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Found 3 results

  1. The Problem Seasons and changes in weather patterns in Project Zomboid are currently only noticeable by the player feeling either hot or cold. During the summer/hotter months the player feels hot. During the winter/colder months, the player feels cold. However, there is no graphical indication whatsoever to visually indicate these shifts in seasons and weather. How Can the Game Improve in Respect to this Problem? A system should be implemented that would make the visual environment and temperature of the world change depending on what time of the year (in-game) the player is currently playing in. Ex. Leafless trees, occasional snowfall and snowy grounds during winter.Multicolored leaves floating around and covering the grounds during autumn.Full, leafy trees and bird formations during the summer.More intense storms during the spring, etc. Does it Make Sense for the Game? The game takes place in Fort Knox, Kentucky and the areas surrounding it. This region of the USA would experience such changes in weather and seasons, with the exception of frequent snow, however seasons in KY should still be cleary differentiated. A realistic atmosphere is important for Project Zomboid. An improved weather system would bring the game world to life. Is it worth the time and effort to develop? An improved weather system should give the player new challenges to consider that should be incorporated in a survival game. Weather is something a survivor should always consider. It can mean life or death if it is not properly considered. Snow and heavy rainstorms would slow the play down significantly and could destroy their crops and low-tier structures.Loud thunder and lighting could make the player less noticeable to nearby zombies. [Edit: I think this is already implemented]Winter months would have short days and longer nights, while summer months would be the opposite.Autumn leaves on the ground would cause the player to make significantly more noise while moving.
  2. Hello, I am a newbie to PZ and the forums of course. I am here to discuss a more "Apocalyptic" world. Now, lets get started! The Buildings During the outbreak of the virus, the town would've gone to hell. Houses with smashed windows and blood, houses on fire ect. This would be a nice feature to the game. Maybe a house half-barricaded as the owner was munched on by a zombie during the construction? Maybe even survivor camps when NPCs are added. This would be quite real... The Streets Ok, now were onto the streets... Blood splattered across the road, power lines snapped if we get power lines to the world. Maybe once vehicles are added the highway can become packed with them and zombies. Not once have I seen a zombie apocalypse without a highway packed with cars. Maybe bodies of those who didn't make it and have them soon come back? The Woods There could be some tents and fires in the woods with survivor living in them, farming for food. It would be great to finally have something out in those, deep, derpy woods. Once animals and hunting are added the survivors can hunt for food. But as I know programming all this in would be a challenge and kinda hard. But yes, its good to get this suggestion out there. Someone else probably suggested this in the past but yeah, I would absolutely LOVE to see this happen. Yes I have seen the Erosion mod and I love the look of it, well done Turbo. Thanks for reading, this is my first suggestion and I don't mind any criticizing.
  3. I got this idea while watching a Let's Play of PZ. Have any of you played Dead Island? Maybe even Dead Rising (1-3)? Did you notice how the characters are, at first, terrified and fight for survival, but soon it becomes second nature to them? How, in Dead Island, they're disgusted at they slice the undead apart but soon just go about it like it's their job? Well, that's what I feel should be added to PZ. Think about it, you've killed 6000 zombies, you've survived for well over a year and you've (when they're added) seen your friends torn apart and had to put them and other human beings down permantly... Yet you still get panicked when you see a zombie 100 yards off. It doesn't make sense, does it? Simply put, we should have a length of time where Panic decays at a faster rate, then another when it decays faster still, till eventually you're steeled enough to punch zombies in the face without a care in the world. Another idea would be to have NPCs, when implimented, to change as well. Have people snap when things end badly. Would Steve really be fine watching his wife be eaten alive? Can Lisa really handle the moans of the undead anymore? Are you certain giving Alex, the mentally unstable prison escapee, a shotgun? Humans can be strong or fickle and a zombie world will, at some point, push someone to show their true colours. Maybe the sweet church going Anna will try to kill you when food runs low, maybe the ex-con artist Alan will sacrifice himself when the safe house is breached and hold the line while you and the others run from his screams of pain. Imagine the impact these events could have on the player, watching the person you trust most backstab you for their own survival or the person you distrust saving your life against terrible odds. Finally, what about the world itself? It's true, odds are you will die and come back as a zombie or be picked clean by them... But surely not everything can remain the same forever? Imagine if zombies accidentally sparked fires as they lumber around like fools, imagine returning to the safe house only to see a car smash through it, the driver zombified, killing everyone you knew and leaving you alone as the alarm of the car and the flicking fires lure the horde towards you. While likely a very distant thing for the future, the concept of these dramas, of these world changing impacts, could add untold amounts of realism and humanity to the game. Perhaps even out actions, like walking away from a friend in need, could make the character colder to the world, giving combat advantages but also social disadvantages. PZ can be made so that every single aspect of our actions, of other peoples actions as well should multiplayer become an option, cause drops in the ocean to become tidal waves in the future. But right now, making out character calmer after the 1000th day of survival is what matters. If we start with one small step towards realism, the rest could very well follow.
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