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  1. The bug happens when you look through a window from a distance, it reveals the items inside but does not reveal the terrain around it.
  2. So I make a ham sandwich with (not fresh) bread and I wind up with a sandwich that is negative happiness and boredom. Adding fresh ingredients makes the sandwich worse (more unhappiness, more boredom). I would expect it to become more enjoyable, not less.
  3. The buttons to close the menu disappear, but you can still close it with a keybinding in the new tutorial.
  4. Light comes through windows blocked with book shelves.
  5. I think it's this exception: ERROR: General, 1595086739518> ExceptionLogger.logException> Exception thrown java.lang.RuntimeException: attempted index: getType of non-table: null at KahluaThread.tableget line:1684. ERROR: General, 1595086739518> DebugLogStream.printException> Stack trace: java.lang.RuntimeException: attempted index: getType of non-table: null at se.krka.kahlua.vm.KahluaThread.tableget(KahluaThread.java:1684) at se.krka.kahlua.vm.KahluaThread.luaMainloop(KahluaThread.java:642) at se.krka.kahlua.vm.KahluaThread.call(KahluaThread.java:163) at se.krka.kahlua.vm
  6. You can sit before you start fishing. When it happens, no animation for casting and fishing is being played.
  7. Items such as belt, bikini or clip-on-tie show insulation bar, even though the value is actually 0.
  8. It's really easy to find items that clip through this vest, example:
  9. Roasting Pan weight is 1.3 units. Roasted Vegetables weight is 1.2 units which is less than the container itself.
  10. When you add charcoal as fuel to the red BBQ, whole bag is being used no matter how much capacity it currently has and it only seems to only add 30 minutes to fuel time.
  11. It seems that sometimes foraging menu doesn't refresh/update properly and it shows a different amount that the zone has, here's the example screenshot:
  12. I didn't test this extensively, but it seems that the generator power usage doesn't count microwaves: It does count other things though (lights etc.)
  13. When there is something standing on a tile (like a sink, microwave or a radio standing on top of the cupboard or table), you can still try to disassembly it but it says the chance is 0% no matter your skill level. Ideally it should show the message similar to the one you get when the container is full of items.
  14. Similar how disassembling radios now give the battery back if it's still there, disassembling lamps that have light bulb in them should give a light bulb.
  15. It seems that for partially-filled containers you often don't get an option to pour into or fill from taps etc. You can only fill them by putting them on rain or pour/drink some from it and then when it's emptier, it can be filled. There are also some odd rounding errors with the floats being involved. I kinda wish the system would be less sophisticated and just used unit for water containers (i.e. cup = 1 unit of water and then other containers multiple of it, similar how taps have)
  16. It seems that metal shelves (e.g. here: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#10835x9532) use carpentry to disassembly – they should use metalworking instead.
  17. https://map.projectzomboid.com/#10838x9539 It seems to be the same omission as this one:
  18. This depends on where you click, I noticed that with an Lightwood Desk. Choosing one option results in the whole item being disassembled properly. P.S. I seem to run out of 100 MB of attachment quota; how can I remove my old attachments?
  19. I'm not sure if anyone reported it already and I guess it's a known issue and possibly technical limitation, but various multi-tile objects have different lightning on tiles and when it came to things like painting or rungs, there are visible seams on them. Is there anything that can be done to prevent it? I am currently running at default medium options with lighting quality set to medium. Is there anything that can be done to prevent or mitigate the effect? See the rag, painting and coach from the attached screenshot to know what I'm talking about.
  20. Stiguilix


    PC specs: i5-3330 3.00GHz 4GB RAM HD 2500 Win10 64 bit 10-07-20_17-51-52_DebugLog.txt 14-07-20_23-31-43_DebugLog.txt 14-07-20_20-56-00_DebugLog.txt 15-07-20_21-50-36_DebugLog.txt
  21. Hi Folks, I looked through the bug tracker and haven't seen this one mentioned, so I hope it's not a dupe of something already reported. I've recently returned to Zomboid after a little hiatus and been playing with the latest build of 41.39 and was excited to hear that clothing can actually be repaired! However, when I attempt to repair clothing I see the progress dialog bar but nothing gets repaired and the resources are consumed. I also see little red error boxes in the lower right of UI after I inspect clothing and right-click Hole to get the Patch Hole c
  22. OnTickEvenPaused event isn't working while the game is paused.
  23. 41.39 IWBUMS, Windows 10, Steam, Modded Observed behaviour: Sometimes when encountering survivor corpses in homes, multiple MSR788 rifles will be found on their corpses. In one case, the corpse had four rifles, which seems excessive. Expected behaviour: Dead survivors only have one rifle. Observations: Whenever I encountered this, the rifles had gun-mods installed (sights, recoil pad, stock, etc) . I encountered two separate instances: - In one case, four rifles were found, one which had four mods installed, on
  24. 41.39 IWBUMS, Windows 10, Steam, Modded Observed behaviour: Encountered an issue the other day where I made a burger with *so many good things*, but with each ingredient I added, the burger became more boring and sad. It remained a sad and boring burger after cooking. Investigation A little sleuthing revealed this post describing the bug, where a sandwich of burger made with stale bread starts off being mildly sad, and becomes more sad with each ingredient and spice added. While I haven't had a chance to test for reproducibility, it's
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