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Found 5 results

  1. There's a spelling mistake in the Moveables_EN.txt for the key "Scrapable_object". The current entry reads "Disassemblable Object" but should be "Disassemble Object". The error is most often visible to the me when disassembling toilet stalls.
  2. Can confirm: [Single Player] [Reproducible] [version 41.78.16] I can hear the Discord app "mute self" sound effect in the Project Zomboid thunderstorm sound effect. The first time I heard this a few minutes ago, while I was playing, I thought I muted my Discord app, but then I realized it was not open on my computer. So I ruled out user error. I placed my character outside and performed no input to my computer and continued to hear the discord mute sound during the thunderstorm. I googled "project zomboid discord mute" and saw another report from July 2022 with no real resolution, and no proof. Here is a YT video (not mine) of 1 hour of the Project Zomboid thunderstorm sound effect. The sound effect error I heard in my game, that the July 2022 post user also heard, is also present in this video. I have the video time stamped at 00:00:15 seconds and the 'discord mute sound' can be heard during the first half of second 00:00:18. In my headset, it can be heard in my right ear and it is "under"/quieter than the thunder. It can be heard again at 00:02:36 and I assume every interval of 141 seconds after (per the video, at least. I don't know if PZ's thunderstorm loop is naturally 141 seconds or if the author of the video has decided to loop it as such.) 00:04:53 and beyond. For reference, this is a YT clip of "discord mute" sound effect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNNRQpP18dg&ab_channel=ElRaio_YT While not a game-breaking bug, it destroys immersion briefly, though, repeatedly. logs.zip
  3. • 41.78.16 • Singleplayer/Multiplayer. • Host. • No. • Still occurs on new save • Reproduction steps: 1. Start game in Apocalypse mode. 2. Attack a zombie with downward kick (Left ALT by Default) in a fighting stance. 3. Moving during the hit, the zombie falls instantly. I think this bug is serious and it breaks the game. Fix it as soon as possible. logs.zip
  4. Version 41.78 Singleplayer, multiplayer unconfirmed No mods Occurs on new save How to duplicate: Build any player made wall, then build a walkway on top of that wall. With the zombie population map (ZPM) zoomed in to see pathing obstacles, you'll notice that building a player made floor on top of the player made walls, it will cause them to randomnly lose their obstacle status on the ZPM (Essentially building catwalks on perimeter walls). Double building floors above player made walls will always duplicate this issue (building a floor on an already existing floor above a player made wall). Verified that this will allow the director to spawn zombies into that area (or allow the pathing check through the gap), as if it's not walled off. Currently unverified on dedicated/hosted servers, ZPM doesn't seem to show the same level of detail, no obstacles, can't force respwans (may be user error). Found temporary workarounds for solo players: 1. Building a floor underneath the walkway resets it. 2. Placing items that act as barriers underneath it resets it. 3. Moving the player chunk away from walkway, then returning, putting it back in the player chunk resets it. While away, though, zombies can still be spawned inside, or migrate inside. 4. If solo, reloading game resets it. Small issue, but thought it was worth reporting
  5. Version : 41.78.16 (Steam) Player Mode : Singleplayer and MP. Host Or Dedicated : N/A Mods : More map icons (in the screenshots taken.) (Replicated w/o mods.) Reproduction Steps : Location(s) : Multiple areas in Louisville. Problem : Several roads in the Louisville area are not indicated on the map in partiality or entirety. *The roads I indicated are somewhat aggressive in some cases as some start as alleyways but turn into parking lots.
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