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Found 11 results

  1. 41.71 Multiplayer & Singleplayer Host No mods Old & New save Reproduction steps: 1. toggle setAllowSprint to false ==> getPlayer():setAllowSprint(false) 2. double tap sprint key 3. Player is now able to sprint, and furthermore player's movement is now limited to only sprinting
  2. File ..media/lua/shared/Translate/RU/IG_UI_RU.txt contains wrong coma on 179 line in key IGUI_ItemCat_VehicleMaintenance.
  3. Game code doesnt allow to build gates on north and west facing walls. All the necessary materials are in inventory, tried claiming nonresidential building - no difference. Example: It happened so, that garage doors are on the north facing wall and zombies busted it. Cant replace it, thats just really disappointing. Please fix this. edit: Tried south facing wall - it works, just didnt make a screenshot.
  4. You can build stairs near the wall on the second floor and go through the wall. In this way, you can overcome obstacles or build traps for players.
  5. Initially, when i brought back some military crates, they were working normally, but after some time they hang in the air, when i try to place them. Not sure why.
  6. Items PaintCyan and PaintLightBlue has same RU translation. But their context menu RU values are different file `ItemName_RU.txt: file ContextMenu_RU.txt: So ItemName_Base.PaintLightBlue is wrong and must be "Краска (светло-синяя)"
  7. Hi before reading this down below quick heads up: English is NOT my Native Language it´s German, BUT I have full understanding of English, I just don´t have enough writing practice. I was with a reasonable camera zoom only able to play with max. 10-20 FPS. Spent hours on forums and tried the following: - Tweaked the graphics settings - increased the RAM in the .json as well as in the batch file - Adjusted the Nvidia settings - updated my Video-Driver - un-and reinstalled the game - checked the files via Steam - changed the start options in Steam for Example: -autoconfig - Tried the 32-bit instead of 64-bit - made a system file check in "cmd". AND EVEN - reinstalled Windows but unfortunately nothing solved my Problem. I would like to say that I only get 30-60 FPS when I don't have zombies around AND when I've zoomed in almost all the way. Info on my Site: - no Mods installed - PZ takes almost no System-Ressources - yes I have Mods on Project Zomboid but they are all inactive - and yes I also tried deleting them all but sadly to no avail My PC: CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3800X GPU: Nvidia Titan XP Collectors Edition RAM: 32GB System: Now: Windows 11, Before: Windows 10 Game is on a NVME and like you can see up there all my Drivers, not just my GPU Driver, are up to Date. I attached the DebugLog File for further Information, if something else is need just tell me. Hope somebody can help me with my Problem. 24-05-22_11-47-20_DebugLog.txt
  8. I'm admin of my own server. The bug shows up when my character have an skill at level 0 and reads the any book of level intermediate and up using the admin power instant action. If they reads the beginners book recibes the corresponding boost. At level 2 of the skill stops reviving boost as usual but if they read the intermediate book recibes no boost at all. This is true for every level of skill book and every skill. I consistently try them all.
  9. * Version 41.71 * Singleplayer / Multiplayer * No mod * New Save * Reproduction steps: just shoot fast while standing still or moving 1. animAngle does not change in aim state. a. but animAngle changes when its in turning state. b. shooting replaces turning state thus, rapid fire create strange jittering in rapid fire cycle. 2. animAngle does changes in strafe state. a. because of this, unlike aim state, strange jittering is not happening in strafe. Affected Gameplay Experience: Inconsistent accuracy Unresponsive User Input ---- Aim 2022-05-22 00-06-42.mp4 Strafe 2022-05-22 00-06-48.mp4 2022-05-22 00-06-42.mp4 2022-05-22 00-06-42.mp4
  10. Despite the model for the TV clearly having channel and volume knobs on the face of it, you can't use the interface to change the volume prior to turning the TV on. This is counter to how it works on such models, where the volume could be adjusted regardless of whether the TV was turned on and displaying an image.
  11. 41.71 (steam), single player sandbox. I don't use any mods. Save originated from 41.70 unstable and then was updated to 41.71 unstable. Hi, There's a receipe named "Pancakes" that allows you to add various things on your pancakes. I have the required ingredients in my character's inventory (not even in a bag), but the recipe window doesn't acknowledge the presence of said igredients and I can't perform the recipe. See screen capture: I have Freshly cooked pancakes (and uncooked pancakes too, just in case) and a full jar of mapple sirup. But the recipe window doesn't acknowledge it and won't allow the craft. Thanks.
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