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Found 1 result

  1. Hello there! I just started this roleplaying server and hope to have more people joining up, it should be up 24/7 and is a public server. The ApCom Radio mod has been enabled in the server. Only local chat is allowed in order to hopefully be more immersive for the players. In combination with the radio mod enabled, this should give a nice touch to game. There is co op and pvp, it all depends on the situation and the persons in it, but regardless of the outcome of an encounter, it is mandatory for all to roleplay as much as possible. Also, only use OOC if strictly necessary. OOC example: Player 1: "OOC, Oh my god, there is lag!"Player 2: "OOC, No, theres not, this server is awesome!" IC example:Player 1: "I'm sure this madness this won't last forever, IT CAN'T last forever. Someone will come to rescue us sooner or later! They will heal you right up!"Player 2: "It's pointless..! You can't help me! I've been bitten..! I'm sick and I know I'm going to die soon." Speaking OOC while in IC will be penalized with being kicked out of the server and if repeated enough times will result with a ban. OOC=Out of character.IC=In character. -----------------------------------------------ApCom Radio Mod Installation----------------------------------------------------------------- A friend and I have been working on an installer for the mod so that the installation process is as easy as possible and with no complicated steps, in order to make a smooth install for anyone interested in our server. Another reason for the installer is that the mod needed some slight modification to make multiplayer work with build 29.4, in terms of where certain files go to certain folders. Its all smooth sailing from now on. Anyways, here is the link for the installer: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s1lin9q9rd927bj/ApCom%20-%20Radio%20Mod%20Installer.rar?dl=0 These are the simple steps in order to install the mod: 1) Make sure that Project Zomboid is closed.2) Double click on "Install ApCom - Radio Mod". Don't worry, no viruses at all. We promise. 3)Run Project Zomboid. Once on the menu, close the game, then start the game up again. 4)Enjoy! Its as simple as that! Be aware that when you wish to play in other servers that do not use the ApCom radio mod, you will need to run the uninstaller, which is of course included in the link up there. ------------------------------------------------Playing with the ApCom Radio Mod----------------------------------------------------- 1-There are 12 different frequencies to use. The standard that we will use is 3.725 so its easier to get in touch but you are free to use any you want. 2-There are different walkie talkies, with different ranges.3-You must equip the radio as secondary.4-You need a battery for the for the walkie talkies.5-Be sure to turn the radio on.6-Once you have a radio with battery, turned on and equipped as a secondary, press "T" for local chat and what you write will be sent through the radio on the frequency that you chose. There is a HAM radio to be found, cassettes and cassette recorders. You can record on the tapes and play them through the HAM radio on a loop if you want. For more info, here is the link of the ApCom radio mod from its creator, TurboTuTone: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/8943-apcom-ham-radios-walkie-talkies-spmp/ TurboTuTone is now part of the PZ dev team, so hopefully we can see this awesome mod becoming a part of the official game soon, like what happened with the erosion system. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now, lets create some interesting stories here for all involved here, a story that keeps on evolving to epic proportions! The server is public and you should be able to find it, but here is the IP: Port: 16261 At any rate, looking forward to play with more likeminded people! Have fun, keep it clean and watch out...they are coming to get you... P.S: Serious roleplaying for serious players. EDIT: Updated post to include info regarding the ApCom Radio mod that has now been enabled on the server!
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