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Found 19 results

  1. ---------------------------------------------------------Let Me Speak!-------------------------------------------------------- Note: Svarog and Aricane (owner of PZ-Mods) both had an unaltered copy of V1.2, the latest version before I had a PC failure that effectively erased this mod. If you like this mod, you have them to thank for its continued existence. This mod has something for just about everybody. Whether it be roleplay, immersion, Lua, singleplayer admin, etc, this mod has it all. What stemmed from a suggestion from here has become much, much more. Press T to open up the
  2. RegularX


    This is a pure gameplay mod, no new items or weapons or the like. The gameplay goes like this: You don't sleep. You don't even get tired.You start with a hiking bag, a flashlight, some batteries, a hammer and some nails.During the day, zombies are blinded. You can walk right past them. They will react to sound.When night falls, not only do zombies go from being blind to eagle eyed - most of them will probably know where you are. Hopefully you spent the day wisely. The intention is for fairly high difficulty at night. Fortify yourself well, or be prepared to stay on the run for the en
  3. As I mentioned in another post, game needed a craftable, easy to produce stabbing weapon. We can craft raw axes and hammers, and wood glue offers excellent repair chance for baseball bats and axes. http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/13353-jaw-stabbing-heres-another-approach-to-engage-zeds-effectively/ On the other hand, stabbing weapons are limited. Butter knives are too much fragile. Kitchen knives are not that much fragile, but not reliable; if you also take consideration that they are not available at every kitchen. Hunting knives are very rare, I find 2-3 in gun shop (We
  4. This mod allows you to finally use those wet towels and dish cloths after drying yourself. With it, you can dry it out, or wring it into an empty or dirty water-filled container and use a heat source to purify it, unless you don't mind getting a bit sick of course. Downloads: Latest Version Previous Versions: Changelog: Translation Support: Compatibility Issues: *NOTICE* Since Saranis has been gone for a very long time, I'm making this thread to keep it up-to-date with the progress of the mod. Original Thread
  5. hrot

    Realism mod

    Hi, i want to show you my little simple mod. Mod doesn't adds anything new, it's just changes various game mechanics. The reason behind my mod is to make game a lot harder and more realistic at the same time so i changed mostly how farming works. Changes: It mostly changes how farming works, it's now a lot harder (realistic growing time). All plants have realistic growin time now(and realistic time to rot): carrots: 4 months to grown 6 months to rot potatoes: 4 months to grown 8 months to rot tomato: 2,5 months to grown 2 week to rot (default time) cabbage: 4 months to grown 3 months
  6. Homemade Bats (and clubs, too!) v1.4.31 for Build 31 (1.3.30 for Build 30 still available at the Nexus link for those not on IWBUMS) Coded by Dudeman325 Icons by WolfeClaw Download at the Project Zomboid Nexus Download at PZ-Mods Included in Hydrocraft with expanded recipes! Seriously, check it out! --- What does this mod do? --- Having trouble finding a weapon besides Planks and Spoons on a pillaged multiplayer server? Broke all your weapons after an extended survival? Make some decent weaponry from basic materials! This mod adds recipes to make clubs (1-handed) and bats (2-ha
  7. valrix

    ZConomy v0.1

    Greetings! I've made this mod as an attempt to implement currency and allow the use of machines that would require such currency. With it, you can loot money from wallets and purses, then buy from vending machines, which have been loaded up with drinks and snacks. If you don't have the money and don't mind making a lot of noise, you can also pry them open with a crowbar, destroying some of the contents. I haven't had a chance to test this in multiplayer yet, but I tried to implement it best I can. I'm afraid my experience with multiplayer is close to none. Planned Features: Downloads: L
  8. Hey guys. I've made a mod that allows use of any of the traits on any of the occupations during character creation. This includes the three professional traits (Night Owl, Desensitized, and Axe Man) and all the green positive and red negative traits that you normally need to balance with each other. Furthermore, I've added back all the traits that were previously removed from the game. These six removed traits are Brooding, Marksman, Hardened Drinker, Light Drinker, Patient, and Short Tempered. Enjoy being able to use these traits once again! Once you have installed the mod, enabled it,
  9. Long time ago I've reported it as a bug on the tracker, it never got fixed so I fixed it for myself, I decided to share this with others who might be interested. The problem is this, Canned Food is not affected by Food Rarity setting in sandbox, it's affected by Misc Rarity. I like to play with high amount of misc items, tools, clothes etc. and with Very Rare food, I never could because I always ended up with a stockpile of canned goods. With this mod Canned goods are properly treated by the game as food items (Don't worry, you can't eat the can, you still need to open it). So if you want to
  10. A rather simple mod that Nerfs all melee weapons, disabling the ability to hit more than 1 zombie at a time. It also disables the ability to push away 3 zombies at a time. Created for the sole purpose of making the game harder and making running away a default reaction to seeing a horde bigger than 3 zombies. With this mod, having an Axe won't make you a zombie killing machine and you shouldn't even dare to try taking on more than 3 zombies as they WILL get you and kill you. Download: http://pz-mods.net/gameplay/WeaponNerf/ Required Version: Project Zomboid Early Access Build 31.13 EDIT: A
  11. Here's another tiny mod I made while experimenting with the code for fun. It adds some new hair colors to character creation screen. They may not be too realistic or anything but who said you can't go crazy in a zombie apocalypse Enjoy. Download: http://pz-mods.net/gameplay/SVGHair/ Keep in mind, zombies will get random hair color so if you don't like green haired zombies you can go into the .lua file and remove the colors you don't like or you can apply a mutator that comes with the mod that will remove some of the more crazy colors. Required Version: Project Zomboid Early Access Bui
  12. Outdoorsmen - Seriously underbudgeted. 2 Points to become immune to colds (especially with how difficult they are to treat). All thumbs - 100% free points similar to light drinker. Not sure if we still wanted things like this. Slow Reader - Another 100% free point perk. Cowardly - For those abusing Adrenaline Junkie, this becomes free points when combo with Agoraphobic + Claustrophobic. I understand that it has its place, but perhaps it should somehow be exclusive when the previous two are in use since your already constantly panicked. Dexterous - Overpriced for a QoL perk that isn't n
  13. This thread will from now on hold various sprite recolors I made for myself. Recolored Hiking Bags: Updated to 0.2 - 28.01.2015 A simple mod created only to add some variety, it changes the sprite of Normal and Big Hiking Bags. Mediafire Download: http://pz-mods.net/weapons-items/SVGBags/ Required Version: Project Zomboid Early Access Build 29-31 Modified Book Sprites: Updated to 0.4 - 22.03.2015 Another simple mod created to add variety, it changes the appearence of all skill books giving each a unique color and an image having to do with the skill on the cover. I know the quality is ki
  14. Just wondering what in-game advantages a sawn-off shotgun has over a regular shotgun, and/or vise versa?
  15. Exactly what it says on the tin. I've never really farmed before and I'd like a little run-down of how to go about. What should my farming grid look like, how much should I farm at once, how often should I water or spray? I have the two gardening cans and the materials to make the sprays, along with 2 watering cans and plenty of dirt and seeds. How do I get started?
  16. So as the new build 31 has been released and one of my new favorite features is player reanimation. As my character was shambling around with his new "friends" and all I could hear was moaning everywhere. I was thinking of build 30 and how the added zombies group with moans so I was wondering if you could press Q like you could as if you where alive but instead of shouting out your player zombie moans and can make zombies come towards you and form a small horde what do you think? is this a possibility? I would love to hear you guys/girls ideas please write them here -Decay
  17. FlourCraft v1.1.30 for Build 30 (works with Build 31, too!) By Dudeman325 Download at PZ-Mods --- Install --- 1- Extract the rar to your mods folder (shown in-game in the Mods menu) 2- Enable "FlourCraft" in the Mods menu 3- Eat and survive! --- What does this mod do? --- This mod adds new recipes and food items made primarily from flour. Get more variety out of your ration stockpile by making pancakes and noodles, or survive on simple gruel as your stomach rumbles for more palatable fare... --- The recipes and foods --- Bowl of Gruel -15 Hunger +30 Unhappiness +30 Boredom Recipe: 2 W
  18. This is a simple mod to censor the blood and gore in PZ. I figured I can't be the only one who needs this so here it is! NOTE: This does NOT put any savefiles or mods to danger. This is just a texturepack which means that it does not remove any blood sprites, it makes them transparent. This does not reduce lag in any way. Features Full censor - Takes away all gore - Gibs, splatter and bloody textures already existent in the map Partial censor - Takes away the worst gore - Doesn't delete gibs - Leaves textures in the map and low visibility splatters from zombie kills How to install Windows
  19. Fur Clothes v 1.3.31 for Build 31 (1.2.31 still available at the PZ Nexus for those not on IWBUMS) Coded by Dudeman325 Icons by WolfeClaw Download at the Project Zomboid Nexus Download at PZ-Mods --- Install --- 1- Extract the rar to your mods folder (shown in-game in the Mods menu) 2- Enable "Fur Clothes" in the Mods menu 3- Show off your fancy new duds! --- What does this mod do? --- Want to stay a bit warmer during those cold winter nights, but sweaters and pants aren't warm enough? Put those trapping skills to use and make some warmer clothing! This mod adds new recipes fo
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