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Found 6 results

  1. Lockpicking A Lockpicking Mod for Project Zomboid which allows you to quickly open locked doors. Now with Tiny AVC support, so you will never miss an update ever again: Breaking Locks If you want to break door and window locks you need to have a crowbar in your inventory. Right click the door you want to open and it should give you the option to break the lock. Be careful though, since this is rather noisy and will certainly attract some unwanted guests. When you break open a door like that, there is a chance that the crowbar will s
  2. WARNING!: Don't use with Build 34, this mod will need an update. Some time ago I wondered what happens with all the items after our character is done eating\drinking\using, do the packs and cans vanish into thin air? I didn't like that idea so I made a mod that adds a ton of trash. Cigarette butts, empty packs of crisps, tin cans etc. Why? Because WHY NOT? It's a pretty much useless mod that adds some... eh... realism? Will you make it to the bin or will you litter all around? Features: Available Languages: - English - Polish (Polski) by Geras & Svarog - French (F
  3. Hello, I need help. I rented a server in GameServers.Com but I can not add admin because they say they need to have access to the CMD. But I can only move on the server via FTP. How do I add Admin without using the CMD, and how you can FTP. I would like to know, appreciate the help! Gostariade also know how to delete the items from the ground via FTP or command. Recalling that since it is a rental server, have no access to CMD!
  4. Hey guys, I was just checking RJ's twitter and noticed he has uploaded a new picture of upcoming metal walls! Any thoughts on what may come with these new things? Props to RJ!
  5. With the advent of the new Nutrition System on Build 34, I was thinking that maybe we should gather our suggestions for this build here rather than on the Food Tracker thread. Feel free to add your own. (Disclaimer, only suggest things RELATED TO THE FOOD SYSTEM, not just some thing you'd rather see added in this build) So, with that said, here come mine: -New Dishes and Recipes 1. Fruit Jams This is something that I'm sure has been suggested before; we should be able to make Jam out of some fruits and berries as a way to preserve the fruits other than the good ol' ''Jars of Pickle
  6. Is it OK for developers giving us some hints about Build 34's content? Creative Mode? What else?
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