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Found 13 results

  1. Build 42 is coming, and at the time of writing the latest Thurstoid, Snack Attack has opened our eyes to some exciting new possibilities that will come with the Crafting Overhaul. So I would like us to have this space to discuss how the modding scene could implement the so called "Machine Scripting System" in ways that stray away from traditional crafting stations. Like the Vending Machines that are coming to the vanilla game. I would like to number some characteristics that the machines seem will able to get with the information we've been given. The machines can be multiple tiles in size They can make the character perform different animations depending of the process taking place Could make your character execute an animation by pressing a button, or successfully achieving something when using them Transformation/Interchange of an Item for a different one Buttons and input of codes to get the desired outcome Storing items inside of them (an inventory) Processing a transaction over a lapse of time Having different pieces than can be taken out of them, repaired, or upgraded Being able to navigate through different sections, and display custom pictures and animations Having designated slots for items We can interact with them using specific Keys to unlock certain sections The machines will be able to connect with one another in some way Probably will have the capacity to play specific sounds upon completion of something or when pressing a button The Machine Interface will likely be able to be used by Items as well I will now mention some general ideas of ways to use the system based of what we know of it so far: Keypads and anything that uses a numerical combination to produce an outcome. Containers with a limited amount of slots for placing items in then. Tiles from which you can take pieces without dissembling them. Segmented Containers, a single container being able to have different inventories, each of which could be individually locked by a key or other item. Containers that display a special graphical theme. Navigation inside containers, they could have a welcome screen, and submenus. Containers with hidden compartments, only accesible by placing a specific item in a slot, or by pushing a secret button. Puzzles that require you to find a certain item or to press buttons in a specific order, with different outcomes. Interactive displays, (rearrange the order of pictures in a board, or change the priority of a list written in wooden planks perhaps?) Tiles than can show pictures, not unlike the way items can at the moment, but also animations. Minigames perhaps? (I'm sure they have been contemplated). Does anything in particular come to your mind now?
  2. Is there a resource I can check out that shows how to restrict or filter specific items that can go into a container? For example - if I made a custom toolchest and wanted it so only "tools" could go inside of it.
  3. Are there any tutorials that guide you through the process of creating a custom container? I see a few tutorials on more complex things such as vehicles and maps - but I was hoping there would be something for storage containers. It's also entirely possible that I've overlooked one on here. Thanks in advance!
  4. So this issue has been hard to find anything about. I am posting here in hopes someone can help me find a solution. I have a save that I have been playing for several months, the save is single player. As the months went by something happened during an update and I was super confused. Multiple storage boxes dissapeared. No texture was visible and I couldn't pick them up or place a new box where they were. Just gone, but after a bit of confusion I realized I could still access the stored items. I have attempted to add these storage boxes in as I am 100% sure they were part of the "Fort Knox" Mod. But no matter what I did the storage boxes would never re appear. I am not overly affected by this issue but I was hoping to remove the offending invisible storage containers. My desire for help comes as this. How do I delete or destroy these ghost containers? Attempted the following. Pickup - no Sledgehammer - no Place a new container - no Prayer - no Using multiple versions of Fort Knox Mod - no Accept I have invisible storage - yes I appreciate any feedback, thank you. Edit: Attached images of the effected boxes.
  5. It would be nice to have a way of tagging/naming/marking containers so we can distinguish them in both the world view and in the inventory. Maybe like symbols painted on a crate that you would see in both views? At the moment I do this by laying a plank or metal sheet or weapon on it. The problem with that is that the plank is more like floating on it and if you stack crates it looks weird.
  6. hi all, this is a really great, great game. there are plenty of suggestions that i coud present to you, but the very one is: a searchbox for near containers. if i had lot of containers near me, i should also be able to search for an object in them... i suggest a textbox (or combobox for history) near "Loot All", and if object was found, add a container like others but with "lens" aspect and found objects in it, obviously with the impossibility to move towards it. otherwise someone could implement it in the existing release code, could it be possible?
  7. Dismantling and carrying big things, e.g. popsicle fridge makes a little sense. It seems normal to dismantle e.g a couch (yet IMHO process should spawn more "pieces" than just 1 for every tile) Wouldn't it be better to add option to push and pull objects in "Furniture movement" menu? They would work only in long axis of an object. Also, moving 1x1 object should occupy both hands, like moving a generator. No way putting wooden crates in trash bags. (And it would be nice to have an emergency "let go" button somewhere.) And here I've stumbled on another issue. No way picking up whole big-ass fridge by your hands, they need a strict limit of Strength factor. That's for big stuff, now look at all these tote bags full of 15 pillows... How to tell which objects are too big for which containers? It needs adding only a single number in items and object stats. Let's call it "cubature" and define as "the longest dimension of an object". If object's cubature is equal to container's capacity, it fills it entirely and nothing else can be put in there; if bigger, there's simply not enough space for it. If cubature is smaller than capacity, you can stuff it up to it's weight limit. I suggest using a book and medkit as a base of "1". How does it sound for you?
  8. A: Put in some code that would allow defining exactly what items are allowed in a container. Kinda sorta like the Keychain works but for specific Items as opposed to an entire Item category. In the script it could look like this OnlyAcceptItem = ItemID:MaxAmount;AnotherItemID:MaxAmount, Possible use? Toolbelt that when held in inventory could act like the Keychain (Always equipped) but it only has slots for Hammer, Screwdriver, Nails and whatever. Gun holster, as above but only allows a Pistol and maybe some extra magazines. Ammo belt for holding Shells B: Also Replace the thing in the lua code that makes Keychain always equipped with a check for a script variable being true That would be nice. AlwaysEquipped = true; Edit: Either that or add a bunch more slots that can be used, more the better, possibly with customizeable display name. Quick Access and general Inventory Decluttering are the main goal of what I'm suggesting here. There is space on that window to have a bunch of stuff equipped. C: I would also honestly add a thing for only allowing items in a container only up to a certain weight so I can't shove half a bed into a Hiking Bag.
  9. I was wondering how you detect an inventory such as a cabinet or fridge on the ground. I want to be able to test to see if there is an inventory on the tile I have clicked on. Edit: Assume I have the grid co-ordinates in world space and I want to derive from the grid co-ordinates if there are any containers in that space.
  10. Hey everyone! To keep this nice and concise, I figured the world of Project Zomboid needed a bit of a touch up in terms of improvisation and crafting, so I decided to make a rather random mod: Improvised Containers! Downloads: Improvised Containers 1.1.1 (Latest Version) Features: Planned Features: That's why I'm here. I'd love to get some feedback and criticism (Especially since this is my first time properly modding something, not including Insurgency skins), but most important of all, I want more ideas for improvised bags and such. I'm open to any ideas! (Provided it's within my extremely limited coding knowledge.) Permissions: Feel free to use my work in your own mods, but please credit me! Other Work: Feel free to contact me if you're looking for a sprite artist for your own mods. Don't feel limited to downsizing images anymore! Credits: Icons & Coding - WolfeClaw Download Page Art - Yukiin
  11. So I was reading another person's post about how items spawn and I was thinking that sometimes I really don't know which container I'm looking in. E.g. If I'm looking at a row of shelving right next to each other, I can't really determine which of the containers I'm looking in. My suggestion is that when you click the icon for the container in the loot panel on the left, to show a selection box like the one which now highlights items to be destroyed.
  12. Hi guys, so I wanted to get peoples feedback on the current inventory management system, what do you like about and what do you feel could be improved. I searched the forums to find an existing thread or something from the developers about this but was unable to find anything but apologies if I am covering old ground. So there are lots of parts of the current system I really like. The way bags work now is great, a rucksack on your back and potentially two more in each hand at the expense of weapons. It forces you into a choice which is always a good thing. I also like the hand/secondary set up for weapons and items, use a two handed axe or a knife and a torch, or you can even use the axe as a 1 hand weapon(although I feel the penalty to combat should be a bit higher for certain weapons than it is at the minute). Now the inventory container, I have a lot of trouble conceptualising exactly what that it. The hands and the bags yes, but what about the rest, are they pockets, are they strapped onto me? If I am carrying 1 bag, 1 backpack, 1 baseball bat, 200 nails in my pockets where exactly are the 4 cooking pots and the extra 3 baseball bats being stored? oh and did I mention its unseasonably hot so my character is running around with no shirt or trousers on ? While I understand its not exactly game breaking or important at the minute I feel in the long term it could be improved upon. Perhaps with the same treatment that the bags got, tool belt, gun harness, strap for the shotgun etc (all found/crafted/upgraded so you don't get them at the start). Crafting - I feel that is area is fine, I just wish that I would automatically use stuff in my bags without having to transfer them to my inventory first, it can be a bit tedious at times. Also I think I should be able to saw logs on the floor without having to pick them up. Maybe with the introduction of something like a shopping trolley/wheelie bin/wheelbarrow I could load up a number of planks and logs so I don't have to keep running back and forward to pick up X amount of logs/planks on mass construction projects, and if we want to get really convoluted we could construct some sort of crane/pulley system to construct upwards. Finally inventory management in my safehouse can be a bit of a ball ache. Maybe its my OCD of putting everything in its own place, but I can literally lose a day sorting my loot. Its not a very fun part of the game but I am not sure exactly what can be done about it. Maybe the ability to assign a container to a type and then have a button that auto unloads that type of item into said container? Other than that all I can think of is to slow down time when you are in your safehouse ( no zombies inside obviously) so you don't lose so much time, but this obviously wouldn't work in MP. Anyway this was just my thoughts on the current set up. What are your thoughts? And maybe when they are less busy the handsome dev's could blog about the direction of this, what they are happy with and what they feel could be improved upon. * Disclaimer - Its probably human nature but I feel I have concentrated on more what I feel could be improved upon as opposed to what is really good, and there is a lot that is really good.
  13. Hello, i tryng to make some mods, and anyone can post the wheelie bin script please, really i didnt find . Where i can find? I searched in all 0.2.0 versions. Sorry bad english
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