods, but none that alter cooking. (picture shows that the weight it 0.1 and Hunger value is 0) (Salad contains only pickles, can't add the oregano or the parsley as a spice option to this salad)
  7. When I try to make a stirfry or a roast using ingredients that ive used before (lets say an eggplant) the game wont let me. It just makes a pan called "stir fry" but it has no hunger values and the ingredient just stays in my inventory completely untouched. Also, there are cases where im unable to even use some foods in stirfrys or roasts even when I should be able to. Ive many times cursed the fact that I cant cook rodent meat on a pan. I have 0 zero mods active and im running the newest patch.
  8. If you cook food and throw it on the floor, it will not lose its temperature. I noticed this at 41.50, but I thought they paid attention to it.
  9. When I try to cook with a roasting pan or a frying pan I get the option to create roast or stir fry respectively and I end up getting a empty roast or stir fry. However my character doesn't use the ingredient and no nutrition is added to the food. This doesn't happen with every food tough, I have only noticed it with fish fillet and one other meat (I can't remember which). Even if I add other vegetables first I still can't add the fillet. This is somewhat annoying as I live next to a lake and rely on fish for food. I have several mods installed, but I had this problem before installing mods too.
  10. Hello ! I wanted to suggest to add more cooking recipes, because it's a bit struggled the way we can use all these remarquable ingredients. So it would be more realistic. We could add some recipes like mash potatoes (or other mash vegetables), lasagna, ratatouille, omelette, many other ways to cook eggs, brunch with egg and bacon, some jam to craft with fruits or lootable, a way to craft butter (with some milk maybe) ... And many others i have in mind ... It would be awesome, that as it's possible for the soup and stew to pour it in bown, to add plates and use plate to divide some roasted dishes or fried dishes too And i don't know why we can't craft sharped stone from basic stones (like hitting it against each other or something like that) it would be great Thanks for reading me
  11. If you cook a stew, eat any of it, but not all (1/4, 1/2, 3/4) and than create 4 bowls of stew the stew bowls will actually divide the original stew value and not the current one. For example if you make a stew with with 100 hunger and eat half ---> cooking pot of stew now has a hunger value of 50. Now if you make 4 bowls of stew each bowl will have a hunger value of 25, instead of 50/4 = 12.5. I haven't tested if the same happens for soup but it might just be the case. I just always cook stew in my game :D. This might be a duplicate but I couldn't find another post about it.
  12. Pretty basic concept, I just think it's weird that you are playing a rural Kentuckian living in the 90s, and the only classic american food you can make are Burgers. PC can eat Fries and Mac, but why can't they make them. Survivors can cook up a 5-star italian pasta dinner, and grow hundreds of hearty potatoes, but still eat stale fries out of the local Spiffo's and down a whole box of Kraft Dinner raw like some drunk frat boy. The cooking system has come a long way since these foods were added, we can do better! Anyone who's eaten it before knows that Mac & Cheese comes with it's own cheese packet. Butter, Milk, and Boiling Water are all that are required. All of these are already implemented with easy access by the player. It would be fun to actually cook the Mac players can find. Crafting recipe could just be the box, milk, butter, and a cooking pot of hot water together. Then cook it for 2-4 bowls of steaming Mac & Cheese. Eating it raw could still be a possibility, but would cause some unhappiness and a lot of boredom. If the devs really wanted to make Mac & Cheese a sought after food source, they could even expand on the cooking of it by allowing players to spice up their Macaroni meals, add meats, and vegetables. Maybe we can even unbox the Mac & Cheese and get Dry Macaroni Noodles as well as a Powdered Cheese Packet. Macaroni could just be an aesthetic flair used as a substitute for different pastas and noodles in recipes. Mixing Powdered Cheese and Water in a Saucepan and heating it should produce cheese. This would allow players to renew cheese after the power is out. Useful for trappers and cooks alike. It would also give a taste of the (hopefully) future cheesemaking we could get with B42 animals. Fries are self-explanatory. Using any kind of knife, survivors could slice a potato into Uncooked Fries. Then put them in the oven, and voila some Fresh Cooked Fries. Obviously this would probably mean a change to the Fries icon, or we could all just accept the weirdness of it still being packaged lol. Maybe devs could even expand upon this by allowing PCs to add chili, cheese, and spices to make Chili Cheese Fries. Ideally, it would be fun to make Fries with lots of different meats and vegetables too. Maybe even a way to shred potatoes and make hash browns and hash scramble as those are classic american foods as well. I think this is a pretty simple addition to already implemented systems that uses existing items to add a much more authentic american feel to that Knox Country cooking. Maybe devs can even add gross combinations of ingredients to these meals, the same way you can make a Cabbage and Egg Ratburger. Imagine eating Mushroom Soup Fish Fries, or Radish Squirrel Mac & Cheese. This would definitely fit the morbid survivalist atmosphere and the 90s americana of the PZ universe at the same time.
  13. PZ IWBUMS 41.44 in german in the cooking menu when choosing the next igredient, its name and nutrition doesn't show up. There are multiple lines with "aus " (like "add " for english) and empty string after for each igredient. in english version it works fine. In german i can click on a line and it adds an igredient but a can't know which one. worked fine in previous versions, but not since update with fitness. cooking in craft menu works. The bug shows only by rightclick on pan, bowl or something else.
  14. 41.39 IWBUMS, Windows 10, Steam, Modded Observed behaviour: Encountered an issue the other day where I made a burger with *so many good things*, but with each ingredient I added, the burger became more boring and sad. It remained a sad and boring burger after cooking. Investigation A little sleuthing revealed this post describing the bug, where a sandwich of burger made with stale bread starts off being mildly sad, and becomes more sad with each ingredient and spice added. While I haven't had a chance to test for reproducibility, it's a plausible explanation for what I saw, as my bread had neither the fresh nor rotten markers on it. Expected behaviour: Adding fresh ingredients to a burger always makes it better, even if the burger is originally sad and boring.
  15. Sugar can be added to the beverage without a limit
  16. It seems like, if you add poisonous berries to your fruit salad via the 'add random fruit' command, it doesn't show the green skull icon next to the food. I started with an empty bowl and added 2 poisonous berries via that context menu, ate the food and seem to be okay. I don't know how long being poisoned by berries takes normally, but I've been waiting for a couple of days and am still okay. xXx
  17. Hi there, Just tested, seems to be a bug. When you watch TV CookShow on normal speed, you will unlock Cooking level 1 with no problem right from the game start. If you speed things up on 2x for example, you are going to miss the last 8.75 xp boost. Repeat steps: 1. Start with 0 level cooking (use Slow Learner) 2. Watch Cooking Show on 'Live and Living TV' on normal speed. 3. Enjoy free level 1. 1. Start with 0 level cooking (use Slow Learner) 2. Watch Cooking Show on 'Live and Living TV' on 2x speed. 3. No free level 1.
  18. I was originally going to post this in the "Small but Important Suggestions Thread" but the longer I played with things in my head, the longer this list became - to the point that it made more sense to post it as its own topic. After all, if people had already read what I'm saying (or just plain don't want to), it's significantly easier for them to scroll past an individual topic than a long-ass post. Also, this feels a little too lightweight to post in a thread of "Small but Important Suggestions". Anyway, during my last playthrough of PZ, I started to get a little sick of scavenging the same food items over and over again. Every time I saw the same "Canned Bolognese " or "Frozen Peas" my mind started to drift and wonder what else I could have found in that cupboard/ refrigerator instead. And yes, I am aware that this is extremely minor in the grand scheme of (PZ-related) things. I know the devs are already up to their eyeballs with far greater tasks, and I don't expect them to drop everything to start unnecessarily messing with the food in game just to appease my OCD. Still, maybe this'll come in handy to somebody (far) down the road. Maybe it'll at least stop the voices in my head from repeatedly listing various types of canned foods over and over again. Either way, I figured I'd be at least somewhat worth posting to the "Suggestions" board. Also, before I start talking about foods that aren't in the game - I'd like to ask the devs to at some point rename "Can of Oats" and "Dog food" to "Canned Oats" and "Canned Dog Food" respectively. The way they are now just bugs me when I'm sorting my food back at base. Also, why is "Mushroom Soup" so special that it's listed apart the "Canned Soup" already in game? Shouldn't "Mushroom Soup" be gotten rid of (after all, one can already assume that at least a few cans of the generic "Canned Soup" contain Mushroom Soup), or the nondescript "Canned Soup" item replaced with multiple similarly distinct varieties of soup (Canned Vegetable Soup, Canned Tomato Soup, Canned Chicken Noodle Soup, Canned Cheddar Cheese Soup)? It's the same situation with "Pie" vs "Pumpkin Pie" as well. Anyway, as I said before: I started to get a little sick of scavenging the same few food items, and my mind kept drifting to what else I could expect to find in the cupboards and fridges of Knox County. Here's a short list (and by no means a complete one - feel free to add to it if you think of something I didn't) of foods that would be nice (but not exactly necessary) to see in-game at some point in the future. Frozen Foods - Because there's no way an average American refrigerator would not have at least a few easy-to-store easy-to-prepare staples. Hell, lots of American families own stand-alone freezers because they need the extra frozen storage space. Frozen French Fries - An alternative to the fast food fries you have to luck out to find. Frozen Pierogies - I don't know how common these truly are, but there's a box of them in my freezer, so I'm adding them to the list. Frozen Fish Sticks - Super-common in freezers across America. Frozen Chicken Tenders - Another common item in American homes Frozen Pizza - The frozen pizza market of 1993 was surprisingly different to the one of today, but frozen pizzas still existed, and they were still common in American Freezers Frozen Wieners - Extremely common in American Freezers. Wieners are able to be cooked in multiple ways - from grilling, to boiling in water, to roasting on an open bonfire. You also can't make hotdogs without them. - suggested by ZonaryQuasar Frozen Onion Rings - Were onion rings sold in the frozen foods section in 1993? I know they are now, as I just saw a bag while perusing my local grocery store today. Frozen Snacks - Because everybody likes ice cream, even after the end of the world. Ice Pop - Cheap, popular, and we can't call it a "Popsicle" because that's a registered trademark that may or may not have become genericized but why risk it. Fudge Bar - It's a Fudgsicle. You know it. I know it. Everybody knows it - but I doubt the devs want a lawsuit so "Fudge Bar" it is. Ice Cream Bar - Ice cream on a stick and covered in a thin layer of chocolate that inevitable breaks off and lands on your clean shirt. Ice Cream Sandwich -A common frozen treat. I always liked the ones with chocolate chips in them. Snack Foods Trail Mix - A popular treat among campers and hikers Granola Bar - Not nearly as healthy as you'd think, and yet the backpackers who live off these things still look down their noses at you for enjoying a nice bacon-flavored ice-cream sundae Pork Rinds - Basically chunks of pig skin that's been roasted in lard to make said skin eatable. You can pretend you're eating a football! Pretzels - Salty twisty things. Especially popular as bar food. Can be bought in bags for snacking on at home, as well. Tortilla Chips - One could argue these are already included in the in-game "Chips" item. One could also argue that doesn't make Tortilla Chips any less important an addition to PZ. Grate some cheese on them, pop 'em in the oven, and you've got something that could generously be called nachos. Maybe you could improve them with some hot peppers and onions. Rice Cakes - Puffed Rice Cakes sort of resemble snacks - if you squint and are really desperate for something to nosh on. Soda Crackers - I'd wager you could find these in almost every home in America. If you're feeling creative, you can use them to make little sandwiches. Snack Crackers - A wide label that encompasses everything from Goldfish to Graham Crackers. Lacking the practical aspect of soda crackers - these are just for snacking on. Graham Crackers - I had originally included graham crackers in the above-mentioned "snack crackers" before Tails pointed out that you could make smores with them. Toaster Pastries - Pastries that can be cooked in the toaster or microwave or eaten straight out of the box. Marshmallows - Bagged Marshmallows are non-perishable and can be found in stores, houses, and campsites across America, Fruit Snacks - Popular among families with children, fruit snacks are sold in boxes containing six or so small bags of gummy candies. Pudding Cups - Sold unrefrigerated, I can personally vouch that these snacks are good for at least three months past their Best Before date if kept refrigerated Smores - A snack sandwich consisting of graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows toasted over a fire. - suggested by Tails Snack Cakes - Can Twinkies really survive the apocalypse? Looks like we'll finally be putting that theory to the test. - suggested by Tails Chewing Gum - No nutritional value whatsoever, but chewing gum can alleviate stress for a lot of people. - suggested by Tails Icing - A small container of icing for cakes. Probably not something you would admit to eating as a snack. Licorice - A foul, horrible thing that some people seem to enjoy eating for reasons beyond understanding. Jawbreaker - A round, extremely hard candy that probably won't break your jaw. Probably. Gum Drops - They're gummy. You can drop them. They're gum drops. Gummy Bears - These extremely common gummy candies are likely to be available anywhere treats are sold. Jelly Beans - Ronald Reagan's favorite snack, these small candies would be found in every supermarket, convenience store, and in small bowls on most secretary's desks. - suggested by Tails Candy Corn - One of the quintessential Halloween candies. You can pretend the zombies are trick-or-treaters! - suggested by Tails Peanut Butter Cups - It's like peanut butter and chocolate got together and had a baby that I'm deathly allergic to. Toffee - Sticky caramelized sugar (or is it sugarized caramel?). Very sticky. Seriously, I can't emphasize the stickiness enough. Gelatin - It's Jell-O, we just can't legally refer to it as such. We're all calling it Jell-O in our heads, though. Spray Cheese - Cheese-flavored chemicals sprayed from an aerosol can. Baked Goods - Perishable Goods Found in Bakeries, Coffee Shops, and homes. Croissant - A flakey, crescent-shaped pastry. - suggested by Tails Baguettes - Bread, but really long and with a crispier crust. - suggested by Tails Bagels - Kind of like a donut, but not sweet and commonly eaten as a breakfast food. - suggested by Tails Brownies - Find these fudgy treats in bakeries or make your own during a quite moment back at base. - suggested by Tails Cinnamon Rolls - Another popular treat you'd be likely to find in any bakery. - suggested by Tails Donuts - A sweet circular baked good with a hole in it. Commonly sold in coffee shops and supermarkets. - suggested by ZonaryQuasar Eclairs - These creme-filled treats would likely be found in bakeries across Knox County. Garlic Bread - An extremely common item across America. Found in bakeries, supermarkets, restaurants, and quite a few fridges/freezers. Goes great with pasta. Salad Croutons - I listed these under "Baked Goods" because I had no idea where else to put them. Croutons are seasoned crunchy cubes of bread that - surprisingly enough - are eaten with salads. Bread Sticks - Small crunchy sticks of bread commonly served before meals in some restaurants. You can buy them in supermarkets as well. Fortune Cookies - Crisp hollow cookies containing a paper "fortune". Typically served after a meal in North American Chinese restaurants. Gingerbread Cookies - If gingerbread cookies are added to the game, then please don't forget the cookie cutters! A gingerbread cookie that isn't cut into the proper shape is hardly a gingerbread cookie at all! - suggested by Tails Canned Foods - This is Where this whole list started. When I realized that- despite my extremely picky eating habits - I still had a greater variety of canned food in my home than the the entire world of PZ. Canned Meats Canned Gravy - Saw a very large can of this at my local grocery store. Imagine two regular-sized cans on top of each other, then widen them slightly. No idea who would need that much gravy. Canned Meatballs - Meatballs packed in yet more gravy Canned Chicken - A small can (same size as a can of tuna) containing shredded chicken meat. Canned Turkey - Another small can - this time containing shredded turkey meat. Canned Ham - A rather large oddly-shaped can containing cooked ham. Canned Vienna Sausage - Small sausages in a small can. Canned Salmon - Same shape and size as a can of tune, except with salmon. Canned Crab - Roughly the same shape and size as a can of tuna, except containing what I expect is crab meat. They wouldn't lie to us and give us something else...would they? Canned Clam Chowder - It's Chowdah! Say it Right! It's Chowdah! CHOWDAH! - suggested by Tails Canned Stew - Similar to canned soup, but slightly different! I think it's thicker. Canned Cat Food - Why Not? We've already got dog food in the game. Canned Pasta Canned Ravioli - Ravioli and Meatballs packed in tomato sauce. Quick, easy, and inoffensive this was a staple of many childhood lunches Canned Lasagna - I don't care for lasagna, so I couldn't tell you if this canned variant is in any way accurate to the real deal. Probably not, though. Canned Spaghetti - Low-quality spaghetti and meatballs packed in tomato sauce. Canned Meat Sauce - Small bits of meat in sauce. I wasn't sure if I should put this with canned meats, but since I tend to use it on pasta dishes, it ended up here instead. Canned Pizza Sauce - Also available in jars! I just went with canned pizza sauce for completely arbitrary reasons. - suggested by ZonaryQuasar Canned Fruits and Vegetables Canned Beets - Beets in a can. What else can I add? Canned Apricots -Apricots in a can. Seriously, what else can I add to this? Canned Pears - Ah, Del Monte...Enjoy them old man, they will be your last. Canned Plums - The developers would be plum crazy not to add canned plums to PZ! Canned Peaches - A completely normal can of peaches. Nothing strange about it at all. No sir. Canned Pineapple - You can use pineapples to add a nice glaze to a ham. Canned Mushrooms - Probably safer than foraging for them in the woods. Canned Sauerkraut - I'm going to be 100% honest here - I have absolutely no idea what Sauerkraut is. It does, however, come in a can Canned Fruit Salad - Why restrict yourself to just one canned fruit when you can have them all? Canned Dairy Canned Milk - Milk in a can! Tastes a bit weird, but has a Hell of a lot longer shelf-life! Canned Heavy Cream - Don't feel like making your own heavy cream? Just buy it in a can! - suggested by ZonaryQuasar Fruits/Vegetables - A group of food that was completely overlooked by me when I did this list originally. Which probably tells you something my diet... Brussels Sprouts - These leafy green vegetables look like miniature cabbages and were named after Brussels, Belgium. - suggested by Tails Cauliflower - These vegetables weren't always an American kitchen staple, at one point being referred to as "Albino Broccoli". They'd be common enough by 1993, however. Cucumbers - According to Wikipedia - botanically speaking, cucumbers are actually classified as a type of berry. - suggested by Tails Celery - Celery is an extremely common vegetable that would be found in many American kitchens. Should definitely by added to PZ. - suggested by Tails Spinach - It's leafy. It's green. It's highly nutritious. - suggested by Tails Kale - A member of the cabbage family, Kale can be eaten and is sometimes grown as an ornamental plant. - suggested by Tails Garlic - I don't know how likely somebody is to just chow down on a bulb of garlic, but these babies'll sure come in useful if the zombies are joined by a sudden influx of vampires! Turnip - Nothing says "It's the apocalypse and I'm starving to death" like chowing down on a raw turnip. Mangoes - A tropical fruit that is commonly sold in American supermarkets. Grapefruit - A fairly large round fruit that is known to cause adverse reactions with numerous prescription drugs. - suggested by Tails Pomegranate - I have no idea why these small, fluffy dogs are considered fruits, but who am I to argue? Maybe they grow on trees? - suggested by Tails Papaya - These tropical fruits can be eaten raw, or used as an ingredient in stews and salads. - suggested by Tails Coconut - A large, round fruit that grows on coconut palms - these fruits are hard enough that you might be able to use one to crack a zombie's skull open. - suggested by Tails Kiwi - These small, green, tropical fruits were apparently once known as "Chinese Gooseberries" - at least according to Wikipedia, and surely Wikipedia would never lie. - suggested by Tails Limes - Like lemons- except green. Which probably means they're more eco-friendly. - suggested by Tails Pears - I suggested canned pears but not their non-canned perishable counterparts. Shame on me. Plums - Take the sentence above, and replace "pears" with "plums". Pumpkin - Pumpkin Pie is already in the game, so why not actual pumpkins? And if we don't have the option to turn them into Jack-O'-Lanterns, I will be very disappointed. - suggested by Tails Raisins - I was tempted to list raisins under "snacks", but since they're dried grapes they're going here instead. They're still commonly eaten as a snack, however. - suggested by Tails Olives - Every in-game bar should have a jar of these. - suggested by Tails Rhubarb - I think part of this plant is actually poisonous. Doesn't stop it from being cultivated and consumed by humans, however. Dandelions - Every part of the dandelion plant is edible. You're still not likely to find this in many kitchens, however. Jalapeño Peppers - Spice up your post-apocalyptic life with these babies! - suggested by Tails Cayenne Peppers - Jalapenos not spicy enough for you? Try cayenne peppers on for size! - suggested by Tails Meats - Because zombies shouldn't be the only ones feasting on the flesh of dead creatures. Turkey - Kind of like chicken, but bigger and better in every way - suggested by Tails Salami - No refrigeration? No Problem! Salami can be stored for a month at room temperatures. - suggested by Tails Ribs - Whether from a pig, cow, lamb, or deer, ribs are a staple of American BBQ Cuisine. - suggested by Tails Ground Beef - Shape into a "meat patty", add to a taco, or simply fry it up as is. - originally listed under "Frozen Foods", this really better belongs under the "Meats" heading Bologna - We already have canned bologna, so why not actual bologna? The apocalypse shouldn't prevent us from making bologna sandwiches dammit! Chicken Balls - Balled and breaded chicken. A staple of North American Chinese takeout despite being unheard of in China itself. Found when looting "I Heart Wok & Roll". Egg Rolls - Deep-fried appetizers served in North American Chinese restaurants. Despite the name, they don't contain any egg. - suggested by Tails Duck - A bird that you should be able to find and kill yourself once hunting is properly implemented - suggested by Tails Goose - Commonly eaten for Christmas in Europe, you'll be eating this waterfowl whenever you can hunt and kill one in PZ. - suggested by Tails Seafood - Kentucky may not be adjacent to the ocean, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have your choice of aquatic critters to feast on! Sushi - Sushi was a popular fad among the yuppie crowd in the 1980s, so while I doubt you'll find many sushi lovers in Muldraugh (at least in 1993), I would imagine there'll definitely be a sushi restaurant or two in upcoming Louisville. - suggested by ZonaryQuasar Crab - Much like the lobsters below, once the pre-apocalypse supply of fresh crab meat is gone, it's gone for good! Although canned crab meat is a thing. - suggested by Tails Lobster - Raid live lobsters from restaurant and supermarket seafood tanks while you can, because you won't be seeing another one once the transportation network that brings them in from the coast breaks down. - suggested by Tails Crayfish - Multiple species of crayfish can be caught in the rivers of Kentucky and are perfectly eatable. There's no reason a player of high enough "Fishing" skill shouldn't be able to catch them him/herself. - suggested by Okamikurainya Mussels - There are over 100 species of freshwater mussels in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. It's about time we started dredging them out of their freshwater homes and inserting them into our bellies where they belong! - suggested by Okamikurainya Oysters - These shellfish can be cooked in multiple different ways, or even eaten raw. They've also got a high shelf life of up to four weeks. - suggested by Tails Cooking Supplies / Ingredients Pancake/Waffle Mix - Given how rare actual (non-rotten) waffles and pancakes seem to be in Know County, it would be nice if we were given the means to make our own. Cookie Dough - Believe it or not, this tasty snack can actually be used to make cookies with. Just chop the dough up and put it in the oven. Or just eat it raw, whichever makes you happiest. Chocolate Chips - Chocolate Chips can be add to a recipe, or just eaten on their own as a snack. Cornmeal - Can be used in the baking of cornbread and muffins, as well as in the preparation of grits. Pizza Dough - Can be made from scratch, or looted ready-made from the supermarket (and probably Pizza Whirled). - suggested by ZonaryQuasar Taco Shells - Add some ground beef, sour creme, grated cheese, and whatever else you desire. I like bacon in mine. Or just eat the shells as is if you're hungry enough. - suggested by ZoneryQuasar Tortilla Wraps - Feel like making a burrito instead of a taco? These tortilla wraps'll have you covered. And after you run out of wraps, you can make your own from cornmeal! - suggested by Tails Drink Mixes - So far the only drinks we can make in PZ are tea and coffee. A handful of other choices would be nice. Hot Chocolate Mix - Similar to tea and coffee, making a mug of hot chocolate would consist of pouring a packet of powder into a mug of hot water. Maybe you could even add a marshmallow. Chocolate Milk Mix - Pour a pouch of this into a glass of white milk to turn it chocolate! It's like magic! - suggested by ZonaryQuasar Coffee Cream - You'll no longer have to drink your coffee black with this in stock. - suggested by Tails Juice Mix - Available in multiple flavors, just pour a packet of juice powder into a pitcher and enjoy a few refreshing glasses of lemon-aid or fruit punch or the like Spreads/Sauces/Condiments/And The Like - Lastly, if more food isn't enough, then at least having more things to put on said food should help to improve matters, right? Maple Syrup - Because does anybody want to eat their pancakes/waffles dry? Hot Sauce - As with the sour cream listed above, hot sauce goes with just about anything - including sour cream! BBQ Sauce - Useful for adding an extra touch of flavor to the steaks and pork chops you'll be cooking. Soy Sauce - Found in grocery stores and "I Heart Wok & Roll". Cheese Spread - Essentially Cheese Whiz with the numbers filed off, Cheese Spread can be added to crackers, sandwiches, you could dip french fries in it if you were so inclined, It's versatile! Sandwich Spread - It's a jar of spread for sandwiches. I'm sure you could apply it to other stuff as well - you just have to be creative, Ranch Dressing - Technically a salad dressing, ranch goes with pretty much everything. It's also been the best-selling dressing in America since 1992. - suggested by Tails Sour Cream - Goes with just about anything (within reason). Also makes a great potato chip dip. Heavy Cream - Heavy Cream can be added to everything from broth, to mashed potatoes, to homemade ice cream. An all-around versatile substance. - suggested by ZonaryQuasar Whipped Cream - A perfect companion for pies and ice cream. Can also be made from scratch using the above heavy cream. Cream Cheese - Soft, mild, cheese that's often spread on bagels and crackers. - suggested by Tails Cottage Cheese - Remember when Little Miss Muffet was eating "Curds and Whey"? Cottage cheese was what that nursery rhyme was referring too, apparently. Can be added to foods and used as a dip. - suggested by Tails Salsa - Remember those nachos from the snack section? With those nachos, this jar of salsa has found its soul mate. Relish - A pickled jam that's commonly eaten with hot dogs. It's Green! - suggested by Tails Olive Oil - Used for cooking and as a salad dressing. Can also be eaten as is, apparently. - suggested by ZonaryQuasar Alfredo Sauce - Found in stores, restaurants, and kitchens, this creamy sauce can be used on more than pasta if you're creative enough. - suggested by Tails Chili Powder - Powdered chili peppers! Also works has an ingredient in crystal meth, apparently. Though I wouldn't expect the devs to add that to the game. - suggested by Tails Anyway, that's my list of additional foods that might help make looting kitchens and supermarkets a little more interesting. This is by no means a complete collection of foodstuffs that are lacking from the game, but I feel it would be enough to keep a player from encountering the same stuff in almost every kitchen. And feel free to post if you feel I've missed anything. If you do, I'd be happy to add it to the list above.
  19. Greetings! I'm trying to use for modding a cooking recipe similar to the "Disinfect Bandage" like the way of using an item while is hot to craft another, but I can't find the script or code related in the media file to the whole heat system. Is it controled by some Lua code or some item script? I think that the logical way that the heat value works is only because of the WaterSource items like FullKettle or WatterPot. I mean I´ve tried something like a stone for frying an egg for example: recipe Fry egg On Stone { Stone, Egg/WildEgg, Salt;1, Result:FriedEgg, Time:50.0, Heat:-0.22, Category:Cooking, } The recipe won't happen because there is no base item to be heated, also how does the scale of the heat value works, it's just setting Heat:-0.22? . Thanks!
  20. Hi, I just made my first mod for PZ. With this mod you can make flatbread. It's good alternative to normal bread, because flatbread doesn't need yeast. All you need is just flour, some water, bowl, salt (optional) and heat source. flatbread is good ingredient (-15/-14 hunger) for salad, stir-fry, soup and stew. Unsalted version of flatbread spoils bit faster. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=941685801 Hope you will like it ^^
  21. Disclaimer: I will try not to cover topics done to death(wheat->flour, irrigation, animals but i would love to see chickens asap due them not needing a smart ai) I would like to see farming move to a more stardew valley style(crop growth length is about the same), and by that I mean a trellis that certain crops need to grow effectively requires farming lvl ?? and carpentry lvl ??, crops performing better in one season( i doubt they would kill our crops with change of season due to the otherwise limited nature of seeds and fresh winter food) Requested crops(i know many of these have been asked for already) corn, bell peppers, eggplant, leeks, onions, beans(requires trellis),peas(requires trellis), pineaple, hops (requires trellis), zucchini, water melon, grapes(requires trellis), sunflower(if possible they could follow the sun) coffee, tea ,pickles(now decay), beets and pumpkins(we'd better get these by Halloween, and be able to carve jack-o-lanterns). cotton or flax (for making thread/twine) n.b. you should be able to grow some non-ideal crops in the region but they should have a lower yield (no idea what less ideal crops would be as i don't live anywhere near Kentucky) and rarer seeds(I recommend some sort of gardening store/ plant nursery should show-up somewhere). some plants should be unplantable till you have a high enough farming skill(so newbies don;t get overwhelmed) Trees Apple, banana, avocado, cherry, apricot, lemon,peach, pomegranate, orange. trees would require years to bear fruit and would require maintenance for the first few years and would only bear fruit in the correct season, non would bear fruit in winter. why invest in such a long term solution??? long term multiplayer servers where you can only dream of fruit(besides strawberries) and would make mouse traps usable long after the power goes out(all of the bait is currently non-renewable). also require a decent farming lvl to plant ~4 Bees As no game is complete without them and the associated risks. would require careful acquisition and set up Preserving More foods should be jar'able, maybe with different recipes. eg strawberry jam, apricot jam, marmalade(lemon+orange), and peaches should be jar'able the regular way(i used to do this when i was a kid). banana's and apples could be dried out, and avocado smashed(to appease the millennial's). all of these can be made at home Refining Hops should be brew able into alcohol among other crops, potentially making different types(vodka from potatoes, mead from honey!), or just generic moonshine and vinegar, all alcohols should also now provide carbs as well. beets should be grind able into sugar. to allowed renewable preserving. eggs could be made into mayo(not sure if you can do this at home), milk into cheese or butter(both of which can be made at home, with the right equipment). lastly, if you think i missed wheat, try reading the top of the thread again. and if anyone could point out what would be non-ideal(will still grow) and unviable crops(won;t grow) I'll update the post accordingly
  22. I read a while back that the devs were thinking about adding deer to hunt, not sure what the progress is on that. I was thinking, there's all these farms around Redwood with chicken coops and other animal enclosures, wouldn't these animals still be around? It would add so many levels of gameplay. - zombies could attack the animals initially, chasing them out of their enclosures and also causing more noise and disturbance. This could make for great early-game distractions for those who like more zombies but want a slightly easier start. - the animals would mostly die after a couple of in-game months for lack of food, and they'd get skinnier and provide fewer calories over time. Maybe some could find food and live longer - for example, some could find the corn field near Muldraugh. [This reminds me, why are there so few crop fields like this one? And why do they go rotten so quickly? But that's another suggestion for a Farming overhaul...] - taming should be an option, depending on Farming skill - cows will be easy targets for zombies and many won't survive, but those who make it can live off the land forever. They could be easiest to tame but harder to find, and you won't want to slaughter them unless it's an emergency, so they'll only be good for milk. You could "tame" them just by attaching a rope to them, but you'll them have to lead them all the way back to your base... - chickens could provide meat and eggs but attract zombies in the morning. Breeding would be easier (but eggs are already pretty plentiful). Cereal or popcorn to tame, leave a trail into a wire cage. There'd be fewer chickens in the world initially, but they can't be caught by zombies, just chased away. However they won't last long in the wild (maybe natural predation?) - pigs would be hardest to find, hardest to tame (you'd need fresh apples or something) and would take longer to breed and then rear, but could potentially have a big litter of piglets. - to hunt these and wild animals, you'd have to be either great at sneaking and use a spear, or use a bow and arrow (please add!), but this wouldn't kill them outright. You'd have to track their blood trail, which along with the noise would attract zombies. - also, future potential for using animal skins to make warm clothes. EDIT: oh, also - horses?
  23. I've seen a few metal barrels around in sheds and warehouses, and I was thinking that these new vehicles we have will need oil at some point, so why not in these barrels? Once they are emptied that could be used as fire barrels, barbecues or for vertical drum smokers to preserve meat.
  24. Cooking an item that has both ReplaceOnUse and ReplaceOnCooked item values closes the game and goes back to the main menu. In my opinion ReplaceOnUse should simply be ignored for this case. As an example you fill a cooking pot with food, and you want it to turn into a separate item when cooked, both the original and the resulting item should have ReplaceOnUse = Pot but right now if the original item has that line it causes the bug.
  25. This is out of the "small but important suggestions" thread. I've started a new topic so it's easier to have a discussion and collect our ideas in one place- what are yor thoughts on the cooking system as it is now? 589. Food Prep Taken from the Vehicles build 26 thread: I also find that cooking could be a little more elegant in design. I understand there were some changes made in the build 26 (main game, not vehicles) but I wasn't around to know what those changes were. I liked Shin's idea above and might expand on it like this: 1. Similar to the present method, right-click on a food item to see your food prep options (prepare salad, stir-fry, etc). 2. After choosing an option, a "grocery/recipe list" comes up. This is a list of all food in range that can be used in the dish you selected (eg. chicken stir-fry also brings up butter, noodles, condiments, etc). 3. You click checkboxes beside the food items to select the ingredients you wish to use. If you have enough of an item to use it multiple times, perhaps after selecting it once it can spawn an additional checkbox to allow you to add more of it (repeating the process until you have no more portions remaining). 3.5 As you click to add more food, the recipe stats (hunger, happiness, etc) update to reflect your current selection. 4. You click a button at the bottom of the recipe list, something like "prepare." This triggers a progress bar with timing scaled to be proportional to the number of ingredients you are preparing. 5. Once you have a prepared dish, you can still right-click on it to reopen the recipe list and add more food to it. This process isn't radically different from what we have now, but it cuts the number of food-prep clicks in half (no more reopening the context menu for each item). It also gets rid of the start-and-stop progress bars invoked by the multiple item adds we have now. I don't know how hard it would be to code in that recipe list, but if done it would save the cooks of Knox County plenty of tediousness! ADDITIONAL SUGGESTIONS From @Damien Darkside below: Food Prep station "those who have played Minecraft with the "Pam's Harvestcraft" and "Cooking for Blockheads" mods installed know what I am talking about, a dedicated system like that would be great."
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