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  1. Vehicle mechanics in PZ is absolutely outstanding, and in my opinion, one of the most fun aspects of the whole game. I've observed a certain detail about it and came up with this suggestion. Removing "Engine Quality" and adding a car part named "Starter Motor" Like in real life, the starter motor would be a car part located underneath the hood. With a proper level of mechanics skill and the correct tools, it could be replaced or fixed, and it should obey the car categories (Standard/Heavy-duty/Sports). Engine quality would no longer exist, and chances of successfully starting the car's engine would be determined by two factors: the starter motor health and the remaining charge of the car battery. This would provide a more immersive experience in car mechanics, without making it excessively realistic and fun-spoiling. I always enjoyed the way emergency vehicles often have higher chances of reliably starting the engine, as I assume these vehicles are regularly maintained in real life, but on the other hand, I see no reason why civilian vehicles cannot have engine qualities higher than a 60. If a player is s mechanic, it should be fun and rewarding to have the possibility to excel at maintaining your civilian vehicle, making it as reliable as any police cruiser. Please tell me any thoughts about my suggestion!
  2. It would be cool to have where you can make a car useing molds , requireing a higher blacksmithing you could make a car frame then since you need a body for the car you can simth body work for the car. also I think this would be useful for the human NPCs that are coming after the 42 build (probably coming in build 43 or 44), the another useful thing this can be used for is muiltplayer and singleplayer primitive survial. Upgrades would improve the car more ethier adding spikes or a ramplow increase ethier the durabilty or how much damage it can cause while you could add more storage at the top. on another note you can make some sorta of clay mold for the frame of the car using a another frame from a car if you do that you can low the amount of blacksmithing skills you need
  3. The vehicles in the game all have the some looking dashboard HUD so I was thinking different vehicles should have different dashboard HUDs. You know with differently arranged and shaped odometers, fuel gauges, rev counter etc. Makes the game more realistic and authentic.
  4. So i just noticed that the police car sirens just turn off on their own after i move away, i don't even have to move far away, just a little bit off screen. I can clearly remember before the anims patch, that the sirens stayed on until the car battery died. I never had to play around in the sandbox options for that either. I checked both police cars and both had a functioning battery and the sirens where not broken either. I was able to turn them back on aswell. I guess this is a bug? Edit: I activated the police car siren again, but stayed nearby and watched the horde around the car. It didn't turn off on it's own. So i guess car sirens turn off on their own after you move too far out, which again is a shame, cuz it wasn't like that before.
  5. 1) The first thing you want to do, as with most mods is to create your mods folder structure, use the image below as a reference, replacing MOD_NAME with the name of your mod: Don't worry about the files shown above, you will be creating them as you follow this guide, just make sure to remember, anytime you see "MOD_NAME" in this guide, replace that with the name you chose for your mod. 2) In your "..mods/MOD_NAME" folder, create your "mod.info" text file which contains the following code: Remember to replace all "MOD_NAME"'s with the actual name of your mod. 3) In the same folder, create/place your MOD_NAME.png , this will be the thumbnail used in game as the poster/picture for your mod. 4) Next up, in your "mods/MOD_NAME/media/lua/client" folder, create your MOD_NAME.lua file with the following code inside: This is the script that will load your model and scripts into the game, it also controls the spawn rate for the car in each type of zone as well as providing the vehicle mechanic overlay. Remember to replace all instances of "MOD_NAME" with the actual name you chose for your mod. 5) Next, in your "mods/MOD_NAME/media/scripts/vehicles" folder, create your MOD_NAME.txt file containing the following code: This script example contains all of the parameters to control the simulation of the vehicle, such as engine power, gear ratios, collision cube and much more. You will (hopefully) find it well commented to give you an idea of what each parameter does. You can look in the games "media\scripts\vehicles" folder for a vanilla vehicle script that more closely reflects the vehicle you are adding rather than starting with the example above, have a good look through them all to get a sense of the different templates you can use and the various changes that can be made to different components. 6) Now you need to (if you have not already) make the 3d model for your vehicle. We suggest using Blender, but as long as you're experienced in 3d modelling, any program that can export .ply files should work, just make sure your faces are triangulated, in Blender you can do this by selecting your model in Edit mode then pressing Ctrl + T. Then drag and drop the exported ply file onto the converter supplied below (unzip the below file, drag your .ply directly onto the .exe, do not double click the exe), it will output a new txt file with the same name as the .ply in the same directory. Copy the new .txt file into your "mods/MOD_NAME/media/models" folder as "Vehicles_MOD_NAME.txt This is the .ply to PZ convertor: PZ_PLYtoPZconverter.zip 7) Now it's time to create your vehicles texture files, these should all go into the "mods/MOD_NAME/media/textures/Vehicles" folder. First up is your "Vehicles_MOD_NAME_Shell.png" , this is the main texture image for your vehicle and needs to be 512x512 pixels, as do all of your textures, below is an example: Next there are 6 different overlay/detail png's to create, the first is for the vehicle lights ("Vehicles_MOD_NAME_Lights.png"): Then the vehicle rust ("Vehicles_MOD_NAME_Rust.png"): The next 2 image examples ("Vehicles_MOD_NAME_Shell_Damaged01.png" and "Vehicles_MOD_NAME_Shell_Damaged02.png") are to show light and heavy damage, respectively, on the vehicle's shell. They are used to represent dents in the bodywork: The next 2 image examples ("Vehicles_MOD_NAME_Overlays_Damaged01.png" and "Vehicles_MOD_NAME_Overlays_Damaged02.png") are very similar to the previous 2 except they are for showing damage on windows and lights as well as scratched on the body work: The last file we need is the vehicle colour mask ("Vehicles_MOD_NAME_Mask.png"), which should also be placed in your "mods/MOD_NAME/media/textures/Vehicles" folder. This tells the game which parts of your vehicle texture correspond to which part of your vehicle model and is needed to display damage, lowered windows and removed elements etc: Here the colour values to be used: Copy your complete mod folder structure into your C:\Users\YourUsernameHere\Zomboid\Mods folder, load the game, turn the mod on in the mod menu and start a new game, your new vehicle is now ready to be found and taken for a spin. Finally, here: ZAZ968M.zip - you can find an example vehicle mod using the above instructions. Notice the included example mod uses a slightly different process with its textures/overlays. The main texture is transparent while the detail has been shifted onto the vehicle_lights .png. This allows the game to automatically and procedurally generate different colours of your car when they are spawned in. Happy Modding!
  6. Hello and welcome to my tutorial. It covers full workflow of vehicle creation for PZ. If you are a complete beginner in 3D modelling, you'll have to watch/read additional tutorials, I won't cover every aspect of model creation and 'where this button is located'. I divide vehicle creation in these stages: 1) Modelling 2) Wheels texture and modelling 3) Texturing 4) Packing files in folders 5) Editing scripts and .lua 6) In-game editing and tests 7) Workshop publish STAGE 1 - MODELLING Today I am creating a 1960 Ford Falcon I prefer using blender as it is my everyday 3d modelling software. Now, find references for your vehicle and ideally it will be a blueprint/outline scheme, like this one: There are some tips in modelling for PZ: 1) Do not care too much about topology and good shading. There is no actual shading in game, only windows have reflections. 2) Avoid n-gons or triangulate them before export 3) DO NOT make edges to outline body panels/parts. All dividing of parts will be done with texture mask. You can do it in UVs if there will be a point for that. 4) Place spindiel imitations in wheel wells to hide rear part of wheel models 5) In the UVs parts of body have to be straight-oriented without any non-90 degrees rotation, so pixels in texture will lay parallel with polygon flow. 6) To avoid physics artifacts in game import model of one of vanilla game cars models to your scene and model in consistent scale. Or import mine, that is available in the end of topic. This is what I consider a well done model There is nothing special in UV unwrapping process, just remember to place the least amount of seams possible and keep island aligned. Here are the UVs of my model: I've unwrapped the model without applied mirror modifier, so now we will have to texture just one half of the car. I'll fix mirroring later. STAGE 2 - WHEELS There are many ways to make a wheel and texture it, but I'll show the most efficient one. Make the wheel's face with simple materials, but unwrap the 'road touching part' to flat surface, like this: Then place an orthographic camera facing the wheel, scale it to fit the whole wheel-dish. Place a ring with emission material to light the wheel. Switch your renderer to Cycles and go to camera view, now use a rendered shading mode to adjust materials and lights to your taste. Set rendering resolution to something like 120x120-175-175 for best results Check the 'transparent' box in film settings to have alpha backround in texture: Now increase the sample count to something like 512-1024 and hit render. You will end up with a result of a ready-to-go wheel texture: The example file with scene for rendering and the model of this wheel you can download here: *google drive .blend file* Now make a lowpoly model of the wheel to use this texture on. I prefer using 18-24 edge circles for wheels. The unwrapping will be later, but eventually you'll end up with this: This method takes 10-15 minutes when you get used to it and gives a stunning and clear result. STAGE 3 - TEXTURING NOTE: I use a pretty complicated way of texturing and adding light to model. All rules of using textures the default way are covered in "HOW TO CREATE NEW VEHICLE MODS" topic by RingoD123, one of PZ devs. You can access it here: *boop* I'll show you my way, using Substance Painter to apply lighting and fake chrome parts to model. But first comes the base color and details of the car, so let's dive into it. Create a texture with 0 alpha and resolution 256x256. You can go for 512x512, but personally I like pixelated look of lo-res texture. Here are the settings for initial image: To preview the texture you are painting with different car colors, use this node setup. But switch filtering mode from "Linear" to "Closest", I forgot to do it on screenshot. There are two types of texture details: somewhat transparent and absolutely opaque. Half-transparent parts will be affected by car color, so they are mostly shadow/highlight details. Headlights, fixtures and things like that have to be opaque and painted with 100% brush hardness. It is easier to keep 3d view just to see what are you doing and paint texture in image editing mode, right there: First, paint the outlines of doors and other opening parts. Here are some brush hardness values: 0.2 - Outline shadow 0.5 - Outline 1.0 - Fake chrome and rubber window sealing Some work in progress screenshots Now when you have windows frames, save the image you just painted and go to photoshop and mask out glass sections like that Well, time for Substance Painter. You can use photoshop gradients for windows and blender lighting for lighting of the body, but I'll use SP "Baked lighting" filter for that, and for chrome especially. I will briefly describe what I've done in SP: 1) Mask out windows, give them mirror metal material and add a filter to them 2) Mask out chrome parts, made them mirror metal and added the same filter with slightly different settings. 3) Apply the same filter to all body parts left. 4) Add a position gradient to the windows Now I have this result, it is not shaded model, just basecolor: Also export the AO map you baked in SP. You can download file with this scene to look through and get ideas using this link: *boop* Now paint additional details you want on the car and open Photoshop. This is your layers layout: Now save it as .psd for future color editing and as .png to see what the you've done. Plug .png direcly as BaseColor in shader settings. Set your shading setting like this: And check if everything looks ok. This is my result: And this is the vehicle's look with wheels that we made before Sweet, isn't it? Now, it is time to get rid of mirroring. You can make new UV, bake it and... get A LOT of offset artifacts resulting in jagged pixel edges. There is a lazy but effective method: 1) In the UV editor place cursor in the 0,0 coordinates. 2) Set Pivot to 2D cursor: 3) Scale all UV islands to 0.5 EXACTLY 4) Apply mirror modifier to your model. Now select FACES of any half of the model and move it in UVs on Y by value 0.5 EXACTLY or you'll eventually mess everything up. 5) In Photoshop expand canvas of your PSD file we made before 6) Duplicate everything and move to the upper left corner, like in UVs. You can merge color layer(s) to operate color on export more easily. Now you have half of the texture empty... You do not want to waste it, right? Then drop in the wheel texture here without scaling, and you won't need additional texture file for it! 7) Create a layer beneath all others and paint it black or grey to cover alpha-holes in the textures. 8 ) Now unwrap the wheel to this new texture and let it shine! We painted the car and fixed mirroring. DOWNLOAD THE .PSD FILE: *bloop* There are 3 more types of textures to make: 1) Rust 2) Damage (1 or 2 levels, I'm lazy, I prefer using single one) 3) ID Color Mask or just Mask It wasn't possible to make them right with mirroring. Everything about these textures are explained clearly in Ringo's guide, again: *boop* I'll just show results I ended up with. Now you have to use 512x512 clear images for these textures, do not forget it. RUST Painted it with jitter brush and 0.2 hardness. To see what I am doing used the same node setup, as for base texture. DAMAGE Painted gradients with black and white with 0.1 hardess with repetitive strokes. MASK Mask texture tells game where are separate parts of car: doors, windows, lights and others. Every part has it's own color in palette, you can find color table in Ringo's guide. Copy and paste color HEX to use it in blender brush or fill tools. I've missed some of the parts because they do not really matter. AEUGH Texturing is finished. Go to photoshop and make all color variations you want and save them as .png, name them Vehicles_[vehicle name]_ Vehicle name mustn't containt spaces These are color palettes of my car: Now you have to export your vehicle body and wheel models. Copy them to an empty scene and save as separate file. If you used blender default orientations (front, back, right, left, top), then rotate the car on Z axis by 180 degrees. Game rotates it for some reason, so you'll have to do it. Now position everything in scene like this and continue to export settings. Export body and wheel separately with these settings: STAGE 5 - Packing files in folders The folder hierarchy and naming the files you can find in Ringo's guide. The mod file and all of my project files you will be able to download in the end of this topic. make up an Id name for your car. It has to be short, but unique and do not contain spaces. For this car I use '60falcon'. _____________________________________________ workshop.txt properties of the mod for Steam Workshop _____________________________________________ mod.info properties of the mod for in-game mod menu _____________________________________________ models_X folder -> vehicles this folder contains 3d meshes of the vehicle - body and wheel _____________________________________________ textures -> vehicles easy to guess, all vehicle textures are placed here null.png - completely transparent image, used as placeholder later on _____________________________________________ scripts -> vehicles there shoud be a .txt file named with you vehicle's ID name. Open it up and follow these instructions: change invertX to 'TRUE' if vehicle appears to be mirrored by left and right in game. Do not care about scale, offset and other geometric parameters. Insert all your color variation textures as shown below: All vehicle driving parameters are self-explanatory. Remember to set seats count, I'm creating a car with 4 seats. If you want to make less seats or add new, delete passenger[Seat code] records or add new. Also remember Seat[position] records down below. Add or delete the templates, loaded from Game default files: _____________________________________________ LUA SCRIPTS lua -> server -> vehicles -> [car id name]dis.lua Vehicle trunk type distribution file. There is a file with all vehicle distribution types in game files, I'll put it in project folder in the end if the article. This is game files distibution types, select one of them in respect to the vehicle type you are creating. I'll use CarNormal type for Ford Falcon. This is what distribution lua file has to be: _____________________________________________ lua -> shared -> [car id name]SpawnList.lua This file describes spawn zones of your car in game world with certain chance. I've typed in all default zones of spawn, you just have to change the chance and set [Base.60falcon] to [Base.(your car id name)] _____________________________________________ lua -> shared -> Translate -> EN -> IG_UI_EN.txt This is the name of the car in UI - keys name, mechanics window name and such. STAGE 6 - In-game editing and tests Launch PZ and disable all mod exept the one you will be debugging. Now close the game and go to Steam. In application setting set startup parameter to -debug It enables many debug options in-game. Now launch the Game again and, if menu doesn't appear, you've done something wrong in lua scripts. Check them for probles, and I hope, you'll figure out what is wrong. Now start a new game in world with no zombies and big amount of cars. Leave the house and find any car vibing in the street. Right click, -> Vehicle -> Set Script -> [your car ID name]. Car will switch to yours. This is what I've got on first time in-game spawning: YEET, it is all coming along. But wheel positions are a bit off, and we have to place the entering areas of doors. Go to Right click on car -> [DEBUG] Vehicle -> Vehicle Editor. Chassis Place extents and physics shape to outline the car Areas These are access areas to different parts of the car. There is nothing to describe, really, just place them where you can explain it and continue to next section Right click in mechanics tab to enable cheat options for the car. Now right click in mechanics panel. Here you can get key for that car or repair it. Final result in different variations Make a suitable preview image for your mod and crop it in Photoshop to 256x256. Place it in mod folder as preview.png In game menu go WORKSHOP -> create or update mod -> Go to your profile workshop items and find the new mod. Add the description, more screenshots and set visibility to 'Public' ALL PROJECT FILES: *YEET* ZE END Congratulations if you followed my guide to this point. Comment any issues or mistakes I've made.
  7. I think it'd be nice if tow trucks were added to the game for the following reasons. 1. You could tow a car with the crane in the rear of the truck without having to get out of your car to hook it up. 2. Tow trucks would have high horse power by default so they'd be especially good for towing vehicles. 3. The crane in the back could lift the car upwards creating less drag since only 2 tires would be making contact with the road. 4. They'd be a great way of sorting vehicles out rather than have to drive each one individually to put into place or have each be towed manually by another car. 5. You could clear the road of any accident obstructions of too wrecked to even get into cars or just regular cars. I was thinking the tow crane could be controlled like raised or lowed by the v menu from flat to a predetermined height/angle. Also you could set from the menu whether to hook up to a car or release it from the tow hook. I was thinking they could be found around at tow garages or along the road at accident events.
  8. Hey guys, so I was wondering since the last dev blog (July 6th) if there is a plan for a slider for pitching the voice grunt/groan ? And maybe one or two more voices for both male and female ? Having 3 voices with different tones (high, mid, low) and having the option to pitch them would mean a great deal in terms of immersion in my humble opinon. Another question since FOW was one of the topic in the last dev blog, can we hope for cars to be able to obstruct the field of view in the future ? This would help a lot for sneaking and also add to the immersion of being in a city center. Thanks in advance for reading me, there is hope for improvement, this is how we* survive. Cheers. *The Community
  9. What if in Project Zomboid you could find a tool called a Slim Jim (which is basically a fancy metal stick or wire) to open up locked car doors without having to break them? I was thinking you could find the tool in some houses, auto shops and maybe even the burglar occupation could spawn with it by default. The V menu for a car could have a "use Slim Jim" option for the Slim Jim to lockpick it. Might take a couple tries though like hotwiring the car does.
  10. Hi , i and a lot of my friends like cars in project zomboid but they are missing a lot of things ... some of those things being better control of the car like changing gears and holding the key until the car starts , having realistic force and grip and a lot more ... my idea is that project zomboid needs a overall update for the cars like adding custom parts for them like push bars that you can find them in garages and warehouses and putting them on your car let you kill zombies with it or some engine upgrade parts that i really want to see in the game because i died a lot only for being in a slow van or old car ... some stuff that can make cars feel so much better are for example needing to change the oil (it's a nightmare) or not letting the car be outside in cold weather because they're are old cars and they're carburetor works better in warm weather and not in cold weather ( a old car with carburetor will struggle to start in cold weather ) they are a lot more things that i don't remember rn thank you
  11. 1) First create a folder structure for your mod, call the first folder something like "MyCarReskinMod". Inside that create a "media" folder, inside your media folder create 2 more folders, one called "textures" and one called "scripts". Inside the texture folder create a folder called "Vehicles" and inside the scripts folder create a folder called "vehicles". Your final folder structure should look like: MyCarReskinMod media textures Vehicles scripts vehicles Don't forget to place your mod.info and poster.png files inside your first folder alongside the media folder. 2) Copy, paste and rename the vehicles main texture that you want to edit/reskin from the ProjectZomboid/Media/Textures/Vehicles folder to your media/textures/vehicles folder. Use this texture along with the vehicles texture mask (also found in the same folder) as a template for your skin. The vehicle mask is listed in the code snippet below ("textureMask = ...") and dictates what part of your vehicle texture gets assigned to each part of the 3d vehicle. 3) Find and copy the original script of the vehicle you want to reskin from the ProjectZomboid/Media/Scripts/Vehicles folder and paste it into your media/scripts/vehicles folder. Below is what the start of your vehicle script should look like, in this example we are editing the taxi skin: Change the line "texture = Vehicles/Vehicle_CarTaxiShell" to "texture = Vehicles/"YourVehicleSkinPNGNameHere" and save. Add your entire mod folder structure into your users/zomboid/mods folder, enable the mod on the in game mods page and play, your edited vehicle skin should now be in game. You can download an example here: RingoCarSkinEdit.zip
  12. I noticed when you hook up cars to cars the towing chain is invisible. So I think the chain should be visible as in actually modeled and textured. If you have an invisible chain then it looks like the cars are just floating together which doesn't look right.
  13. I think it'd be awesome to be able to customize makeshift weaponry for your vehicles in the game. Like weld some armor plates main body of the vehicular particularly the doors. That'd be nice protection. Some reinforced bumpers with spikes to slice up the zombies as you ram into them would be great! Some open/closeable gun ports would allow the player to shoot out of the car and be protected. They wouldn't overpowered since they'd still be damageable plus they'd take a lot of resources to make the protection for.
  14. When player open hood and check vehicle mehanics, then go away ( zombies atacking etc. ) and back to the hood window with vehicle mechanics is closed. Please do next one - when player is back to the hood and hood was open window just show again (without press button). This window can be close when player will close the hood. Thanks. P.S. It's very angry me when I million times open the hood (when zombies attack and attack for example) and wait always 3-4 seconds ( I didn't close the hood ). Just no logic. Hope you will fix that quickly guys.
  15. How to repeat bug: Find the locked car. Brake the any window of car's door. Go to inside car. If you sit on the driver place the engine tries to launching , but key just dissapeared. One more case: When you try to go out from locked car (key not dissapeared when you still inside) and back inside again you will see that key just dissapeared. One more case: When you inside car and get off a key from car key just dissapeared. When I try make that a lot of times I got a thought - "If car locked and key inside, where is dead people inside car. Who locked car inside ?"
  16. It's annoying when people can so easily hotwire cars in MP and steal other players cars. I think cars should be safe when inside our safehouse and other players cannot enter/interact with our cars just like safehouse loot.
  17. Hi! Here I want to talk about a small mistake and defect in cars that I noticed recently. The bug itself lies in the fact that the character can open the hood of any of the cars, even if it is locked with a key, without having this key. Yes, by pressing the interaction key, the character will not be able to do anything, but if we open the radial menu and select the “Open the hood”, the character will gladly open it and immediately begin to inspect all the characteristics of the car. In this way, we can even see that the “Unavailable” status of the hood is “Yes” ;Р -Also, when a character tries to open the hood after pressing the interaction key, the characteristic "closed" sound, as in the case of doors or trunk, is not played :с -And, it seems to me that when you press the “Open the hood” button through the radial menu, the character should not immediately study the characteristics of the car, he, most likely, should just open the hood and do nothing else, as in the case of doors - he does not get in the car right away? Oh, and what about if the cars with the doors and trunk closed also had the hood locked? It would be logical, I think :з If someone has already noticed this and the developers are already aware of this problem - let me know! (I checked the bug for all cars in the game, without using mods) With love from Milove for Big Love (TIS)
  18. Update 11/3 Hey guy! This is now working on the stable branch! Hey dudes, I finally got the compilation of my cars completed, plus a few extra. I've got all the masks working, although the damage textures are kinda half-assed. The script files are fine tuned (for the most part). But yeah, hope ya guys enjoy! Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filed etails/?id=1510950729 I owe a HUGE thanks to Fenris_Wolf of ORGM Rechambered for helping with, well, all the lua files, haha. I'm as good as code illiterate, so without him, this wouldn't have gone anywhere. Car list:
  19. Hi, i have a problem with textures on car, they are inverted. Idk what to do, I sent here 2 photos below. Maybe you know what to do.
  20. Hi all, here's from a client player on a "host" server in the latest build: "The car was stuck on a corner not where you guys even were. And the zombie slowly broke the window and killed me. And I couldn't get out of the car because it said it was moving." From host and other clients' perspectives, he was sitting in the car with us at a location down the road until he died and his corpse appeared just outside the car (a long ways away from the position he was seeing). Anyone else seeing this kind of thing? Playing current stable branch, half dozen UI mods. Server log here and will update with his client log if/when he sends it to me. 03-01-22_19-02-42_DebugLog-server.txt
  21. 41.64 Multiplayer Host No. Reproduction steps: Just driving a car, I don't really exactly know, but while driving the character will sometimes just remove the key and refuse to start the car (I think it happens most often after motor dies) I've seen this happen a couple of times in my multiplayer server with my friends where the car will not start moving. Sometimes it's just due to engine failure, but I've noticed that when you try to start the car again, they key disappears from the keyhole and even when you put it in, the character doesn't rotate it and the car just can't start until you step out and in or after a couple tries of rotating the key.
  22. 41.64 Multiplayer Host No. Reproduction steps: Go into passanger seat of car Start reading book you shouldn't be able to take any actions opening map cancels reading mode This has happened to me about two times ( I didn't really wanna risk trying it more), but when you start reading a book while being a passenger in a car, the game will not allow you to exit the reading mode in any way and you are unable to take any actions. I can't really remember how I got out of it but I somehow pressed a lot of buttons and it let me out.
  23. for several days on each world i created in PZ. whether I use mods or not, i meet strange cars (mostly wrecks), they look like on screenshots i linked, they are always overturned, the wheels above, a huge shadow that no one can pass around. Additionally, they often fly through structures, murdering zombies and pushing my character, usually after a few minutes of flight they calm down and are invulnerable again. I tried to move them with other cars that behaved normally but ended with instant death from "impact" (regardless of speed). I have no idea what happened, on average half of the cars behave like that, if necessary, I can send more screenshots from the game. all screenshots are made on
  24. Typically glovebox and trunk have something spawned in them, and you can see it in car condition weight/out of max weight, but can't access it since doors aren't interactable. Also why not let player take like a decent seat out of it.. you can't do anything with door windows, doors or seats of a wrecked car, even if these parts are 80%+ condition.
  25. I did a quick and cursory search and found nothing much on these topics so I figured I'd suggest a few small ideas! Survivor Door Blocking - The concept is simple enough, right click the door and block it via leaning your back onto/pushing up against it which would keep the zombies from pushing it down for a short time. I assume this would make it take less damage over time, with the caveat that holding it for too long until the zombies break it would basically have you swarmed; maybe even knocking you down when it breaks. I've given this idea some thought and in my opinion the best way to balance it would be as an emergency procedure; scaling the reduced damage to the door with your characters strength, over time as the zombies bash the door down you would gain stress, and panic, as well as exert yourself. Maybe this is asking a bit too much, or asking for something unnecessary, but I legitimately think it's a cool feature and could also prove to be very immersion building in multiplayer if the idea was implemented. (On a side note, I'm sure someone's already asked but I second any suggestion to add in using chairs to put under doorknobs and block doors that way). Speed Bumps - I don't know about you, but in my residential areas and in some more urban city-like areas we have speedbumps all over the roads, almost every 200 feet. If placed correctly, those could act as a cautionary danger for those of us who tend to drive too fast in our cars while out looking for loot; damaging the wheels or suspension if you go over them too fast. May even make some people think twice about using their car EVERYWHERE they go, and change up the gameplay a little. Junk Distractions - A good concept for a bit more tactics in interaction with zombies could come from the use of junk items and other set pieces to cause noises or temporarily block areas. Being able to throw tin cans and empty soda cans once they're fully consumed to attract zombies with the clanging noise - throwing empty glass bottles for a bit of a louder noise - and knocking over trashcans/shelves of items could cause a larger crash that also spreads any items in them on the floor while also providing a new static object for zombies to have to traverse over; in essence giving you a bit of extra time to distance yourself from the pursuing zombies while they traverse over the object at the cost of MAYBE luring new ones to your location. Thanks for taking the time to read these suggestions, I'd love any feedback if possible. I mainly decided to bring these up since I had it in my head that the first and third suggestions would look really cool in the games art style and animation style - so there's that lol. Best of luck developing this great game! - Doc
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