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Found 16 results

  1. I tried everything I look at how other people do it in their mods but the only ways I found to do it are overcomplicated. I got it working, but then the animations were looping, and you had to push to get out of animation… I need to play an animation for my mod from client Lua, so it's an animation like under q to make it look like the player is shouting and also play other animations such as shivering etc… I tried everything ;-; this is my default XML. And example of an animation: How I tried animate in client Lua, but it doesn't work… Can someone show me how to use this animation in Lua client please? \media\AnimSets\player\actions this is where the XML is located here are the animations \media\anims_X\bob and the example anim Bob_EmoteShrug.X I want other players to see the animations, so I'm assuming that I will have to play the animation from the server, which is alright as I already have an event for this function to send a global message from a player, but I don't have a clue on what else to try to animation to work… I don't want it to be a timed action, but that's the only way I made it seem to work… Any help would greatly appreciate.
  2. Is there any way to add completely new animations to certain zombies? I don't want to replace animations, just want to change walk/attack animations for new zombie types i plan on adding.
  3. Perhaps the game should have the opportunity to carry a short weapon in each hand, increasing the skill in terms of firearms and they can in turn lower the precision when you carry 2 pistols
  4. I have an idea for this beta 41, They could add a new way of carrying weapons in hand, what I mean is that you can carry a two-handed pistol when you are not aiming like in Resident Evil but make it an option, either by improving the ability to aim or maybe choosing a role like that of the police, but that somehow gives you the option of being able to change the way he takes up arms while not shooting
  5. Hi everyone, this is my first suggestion, so it's probably going to be incredibly bad anyway... Oh well, let me begin Like it or not, but vehicles are too overpowered. I've been able to kill more than 1000 zombies with a single car, and it's still going! The problem with vehicles in Project Zomboid is that running over zombies at slow speeds is very effective and barely does any damage to the car at all. It is shown and explained well in this Video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mb76jxMBWpw (Yes, this does also work for really large hordes, I tried it. You just need some patience, as it takes some time.) Now I'm not going to suggest you to just heighten the amount of damage zombies do to vehicles, as that's just a cheap, lazy and unrealistic way to balance things. Instead, I'll suggest something that'll involve the animation update! Ooo fancy Oh yes, right, let me get to my point... Basically, my suggestion is that zombies should be able to climb onto the hood of the vehicle when it's driving at very slow speeds (5-10MPH or below). They will then proceed to attack the windshield of the vehicle until it breaks. Afterward, once the windshield has been broken, they will proceed on devouring the player. This could also make it much more important to have a well-maintained windshield, which will then also cause the player character to be more careful of running over Zombies in the first place because that could break their windshield as well. To get a zombie off the hood, accelerate to a higher speed (25-30MPH or above) and perform some maneuvers such as slaloms, breaking etc. See Dead Rising 3 (Not a good game... But the driving was fine.) as somewhat of an example of doing this. (To be fair they shouldn't be able to do it on larger vehicles, such as the SUV shown in the picture... That would actually give those vehicles a tactical advantage ; also excuse my bad editing skills) I am pretty sure that it is difficult to animate something like this, but considering the game will have motorcycles, which will then have to have falling down animations that will have to interact with the environment, I think this will be possible in some way or another.
  6. Will they be affected by rain? Like your car can skid/get out of control if you turn to hard when it's raining? Maybe some roads are slippery and some aren't depending on where they are located and what type of terrain it is. Snow could mess your engine up in the winter if you don't run your car's engine at all as freezing it will cause damage which would then be repaired with a high mechanic skill and might even need replacement parts. Maybe your character's visibility is decreased when raining and snowing unless the wipers are on. These could all be helpful if you think vehicles need to be harder to maintain, since this game does a good job with realism. I could put more things but those are the first that come to mind. Also, you guys never implemented a digital clock on the cars....
  7. I decided to gather up a lot of comments today on Youtube of people's suggestions for the clothing and animations update, shorten them up, and compile them in a single forum. Please note that all these ideas are from the majority of people, and not just from me. Giving you a heads up of what the community thinks should be added. NOTE:This is not to add on to the current progress of the great, hard working, already busy, devs. I do not want them to take this as more pressure or work "To-Do". These are just suggestions after all, not something that should be in the game if the devs wish to. There is already too much work being made by them, but i decided to do this anyways just to give more ideas. In case they want to add this AFTER the planned builds are fully out (speaking after build 1.0) i don't want to delay the build release time... Ok here we go... Suggestions -Zombies ignore you when having soaking blood wet clothes. "Also imagine you got so much blood on you. The walkers will start thinking you are one of them because you smell like one. But the down side is that you will feel uncomfortable like walking makes you slower. Don't feel like eating before cleaning yourself up etc." -Blood footprints. -New showering/cleaning system. "Maybe now showers and bathtubs will have some utility besides decorating and being used to fill water bottles. Also, wet bath towels should be useful as well. showers will have use now with these bloods stains on player? mabye with soap you can get clean buff? " Zombie clothing decay/variation. "Strangely, all zombies wear perfect shoes... One might expect them to lose one boot or both after a while... And also, clothing has to have various levels of deterioration too... Right now all zombies look too fancy even with the blood cover on..." -Wearing clothes with zombie blood can infect untreated wounds. "Do you plan to add some sort of infection due to blood on your character? That chance being increased the more wounds/untreated wounds your character have." -Zombies with certain clothes/equipment can't harm you. "also recommend that zombies with a helmet are made unable to bite you, it would make sense if the same went for zombies with gloves on." -New panic mechanic. (Already answered) "when you fall over a fence, the "recovery" animation should be dependent on how high your panic is!! With high panic resulting in scrambling up again quickly and low panic being like "oh that hurt, gonna take a moment here." But it depends on panic level." Another guy said: "maybe they should scurry along the floor until they find their feet when trying to run, after being knocked/tripped over rather than lying on the floor. Or maybe even mash to bring them to their senses a bit faster." Chris Simpson's answer:"Already a thing we have anims for scrambling across the floor trying to get up in a panic, scrabbling backwards on your ass kicking zoms in the face etc. It's gonna be ace but not 100% sure that'll make it into first version." FAQ by the community "You can't swing at more than one zombie anymore? Or are those animations being worked on?" "Will this update impact my low spec pc badly?" "Is this completely CPU dependent or can my GPU also handle some of the rendering?" "Is there a way i can switch back to the old sprites or versions of the game?" "The textures of the world look off and don't fit the character's models and clothing anymore. (in some people's opinion) Will you work to make shaders and improve them?" I made this because i thought it would be good to get the people's major suggestions out to the people at the forums to see. I hope you understood this doesn't have to be implement if the devs don't want to... again i don't want to annoy them by any means. Thank you devs for working on such a great game! I appreciate your hard work, and time that you're putting into this game. I am looking forward to what the community thinks of this. Thank you again.
  8. I saw this video of a martial artist showing zombie self-defence. Maybe it could serve as inspiration for actions with the animations update. It could go with the self-defence class trait and the veteran profession. Maybe there could even be a "trained martial artist" trait.
  9. Hi I thought this game can be much more funny with animations when you sleeping resting etc i think its much good than just loading bar ^^ sorry for my bad english i wish i tell much more thing about it . Please comment your thoughts.
  10. Hi, i that you are working on optimalisation and balancing but i think it is about time to make something for better atmosphere in game. First thing is more various clothes with simple logos and letters, maybe camo colour, few outfits and hoodies that u can unzip. Few hats like baseball hat, fullcap and something similar to rick's hat from The Walking dead. Few camuflages and the most important thing, bags. This will help with expression of self and add a lot of atmosphere to game. Secound thing is animations, just simple animations like lying, sitting on a ground and chairs, maybe hands up and cheer. Just imagina that you and your friends are sitting next to fireplace and cooking stuff
  11. These are small additions to the game that would help with the immersion, and vibe in the game. Eating Animation, as it is now you do a thousand yard stare as you chow down, why not show a generic animation of bringing that sammich right to your gullet.Show backpacks,hiking bags, on your character. As it is now it is left up to you to guess where he is hiding that bag. PVP, you'd be like, "Ah he has that spiffo bag I've always wanted.", or "Man, he has a huge hiking bag I bet he has supplies."Sitting Animations. Right now if you are playing MP everyone stands around idle at nite, or doing wall pushups. Why not curl up in that crappy chair you made and read a carpentry book so the next nite you won't have a nail jabbin' your bum.Ability to place cooked food on a table, or trade with players. Right now in my MP server, our cook makes our food and then proceeds to drop the bowl on the ground. Imagine going to a fast food restaraunt and they chuck your bag of fries on the ground and say there is your food. This could easily be resolved by making a table a "Container" with a small capacity and making it look like stuff is on the table, similar to how shelves look stocked now.Burn Barrel. We need a way to get rid of useless items. Spoiled food and the like. Right now I end up stuffin' them on a corpse and burning it. Burn barrel could also be used as a campfire to cook. A compost would be even better use for food, and could be a long term replacement for fertilizer.Ability to push furniture to barricade doors. This was in the game, no longer is. I'd like to be able to drag one of those "mobile outdoor grill." back to your base, Move a trash can and it can also serve as your new burn barrel!And the standard "Let me wring out my Towel and let it Dry Obligatory post."
  12. I have had this idea creeping around the back of my head for a while, and now that Martin the lovely Animation Man is on board, I think the timing couldn't be more accurate. What I am talking about is, as title suggest, Idle Animations. A series of animations that the character would do when left unattended for some time. Like, when you don't move your character for some time, he would pull a map/piece of paper from his backpack/pocket, and start to look at it, while sometimes scratching his head, or turning the map upside down. Or your character would start to beat his leg on the ground onto some tune, or even the background music if the developers are too bored not busy. Or he would scratch his head, like he is annoyed that the player has "forgot" about him. Now, I understand that the developers are busy with reworking/adding some animations and actions and whatnot into the game, and I don't even know how hard/time consuming making animations are, compared to how insignificant this is. But! I think Idle Animations would be cool, as they have been seen in numerous games, like C&C series, Donkey Kong Country, Sonic the Hedgehog, Many FPS, and many more. And they always have served as an "easter egg" in these games, as player rarely leaves the character unattended in these titles. It also brings some liveliness into the game, as the character would do some actions without the player giving them any commands to do so. And as for coding this in, it sounds fairly easy in THEORY, as the animation would trigger if the player isn't doing anything for, let's say, for 10 seconds. And it wouldn't do it during any actions, like reading a book or rummaging your backpack, as I believe these actions will have their own animations in time. And for the "It would look stupid if my character would look his map during sneaking in the middle of a horde." this can be limited by the panic meter. Talk, suggest, argue and share.
  13. I know this isn't facey book but like this if you got the Joke in the title Any back to business. I've briefly pointed this out in another STD...I mean SGT and I told you I would make a post about this later on, so enjoy and make some comments about this. (I'm sorry for saying that I will not post a suggestion today but got to excited anyway...) I've been playing this game for far too long with fallout 3 Interactions/animations that my character holds against every little thing he stuffs in his mouth, opens up or basically does. I hate the feel that some creepy ghost is my characters best friend who opens doors for him, eats his food and holds all his stuff, SERIOUSLY. They developers have time to make the character hold weapons but can't even have a backpack on to hold them. I've hated this since morrowind and fallout 3, but at least for fallout 3 had an excuse. I literal pretended that my lone wanderer had shrunk and turned every thing he had into energy which he held inside his pip - boy. I mean come on, the developer's have time to make animations for hoping inside houses and opening windows but don't even have a believable inventory system. Please all you would have to do is make every inventory increased item the same sprite and have it placed on his back like Joel's (the last of us). ive loved this game even without this and would even love it more with this. Don't forget about the food. Even in mine craft (which is a pixalated game) had the time to make eating animations. I would love your character to actually pull out some whiskey and drink it or pull out a soup and scoop it into his mouth. This game has so much potential and so much to fill in that it should be essential to have interactive animations. thanks for reading and hoped you injoyed this post. very small one i know but who gives a dam. this is Tsukune Aono logging out (not literally).
  14. Hello. So the other day I was thinking about some stuff that I think should come to PZ soon. Here's a Few (Feel free to leave your own in the comments.) 1. More improvised weapons. This should be added soon, because it adds a more survival-y feel. Things like knives on a stick (could be made by sawing a plank into 4 sticks) and duct tape to tape them together and make a spear (Like a knife but with more range) and could break easier but can be repaired with duct tape. 2. More non-improvised weapons. We need more of these as well. Aluminium bats for one, break easier but is easier to find. Maybe a machete, a hatchet or a larger array of knives... 3. More guns and attachments. We need to have some more guns. Period. Hunting rifles, assault rifles, revolvers, carbines (this ones a bit controversial among the PZ community, people think that it would be just like the pistol but maybe it has more attachments for it and is more powerful?) and maybe a doulbe barrel shotgun? Attachments would include scopes (Allow to see MUCH further away from your character), laser sights, suppressors (Should only be added when they add a military base that should have mounds of zombies around it.), not really an attachment but gun cleaning kits or oil and maybe some holsters (Only military bases and police station.) 4. Firing gun at levels. This is a big one, you might think "Why have scopes and hunting rifles if your just standing on the road?" well this is where this come in play, imagine you could fortify Giga Mart, sit on top it in a chair (Oh yeah add sitting) and allow you to take pot-shots and zombies below. 5. More perks. Also big there should be some more professions and perks for current ones. Security guards should be able to sleep in chairs, benches and maybe the floor! Park Ranger should be able to walk through trees faster as well as being able to have better fishing and other survivalist skills (once they're in the game) That's all I got for now but I'll make another list soon.
  15. So the graphics for this game are awesome, and i've noticed there are a lot of graphics which must have taken a ton of time to make. I am making an Isometric game right now, and it is taking forever to hand-draw every single animation, and direction. Are there any programs or methods that are used to shorten this process?
  16. So I just wanted to bring up a little thing that's niggling at me- I'd like to see a few different 'types' of attacks from zombies. We have different speed zombies and different looking zombies, now we just need a bit of new behavior. Without further ado, here's what I wanted to see: Grabbing (we have this now, should slow you but do no damage) Scratching (a swinging motion, light damage, can be blocked by heavy clothing) Biting (can only be done at very close range, heavy damage, blocked by hard clothing/armor) Tackling (a long distance lurching motion that knocks you and the zombie down, no damage dealt, can be resisted by strong characters) Grab and Bite (can only be done if the zombie is behind the character, holds him strongly and bites him) Along with this I'd like to see some zombies with different 'injuries' as has been discussed before: Missing an arm. Can only attack on one side (and slowly) and can't grab. Missing two arms. Can't scratch or grab, only bite. Tackles with a penalty. No legs. Can be hidden in low grass. Can bite, grab, and scratch but only at close range. When grabbing can drag itself along with the player? Crushed jaw. Can't bite.
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