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  1. Tried validating files, didn't work. Don't have any photos of it yet. It makes the game downright unplayable. How do i even fix this?
  2. Good day, everyone! I'm playing on the latest stable build 41.78 in singleplayer, and I have an issue with the sound. I recommend you to read this first and then watch the video to have a clearer picture of my issue. I have been building my house for quite some time and ran into one problem with the sound that I get when I enter the house. I have built rooms and the floor above them as a roof to make it, well, isolated from the outer world and create a shelter. The problem is that in two of my rooms in my house (kitchen and freezer) the sound of the outside world is still the same as if there was no roof above them, which really breaks the immersion, even though I have built the roof above them, same with the lighting indoors. The game refuses to create the muffled outdoor sounds inside the building in these two specific rooms. In the video, I also show the actual built roof above the rooms and run around to show that in other rooms the muffled sound of the rain works just fine except for those two mentioned above. Please, check out the video and help me out with this - I have put a lot of effort in this house and really want to fix it... somehow...
  3. Hello, I'm playing with some friends hosting a local server, but among them, there's a friend who, when he gets into a car so we can ride with him, in his game he simply gets stuck in the same place despite the car being moving or teleports from 7 to 7 seconds without seeing the car move. I would like to know if there is any solution for this? We have tried several common solutions found on websites, but none seem to help. And his computer has no problems running the game, it runs smoothly.
  4. After migrating our server to a new paid VPS running Windows Server 2019, players are encountering a "Connection to server lost" error a few minutes after connecting. This error does not occur when running the server from our own computer, and there are no apparent errors in the server console.
  5. Version: 41.78.16 Singleplayer Apocalypse mode Happens on old and new saves No Mods Here is a specific situation where my character get stuck endlessly in the sit-up or the push-up animation meaning that you cannot end it anymore (pressing WASD or ESC will not end the animation and the animation will not end when the defined time is over or due to low endurance). It happens for me when doing sit-ups or push-ups, having the "High exertion" moodle and while doing the exercise, using the "Walk to" command from the right-click menu. Exact steps to reproduce: 1. Get your character on high exertion. 2. Choose "Exercise" in the health screen and let your character do sit-ups or push-ups. 3. While exercising, right-click anywhere on the ground, select the "Walk To" option and choose a square to which your character should walk. Result: My characters won't stop the fitness animation and do not walk to the selected square. Instead, they will do the animation endlessly and there is no way to stop it anymore. Only way I can solve the problem is to quit the game and reload (pressing ESC to open the pause menu and quitting still works). Important for the reproduction of the problem is that the character is on high exertion. The problem does not occur without exertion or on moderate exertion. Moreover, the problem does not occur for me when the character does squats or burpees. Only sit-ups and push-ups are affected. The game does not show any red error box when the problem occurs. The error is therefore not identifiable for me when looking at the console.txt.
  6. Kazys

    Spear bug

    Standing still to kill a zombie but missing on purpose then pushing it kills it instantly. Not a game changing bug but might need so fixes. IMG_5935.mov
  7. I'm using Google Translate, sorry if you hear any errors ok, my save was corrupted and I wanted to know if there was any way to resolve this, because honestly it was my best start to the game. I opened the game menu (pause menu) and exited the game, then turned off the PC, do you think this could have corrupted my save?
  8. when i try to join a specific server it gets stuck joining the game I don't know what to do i delete and reinstall project zomboid and didn't work please help
  9. Recently in my pz server i've had zombies spawn in large numbers (20 to 70 or so) right next to me. I run a server with a decent amount of mods, so i dont know if its a mod that is screwing up the zombie spawns or if its a vanilla game bug. But either way if anyone else had this problem and found a fix for it that would be nice if I could fix it cuz I dont really want to restart my world I don't have footage of my experience, but this youtube had filmed his experience of the same bug so heres a link to that https://www.youtube.com/clip/UgkxueCV7ruzY8gRCKwml1An-xvTjtXzlPVD
  10. Film bez tytułu ‐ Wykonano za pomocą Clipchamp (27).mp4
  11. Hello, i just reformated my computer, and now suddenly i can't play Project Zomboid. I press on start but nothing happens. Every other game works fine. Could someone help me? Thanks
  12. Denchik


    That is, the folders related to the server where all the progress is located simply remained untouched But I noticed this later, because after renaming, I clicked on "start the server" It was a fatal mistake, because the game just started creating new files from an already created server))) An attempt to roll back the changes also did not give anything, because even the game logs are updated WITH EACH CHANGE instead of creating another backup. Why am I doing this Developers either simply do not test their innovations, or they do not care about the work of their own game. Otherwise, I cannot explain the LACK of ANY EXPLANATIONS in each point of the server configuration. In the end, I managed to find and, in a sense, "revive" our save, but my character, which was re-generated, is lost forever, because the game, and in particular the server, does not provide for the possibility of transferring a character from one server to another, EVEN IF THERE IS A FOLDER WITH HIS PROFILE. Developers just need to remove half of the restrictions on reading character files so that in case of such breakdowns, they can restore the character and the server, making a backup copy of the entire server each time. All this nonsense related to the "anti-cheat" or the ban on the use of cheats is more than meaningless, since most people do NOT play on servers with 20+ people but play with friends. I do not know if the developers will see this post, but I have played their game for 1600 hours and am a fan of it, but the fact that the developers are NOT DOING ANYTHING for a stable game over the network just annoys me. Can I find out when you will expand the window for adding mods to the server?? This little window where you force to add mods piece by piece, is this a joke? What prevented you from making the same window as for a single game so that not 8 mods in the list are shown, but all 20??? I have 300+ mods on my server that I have added MANUALLY more than once, BY CLICKING ON EACH OF THEM, BECAUSE, AS ALWAYS, YOU DID NOT WANT TO ADD THE "ADD ALL" BUTTON. Thanks for attention.
  13. We can change the settings but the mod ignores the settings we change and continues with default settings, which means we can't disable bullet casings or make them deposit into player inventory. What are we doing wrong?
  14. • Version: 41.65 • Session mode: Multiplayer. • Server type: Dedicated. • Has mods? Yes. • Reproduction steps: 1. Follow the discord bot integration setup post to initialize the integration. 2. Make sure everything is okay and start the dedicated server. 3. Sometimes you will see something in the logs like {username=servertest, password=null, somethingsomething=null}. 4. If you saw step 3's log, your Discord Bot name will be renamed to your server's name (by default: servertest). If not it will be kept as you configured @ discord's app developer page. • Commentary 01: I'm not 100% sure this is a bug, but it is definitely annoying to have to go back to the Discord's App Developer page just to rename the bot's name to the name you set up initially. If this is intentional then please, do ignore this report as it is not critical by any means. • Commentary 02: Also, it is sending duplicate messages from discord room to game after reconnecting the bot [?] jan. 11, 2022 11:42:17 AM de.btobastian.javacord.utils.JavacordLogger info INFORMATION: Websocket closed with reason null and code 1000 by client! jan. 11, 2022 11:42:17 AM de.btobastian.javacord.utils.JavacordLogger info INFORMATION: Could not resume session. Reconnecting now...
  15. Ive tried remote bombs they dont go off, throwing them makes it disappear and nothing happens, sensor bombs don't work, and timed bombs beep down and dont go off. I don't think theres any mods that fix it either sadly.
  16. Im having an issue with a server with my friend that the car even though is full condition and gas, but won't start. We have mods and even used the mod menu to repair it and still doesn't work. The engine is grey on the dash, but green in the hood.
  17. My friend is trying to host a server, and we ran into a big problem with the vehicles. We spawned in a car to test if everything is working, and it spawned in with perfect condition, gas, and I had the key. The dash shows grey on the engine, but green on the battery. Under the hood it shows everything perfectly fine. We have mods, and we messed around with stuff, but we don't have errors. I tried making another post, but I dont know if it went through, so my apologies for a second post if so.
  18. Hi I had some clothes on the floor. Accidentally I dropped the bag on top of them and they disappeared. How do I get them back? Thanks for the help
  19. Version: 41.78.16(Steam) Mods: None Singleplayer works fine, with mods and without. On Multiplayer, my game bugs out. I can't remove the curtains; When I kill a zombie, they lie on the ground and move around as if they're still alive and I can't loot the corpses; The map doesn't load in completely (like a 4x4km cell). after some time (1-2min) Anti cheat 21/22 or 24 kicks me out. These are by now all the issues I've found I uninstalled and restarted the game, removed everything that as to do with the game: the Files in User folder and steam folder. Yet the issue still pops up. The Bugs happens on official, Community servers and my own. My friends which are on the same servers don't encounter this issues. Video of the bugs: Bugged MP.mp4 Anticheat Type 22 was disabled in this video! I've safed up the Serverlogs, I'm not sure if there is sensible information in the logs so I'd prefer not to send it before an expert tells me so. Your help would be appreciated!
  20. I reinstall game 3 times on random period of time. And nothing of my settings are saved. And its very annoying. Like, REALLY ANNOYING we had so much updates where cloud saves doesn't support. Why Indie Stone? We Lose - Save files with characters - Templates for characters - Sandbox templates - Settings And probably other things i didn't mentioned.
  21. When I host a game with my friends, it always seems like all the zombies are in big clusters, really close to each other, and I haven't seen any spread out zombies, how do I fix this bug, please help.
  22. Every time I use cruise control at 40mph while driving a Chevy Dart the music stops playing. It does not do this at any other speed, I've attached a video of this event along with an image of the cars condition. (Though the video shows it bugging at 45mph it doesn't normally, only if you were going 40mph before hand) OS: Linux Mint PZ Version: 41.78.16 Single Player Vanilla If you need any additional info just ask PZbug-2023-04-11.mp4
  23. • 41.78.16 • Singleplayer/Multiplayer. • Host. • No. • Still occurs on new save • Reproduction steps: 1. Start game in Apocalypse mode. 2. Attack a zombie with downward kick (Left ALT by Default) in a fighting stance. 3. Moving during the hit, the zombie falls instantly. I think this bug is serious and it breaks the game. Fix it as soon as possible. logs.zip
  24. I was playing with 2x zombie count. After my survivor went to sleep and woke up, I exited the game and a few hours later (In Real Life) I re-loaded my save. I noticed all the zombies within the distance of a fully zoomed out camera (plus a bit) were mysteriously gone. Beyond that distance, I saw one group of zombies but didn't bother to investigate further. Dead zombies still remained on the ground. I'm 100% sure that before this bug occurred, there were hordes of zombies around my character's vicinity. The entire map might have been affected, or just simply the vicinity of my character. I'm not sure. But obviously this is a game crippling bug. Staff/Devs reply or PM me if you want the save or need certain files. I'll give more details or help in any way I can.
  25. When I open the game on steam it does not appear and closes the process alone, but it works in cmd, I wanted to understand why projectzomboid64.exe does not work and if there is a way to solve it. I already tried to uninstall, check the files and move the game to another hd. This all started after i formatted the computer (I'm using windows 10).
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