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  1. I'm reporting this as I don't think that's the expected behaviour and I haven't seen it reported. If you get into a car with the engine started and then you move objects between the bags in your inventory, you'll have the progress bar on your head. Then, you can drive while the progress bar is there and also, press E to get out of the car. Thus, when the progress bar is completed, the character gets out of the car, no matter car's speed. I don't know if I have explained myself properly. No mods.
  2. Im using aim outline : all When playing with 2 players the aim outline appears normally, can be seen on the first screenshot, the two players aim at the downed zombie and the outline appear on both of them. But when the third player joins the spliscreen or the fourth player, outlines stop appearing: All players are on combat stance near enough to stomp the downed zombie but none has the aim outline. Not a big deal until we start using fire weapons which we cant tell either the range or how well aimed they are, making using those on 2+ player co-op almost impo
  3. after waiting a period of about 2-3 hours of watching YouTube videos i got back to my current save of zomboid (i left the game open in the pause menu whilst in a car) i found a house with a Chevalier Primani outside and i found its corresponding car key inside the houses sink, i could not enter it or open the trunk, assumed it was for another car and moved on, i then went to a near by city and found a Chevalier Cerise Wagon with its corresponding car keys right next to it, the door was unlocked and i tried putting the key into the car, it did not work, i consulted the wiki to see if both keys
  4. A lot of these suggestions were posted in Small but Important Suggestions Thread or elsewhere, but I think it's best to group them together. These should all be easy enough to implement, giving use to otherwise unused object, which in the long term would make the game more interesting and hopefully lest cluttered, as people won't just blindly throw away items so the container can be disassembled or in the case of respawning items, could respawn loot. Right now the totally junk items don't server any purpose and can only be thrown. While some of these suggestion won't magically give those items
  5. I guess this has been already reported but I couldn't find a post where this has been described. I have been playing on the same save during (game) months and nature is spreading like crazy. Some trees have grown under cars, and now I have floating vehicles: Just look where the green activator is and where the car is planted.
  6. It seems that when ripping clothes with right click, especially when queuing actions, a wrong item is taken, resulting in wrong clothing being torn apart.
  7. Not far from the Riverside, the character has a lucky trait.
  8. I absolutely don't know how this happend, most likely from burning zombies.
  9. I have notice this small problem in b41, the M36 Revolver has some problem, when it firing bullet you have to wait about half secs before you can hearing gunshot from this weapon, same thing can also happen when you trigger alram from building, I did check the sound file, and found out the alarm sound has a little delay before the alarm goes off, Also, I think M16 Assault Rifle need a better firing sound, because it's firing sound are too small, white the m9 pistol is loud enough to hurting your ears
  10. After I reached a certain point in the Vanilla Sandbox, it becomes kind of boring. Since I got my endgame Gear, build a sustainable Base with generator running and Water supply, Bed, etc. I began decorating my house. I drove to other Cities because in Riverside where no building with certain floor titles and so on. But even after that time sink I just came up with kind of “boring” ToDos like: - Max out each skill tree - Build A Garage - ? That’s it. Nothing more to Do. In my Optionion the Game (Endgame) would be MUCH better if
  11. The fitness menu seems to be one of the most advanced ones, wish some of the features from it (like having to remove backpack, having to stand up, unable to be overburdened, exhausted etc.) would carry into other aspects of the game as well! Either way, it have its minor flaws, so here's a summary: You can't see what Barbell and Dumbbel does unless you look it up online or actually equip them – it would make sense for the options to be clickable but OK button wouldn't be clickable even if you don't have them, so you can read the descriptions. After you equip barbell or dum
  12. You can keep clicking "sleep" on a bed and populate more and more boxes instead of a new box appearing at last cursor position like in many games. When you do click on one of the many boxes they are still present when you wake up.
  13. Lope

    heater car

    The heater works strangely, it is very rare, I notice it for the second time in all the time. The first image shows that it is turned off and the temperature of the cabin rises, in the second it is turned on for heating, but the temperature decreases.
  14. Meu jogo está crashando quando executo. Já fiz todas as opções possíveis, atualizei drivers/java e ainda não consigo se quer entrar no menu do jogo. Preciso de ajuda para resolver. (apenas não consigo jogar na build 41, pois queria muito jogar nela) Configuração do PC i7 4770k 3.50ghz Intel hd graphics 4600 8gb ram ddr3
  15. If you shoot zombies as they're on the floor after climbing through a window, and they survive the shot, they insta-standup and will either begin to chase you or crawl back through the window they came from. Shooting zombies after they've climbed over a fence just stuns them on the floor if they survive, as intended. Happens a lot with the 9mm pistol and low aiming skill. This does however not happen if they have to climb over furniture after the window
  16. Hello, I just wanna report a exploit in the beta build 41.50 in Steam I found for accident about magazines and how get infinite ammo whit this (I tested in singleplayer, only, I don't know if in multiplayers works but I think works too), I gonna point this exploit only works whit guns whit magazines (pistols more common), this don't work whit the revolvers, magnum, shotguns or rifles (exept the assault rifles) because they use directly the ammo for working, this is the process to get work this exploit, in this case I gonna show a simple M9 Pistol: Step 1: You equip your pist
  17. That's around here on the map if the location is also important. They've been standing out there for months and it persists through save/load. I'll forget about them until I do a patrol jog around the neighborhood and remember, so I got a screenshot this time.
  18. I can't wash the dirt off the bags, are these my problems or is there simply no such opportunity yet?
  19. Kinda funny, as Plastic Table can be dismantled with carpentry, even if it's clearly made from plastic – it have a hole for the umbrella and is standing near the Plastic Chair that can not be dismantled, though it's hard to judge by names, as while the chairs are correctly named "Plastic Chair" the table is in fact called "Large White Table". Found it out by dismantling the table on the Muldraugh's upper north large warehouse roof (level 2): https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.5589503695497342,0.2871340020416333,448.70903444119983
  20. Game crashed after i changed the game's resulotion and set the game to fullscreen. There are often things that are missing, and some things gives warnings, errors. Is it normal? I checked the console and couldnt see what caused the crash, or its just me being rookie. It happened 2 times. console.txt
  21. It seems that the red metal profile tiles found e.g. here: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#10072x9618 are enough to make a room for agoraphobic/claustrophobic to kick in. It also has effect on weather. Also, this metal profiles are non-solid, so you can go straight through them.
  22. It's one of the tiles that are not hidden, similar to my older report, but on this spot you can see both of them: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#10054x9637
  23. Small scaffolding here: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#10074x9560 (level 1) should be jumped through, not climbed:
  24. It seems that the industry_01_29 and industry_01_30 tiles doesn't hide automatically when you are on the bottom ground and they are up – it can be seen in north Muldraugh warehouse: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#10615x9311 (these are the "lines" that are visible from the ground level even om the PZ map).
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