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Found 17 results

  1. I have insectiphobia and I'm trying to create a mod that replaces the names and icons/models of all the bugs in the game with "fish food." I'm completely new to modding Zomboid so I found some related posts but no definitive answer, and using the recommendations to those questions, I came up with my own mod, but it's not working. I started by creating a mod folder with mod.info, poster.png, and a media folder in my User/Zomboid/mods folder. Inside the media folder are scripts and textures folders. In scrpits, I have a script called replace.txt, and in textures I have Item_FishFood.png. So the file structure can be written like this: I'm doing a test with chips because they're a food and included in the starter kit. I've been testing variations, ex: I used the base module, changed the display name, icon, and world static model parameters, and added the override parameter, but left all the other information the same as base game. I enabled the mod in game and have been testing it by creating new save files with the starter kit option checked, but every time I load in I still see "Chips" and the chip icon. Any ideas on how I can get it to work?
  2. NEONPH△ZE Buildings This is my first completed building and I want to make it available to everyone. Feel free to use it however you wish. Crediting isn't necessary, but appreciated. Let me know if you find any bugs or have suggestions for improvement. About the building: This building is a 4 story home with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a garage, and 3 decks. The rooms themselves are relatively small. There is a good variety of loot available, including ammo. BIG thanks to Daddy Dirkie dirk for his tutorial videos. NEONPH△ZE_Home_01_4FL_3B_S.tbx
  3. A few things I've been thinking a lot ever since I first heard about NPCs coming to the game in the future and I wanted to bring this up early since even if there is the possibility they are being considered for the NPC update, there is always the possibility that in the chaos that is the world of gamedev day to day, one or more might have gone by unnoticed. There are 4 possibilities on how you will meet with NPCs and each of them brings up important points that must be discussed and with such I'll add in a few suggestions about each. 1- You DON'T have a "group/base" and the NPC also doesn't have a "group/base". Group in this matter is a survival base with other NPC and/or players. In this case, it should be possible to interact with the NPC and recruit the NPC for your group. Starting a group from 0, setting a home base, defining which place is to rest, where food is stored, where it is safe and where isn't, patrols, watch points, all the needed inner workings of a base, maybe defining what needs to be built where and if you are the leader of the group, giving those build orders and choosing which NPC does what. You could arm an NPC with a rifle and order another NPC to build a watch tower even if you yourself have 0 building skills, placing that NPC with the rifle to keep watch on the tower and maybe even setting more than one NPC at that watch point giving a different schedule for each one so that there is always one person there and when one gets off to rest and idle, the other takes over. This means there should be ways to define Leadership of a group and it should be possible for an NPC to become Leader or a player to surrender Leadership. This also means that the relationship with NPCs also needs some form of "political interaction" within the group and a way for NPCs to know who belongs to their group and who doesn't by interacting with one another and developping relationships with one another, maybe even forming inner factions. And in MP that means that only one player gets to be the "Leader" of the group, or maybe even there could be more than one Leader by "decision of the majority"? Things to consider 2- You DON'T have a "group/base" but the NPC does. This makes it so that if the NPC "trusts" you they could invite you, if they don't trust you, they wouldn't and if they are evil, they could pretend to invite you and screw you over or even they could be evil but the player by doing a proper sequence of interactions still gets that NPC trust and gets to join an "evil" group. This means that a sort of "dynamic trust system" should exist during first interactions with NPCs. Not just due to relationship points, but a sort of "first impressions" system that only is used for the first few interactions of when you meet an NPC. This would also be needed for situation 1 since if an NPC doesn't trust you, due to you screwing them over, hurting them, insulting or abandoning them in a situation of danger, they probably wouldn't want to join your group and say they would be better off alone. 3- You DO have a "group/base" and the NPC doesn't. As I mentioned in situation 2, in this case, the "dynamic trust system" should exist so that the NPC can judge if they trust you enough to join your group, to bring you back to their "family" (smaller than a group, not a base but just a few other NPCs surviving together in a stage with smaller numbers before growing into a group and settling a safe base) so that their "family" may also join your "group/base". 4- You DO have a "group/base" and the NPC also does. In this case, there should still be a "dynamic trust system" in situations that the NPC "thinks their current group/base is bad for them" and even a possibility of needing to "rescue" another NPC belonging to their "family" from their current "group/base". OR the possibility of them bringing you to their group/base that they feel safe as a sort of ambassador of your "group/base" which brings the possibility and need of a diplomacy and diplomatic relations between "group/base" that also need to exist between NPC to NPC groups/bases. Exchanging food for goods, doing scavenge runs together, being requested to rescue someone from their group since they are out of "runners" that can go out of the base and other possibilities that could use the radios in specific frequencies to communicate between groups. Base to base interactions should be something almost as, if not more important than the inner workings of your own base. There is the possibilities of war as well. Kidnappings or murder of your "runners"(NPCs defined as scavengers that go out in search of specified goods defined by the leader). As I mentioned, I just wanted to bring this topic up as soon as possible since I know that the NPC update is already underway and I know how chaotic gamedev is and how some aspects my just pass us by when focusing on other aspects of development. I actually very excited for the NPC update and loving the game currently, so I can't wait to see what you guys are cooking up right now.
  4. Pretty self-explanatory. Some form of tripwire to trigger a simple bell perhaps? Or even a loud blaring alarm if you can afford one. A lot of people have problems with zombies coming right up on them when sleeping and this seems like the easiest solution.
  5. Is that a bug or did I do something wrong? Context: I decided to make my base in the "Isolated House - Muldraught" I did that I destroyed all the walls of the house to make it bigger but this problem appeared or bug? Eso es un bug o algo hice mal ?? Contexto: decidi hacer mi base en la "Isolated House - Muldraught" hací que destruí todos los muros de la casa para hacerla mas grande pero aparecio ese problema o ¿bug?. My entire base is already covered with a wooden roof: Toda mi base ya esta con techo de madera:
  6. Hey y'all. It's BIT (Brex Idea Time) again! One of my favorite places to fortify during the fall of Knox County is the Muldraugh Police Station, as I often RP as the last surviving police officer in Muldraugh and make it my mission to reclaim the police station and turn it into a functioning safehouse. Problem is, it's not the most defensible location. Lots of smashable windows in the front, and a waist-high fence around the perimeter of the station that does f**k all to keep out the zeds. Now, usually, I just board up/sheet up the windows and proceed to either A) tear down the useless waist-high fence and replace them with walls, B) simply build the wall in front of or behind the fence, or C) just say "f**k the fence" and leave it as is, dealing with any zombies that enter the perimeter as they come. As you can imagine, none of those options are particularly viable. Option A is time-consuming, Option B is awkward, and Option C is a death sentence. That got me thinking about how to improve and expand the available defenses that can be built and utilized to protect your safehouse, wherever it may be. So here are a few suggestions I came up with: 1) Plywood boards. As anyone who lives near a coastline in America can tell you, plywood is the cheapest and most readily available material to use in order to board up the windows of your home in the event of a hurricane. In-game, plywood boards would be an alternative form of barricading windows, slightly stronger than simple planks but much weaker than metal sheets. All you'd need is a hammer, nails, and a sheet of plywood (which could be scavenged from any warehouse or hardware store.) It would also solve one of my biggest peeves in-game: barricading over broken windows, because wooden planks (and sometimes even metal sheets) tend to "float" in the air when placed in certain types of broken windows, especially if the windows are cleared of glass. A plywood board covering up the hole would be a viable solution, covering up the hole in the window while also serving as a decent barricade. It could also work for certain doors too: 2) Traps. While there are a few trap-like tools that experienced survivors can craft in the base game, they're not the best at keeping out zombies from your base. So instead of flame traps made of bottles of vodka or pipe bombs crafted from cans of hairspray, lets keep it simple. How about bear traps? A ditch filled with wooden spikes? Trip wires? A highly-skilled carpenter or engineer could go full-out Home Alone and create a whole host of booby traps to kill Zombie Harry and Zombie Marv. 3) More perimeter defenses. Like I mentioned above, the ridiculously short fence around the police station in Muldraugh is a bit of a peeve of mine. So instead of tearing it down or trying to build around it, why not include certain ways to improve perimeter defenses? How about some wooden spikes surrounding the perimeter? Piles of barbed wire in front of the fencing, a la Rainbow Six: Siege? Maybe with certain fences you can even build on top of the fence, such as adding wooden barricades or barbed wire to keep zombies from climbing over as seen here in my second favorite zombie game of all time, State of Decay: Now I know that some players use crates and boxes as barricades to block zombies from climbing over waist-high fences, but that to me seems more like an exploit of the zombie's pathfinding AI rather than a legitimate strategy to keep enemies at bay. I mean, they're just f**king boxes. There should be an option to construct additional defenses on top of or around waist-high fences in order to keep zombies from climbing over without having to waste time and effort building an entire damn wall. 4) Junk walls. For that perfect post-apocalyptic look, just cobble together whatever scrap 'n crap you can carry and construct a shoddy makeshift wall that, while not particularly strong, serves as a cheap temporary barrier between you and the zombies until you can create your real walls. It can be made of practically anything: logs, metal sheets, planks, siding, plywood boards, scrap metal, you name it. One or two zombies against a junk wall isn't much of a problem, but be warned: a horde of those f*ckers will tear it down like it was made of tissue paper. It's only meant to serve as a temporary barrier until you gain the supplies to build actual walls. For a decent idea of what I'm talking about, take a look at the junk walls from the game Fallout 4: 5) Using furniture to barricade...properly. The addition of movable furniture to the game allowed for players to use everyday objects as measures of protecting their safehouse from the zombie hordes, as seen here by a player barricading the wide-open plaza of the Sunstar Motel: That's a good start and is definitely what most people would use to barricade their homes in the likely event that they don't have access to wooden planks, a hammer, and some nails. But it's still rudimentary; furniture and objects can only be moved from their original position to a new position. I think it should go a little further than that. How about overturning sofas and beds to block hallways and act as cover from gunfire? Bookcases and refrigerators that can be pushed in front of windows? Chairs that can be wedged into doors to keep them from opening? The possibilities are endless, but I recognize that this particular suggestion may not be entirely possible, given the nature of sprites and object manipulation within the game. It's not a huge deal, but the devs did say they want to implement the ability to use furniture as barricades...well, I'm just trying to expand on that idea a little. 6) Concertina wire. Often mistaken for barbed wire, this can be used a form of fencing or other barricade, and is actually much harder to penetrate than barbed wire. Stick a ring of it on the walls and fences around your safehouse or set it up just outside your front step and watch any unfortunate bastard who wanders into it get caught and bleed like a stuck pig: I believe the item "Razor Wire" is in the game, but it doesn't really have much use at the moment. Well, razor wire could be used to construct razor wire fences such as the one in the picture above, keeping out (or at the very least slowing down) and intruders. 7) Tire-stack fences and barricades. Players who have been experimenting with the recent vehicles test may have noticed that, for all the benefits of finally having a car in Project Zomboid, they don't really make for the best fortifications. Being physics-enabled objects, they can be hard to manipulate into proper positions and can experience glitches when used to seal off a doorway from the outside. Besides, good luck finding enough workable vehicles to build a proper perimeter out of. You can't even use the vehicle wrecks as there are no tow trucks in game. But you should be able to use something else: the tires. We've seen dozens of eco-friendly aficionados do all sorts of crazy things with tires, but one of the most common uses for old tires outside of recycling is for holding back earth or water in retaining walls like these: Now, I don't know about you, but a ring of tire stacks filled with earth sounds like it would form a damn-near impenetrable barricade against both zombies AND gun-toting survivors. Hell, as seen in the photo, they may even be used as miniature growing plots! Instead of retaining water or earth, these tire walls would retain the undead. 8) Turrets. What's that? You found a Humvee on the highway with the Browning still attached? And it still has ammo? Well how about you relieve that vehicle of its precious cargo, set it up on top of some sandbags, and lay waste to any zombie hordes that step within a hundred-foot radius of your safehouse. But be warned, zombies are attracted to noise, and a .50 caliber machine gun is LOUD. 9) Noisemakers. Got a horde on your tail and don't want to lead them back to your safehouse? Getting royally f*cked by an unfortunate house alarm or by some d*ckhead flying overhead in an Apache? Well why not make some noise of your own? Set up anything from fireworks to remote-controlled explosives in specific areas, and trigger them in order to get the zombies off you. With proper planning, you could even control the movements of the horde and perpetually keep them away from your safehouse, barring any unfortunate circumstances beyond your control. Just be careful: noise carries in Knox County, and you may end up attracting a lot more danger than you intended if you're not careful. 10) Body walls. Yeah, you read that right. Body walls. Piles of corpses stacked thirty feet high around your base. A scene straight out of 300 or Game of Thrones. You've slaughtered so many zombies and now their decaying corpses litter the ground around your safehouse. Now you could do the smart-but-boring thing of burning and burying the bodies, or you can do the dumb-but-awesome thing of literally stacking their bodies on top of each other to form a barricade around your safehouse. Not only is it a testament to your zombie-killing achievements, but it has one more practical purpose: masking your smell. Now this would NOT work like in The Walking Dead, where covering yourself in zombie guts or keeping de-jawed zeds on chains close to you would make the zombies think you're one of them and not attack you. The zombies of Project Zomboid operate on sight, hearing, AND smell, so if they see your ass or hear your f*cking around, they're gonna come after you. But having a wall of rotting corpses potentially robs the zombies of one of their keenest remaining senses, tricking them into thinking that the only thing in the area is smelly rotten death. And zombies can't eat smelly rotten death. Again, if they see or hear you, they'll be on you like white on rice on a sheet of paper in a snowstorm. But otherwise, they might just pass you by...provided you don't stink even worse than a literal pile of walking corpses. Well, there you have it. Ten ideas for improvements to base defense in PZ. Have you guys got any other ideas for stuff that can be implemented to assist in defense?
  7. Hey guys, marked the 200 buildings anniversary that I made with this nice family sized Nuclear Bunker. It has 2 decontamination rooms, a common area, a kitchen, storage, bathroom, small armory, small medical supplies room, two shared bedrooms (F and M sleep in different rooms) and a storage room with food and freezers. It has a vent that goes outside, you can probably see it in the pictures. All is furnished and done, and yes, even the light switches are there, it's just that they are a bit hidden from view Hope you all enjoy my work for the upcoming Union City map !
  8. Hello everyone ! I have a problem on a server .... I built two base, in the forest and in a farm building and both have been deleted from the server ... Do you know where this can come from? I installed a TV, radio, windows, fridge, sink, plants, carpet etc ... objects that I found in homes around! Is that to move such objects may bugs bases? I'm really bummed because I had really a lot of stuff ... Have you ever had the same concerns? Do you think the fact of moving these objects are the source of the problem? Thank you for your answers ! And sorry for my "English"
  9. On Bedford Falls, I'm building a base in the large clearing east of the lake in the middle. With the latest build you can move lights, sinks and TV's etc, but because it isn't an existing house, the game doesn't supply power/ water to them.(yes the water and electricity are still on in game). So is there an easy way to mod the files either with the map editor or manually to make the game see those cells as having water/electricity? - I also want to do this to stop erosion from spawning grass and shrubs inside my base. I don't really expect a mod, just a quick fix until the devs implement this properly, but does anyone know how to edit these parameters in my existing game?
  10. I currently find it awkward trying to defend my safe-house. The zombies start by banging on my doors and barricaded windows trying to get in. While this is happening i can't attack them. Then they break in and its all too late to fight them off. I never really try to defend my base now because its always safer/easier to just run off making lots of noise, leading the zombies away. I think that windows might be the biggest problem at the moment. Zombies just hop straight through an open or broken window and merrily start trying to eat your brain. I think that zombies should climb through windows rather slowly and have a chance to fall over on the other side. But more importantly there should be an extra stage added where the zombie reaches through the window and prepares to climb. This would open up an opportunity to defend the window. The other side of a window would become a good place to be. It would also be nice if you could fight through barricaded (1 or 2 planks only) windows. So you could attack out and zombies could reach in and try to grab you (would be cool if zombies grabbed through windows). I don't want to damage my own barricades while defending them Also Doors could have a broken state where they have holes smashed in them but are still acting as a barrier (that you could also see through). This would allow you to fight through the holes and have awesome "Here's Johnny" moments.
  11. Houses Bugs: -Some of the grafitti "glows" (are highlighted) in the dark. -Zombiebungeejumping from windows (sadly I were dead already and can't watch this from outside ). +Fixed stair-bug Building is now 1x1 tilerows larger Download: InApBl_by_7.zip Military Bugs: - experimental wire fence door won't work; sledgehammer will work Download: military_base_by_7.zip Military Trainingground 1 V0.0 Download: military_tg1_by_7.zip Military Trainingground 2 V0.0 Download: military_tg2_by_7.zip Military Trainingground 3 V0.0 Download: military_tg3_by_7.zip Military Watchtower E/S/W V0.0 Download: military_wte_by_7.tbx.zip - Watchtower East Download: military_wts_by_7.tbx.zip - Watchtower South Download: military_wtw_by_7.tbx.zip - Watchtower West Military Base Entrance V0.0 Bugs: - experimental wire fence door won't work; sledgehammer will work +Forgot some outer lightsources - added! Download: military_entrance_by_7.zip Military Hospital V1.0 Bugs: -Some lightning bugs -Cell Door in security room don't work, other cell doors do; Player can walk trough +Fixed machineroom containers by changing room definition +Fixed stairbug (Helicopter landing platform is now reachable) Download: military_hospital_by_7_v1.0.zip Military Tent (Wood/Desert/Urban/Marine) V1.0 - heading east and south Bugs: None Download: military_tent_ALL_by_7_v1.0.zip Military Airport V1.0 - heading west, so the runway should be on the westside Bugs: None Download: military_airport_by_7_v1.0.zip Military Hangar V1.0 - heading east and south/opend and closed Bugs: None Download: military_hangar_ALL_by_7_v1.0.zip Military Heliport V1.0 - It's more than a "H" Bugs: None, maybe the "pipe" (I used it as cable canal) can block the way. Download: military_heliport_by_7_v1.0.zip Miscellanea Thank you TIS! Feel free to use and/ or change! Have Fun!
  12. Just interested to see other peoples bases and stuff. Heres mine! nothing special, i'm held up at the church in WP atm. Also fi you could give a little info on your character or what you've done in your world that'd be cool to. World is about 8 months old, been all over the map in search for a sledgehammer. started in west point and worked my way up to the giant mall. Cleared it out went down to muldraugh then finally found one! "city" part of WP is cleared and the giant Mall is also cleared Previously lived in the hunting lodge with a different character but he got mauled to death in the mall. I found him on my 6 month character and he was a zombie. UPDATE: I was working so hard on my base that I forgot to eat and collapsed to the floor dead from what my best guess is starvation. Spent weeks on that character...gonna drink bleach IRL now.
  13. Hey everyone, i find it really annoying that when i finally have got my new base i have all these dead bodies of the zombies i killed inside the house. I think it would be a really good feature that you can drag, drop and even burn dead body's (for example with gasoline and a lighter/matches). and also a way to clean up blood. To some pleople this might sound unnecessary. But i think that would be pretty awesome. Thanks for paying attention and hopefully some people like my idea
  14. The Base.Map Item Looking through the list of items that can be spawned in the current IWBUMS build, I noticed a new item, Base.Map: Does this have any use yet? As far as I can tell you can equip it, but it does not actually do anything yet. I'm curious, what are the plans for this item? Current Maps for Project Zomboid I dislike using online resources such as pzmap or the Wiki because to me that feels like cheating. My character shouldn't magically know where everything is in the world. Unfortunately given how big the map is now, and will continue to expand with future additions, it has become almost impossible to navigate without some sort of map. I think adding an in-game map that a player can 'uncover' by exploring, similar to what Minecraft does, would not only remove the need for an external map 'cheat', but would also provide the player with a useful mechanic for figuring out where they haven't been, and a neat metagame to try and uncover all of the map. Proposal for an In-game Map Ideally, if I equip the Map item, a new UI window should open that shows all the parts of the map that I have explored so far, in a simplified, scaled-down rendering with basic pan/zoom functionality. It doesn't have to be pixel-perfect like pzmap, but clear enough that I can recognize the layout of buildings and such. For an example of what I mean, here's a quick mockup of what the map could look like as the player uncovers it: (click for full size) And what it could look like fully revealed: (click for full size) The map should be generated dynamically based on what is currently in the player's view range, so that: Changes to the world, such as a house burning down, or new farms/constructions would only appear when the player can actually see them It would work regardless of what map a server decides to run, even if it's a custom map. The map offers the player a way to figure out where to go: "oh I never went down this street" Other potential mapping mechanics: You can share a map with another player (if they have paper and writing material). To account for the transfer time of the map image data that the client would need to receive from the server, this process could use the same progress-bar UI as when reading a book. After all, copying a map takes a good bit of time anyways. You can only add to the map if there is enough light, so you would need to either map the area during daylight, while streetlights are still on, or with a light-source. The map window would just read "It's too dark to see where you are" A simple marker placement mechanic that allows you to mark points of interests. Right clicking on the map brings up the option to place a marker. A marker stores a short title, and an optional short description. (Aquaria had a similar mechanic) Instead of requiring a Map item, just bind the mapping mechanic to 'M' and just let the player always use it. Similar to Aquaria it could just cover the whole screen while you are looking at it, and M just quickly toggles it on and off. Finding the Map item now just adds a faded out underlay below the map that you've uncovered, so you know where everything is, but can still see where you haven't been. Some server-side settings could include: Enable Mapping Enable Map trading Enable Mapping requiring light Enable Player's position on map Enable Nearby Player positions visible on map (perhaps in conjunction with a radio or other item that enables a 'party'?) I would also like to strongly advise the PZ devs against just implementing an in-game version of pzmap. You have the potential for a really fun mechanic here, that will force players to explore, and also help them figure out where they have not explored yet. Just giving players a static image of the current map would be dull, and not nearly as useful.
  15. I was going to build a wall around my place and then realized that it would be more beneficial to just create a bunch of doorways, place doors in them, and barricade the doors (except one, of course). Now you might ask why! Here's the kicker! Zombies will only try to break through doors and not walls (at least what I have experienced so far). So if I build all walls around my one door, when a horde comes they will only attack this one door and easily break it down. If I build many doors, the zombies will be more evenly spread out, making it harder for them to break through. Also, this would cause me to have to maintain my walls (an idea, if not one already) or else the next time a horde comes, I will have weak spots in my walls. TL;DR - Zombies should attack walls so you don't have to create a wall of doors.
  16. Suggestion to add skateboards and skate board parts. Skateboards would be for transportation and used as a weapon. It would be very easy for a nearby zombie to grab you as you're rolling by, so it'll be dangerous to board near zombies.
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