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Found 21 results

  1. I was giving guns a go and went out with my trusty shot gun to do some work. Everything was going as expected until I ran out of ammo. My character became stuck in the half crouch position, as if I were holding down the right mouse button to aim, and would only move at a slow crawl. I tried switching weapons, moving in/out of the full crouch position but nothing worked. The zombies easily caught me and delivered a savage beat down.
  2. The bug is present for a while already, even before the loot rebalancing happened. Currently the upper cupboards in trailers, at least the ones in Muldraugh's trailer park, drop mostly nails – I think they use generic loot table instead of the one regular cupboards do.
  3. Signs and drawings that are visible on windows, such as For Lease, 24 hours, All U Can Eat or BA, KE, RY signs in Muldraugh, stay there (and can't be picked) when the window is smashed, including when the glass is removed. You can go through them if you want, too.
  4. Two of the usual red pixel is visible near these boxes in Muldraugh's Greene's grocery.
  5. V 41.34 I remember the music used to be situational some years ago. Nowadays it seems to play like a playlist. When starting the game the music is calm. When encountering zombies the music gets dramatic, BUT it never stops with the dramatic music. Its really getting annoying sitting at home reading a book in your bedroom in a secure base, with no zombie around for 3 screens and the music is hammering you as if a massive horde is approaching, but its not. If i stop the game there and reload the music is calm again, which leads to the assumption the dramatic music triggers, but never ends. Maybe the game still simulates some zombies far away and takes this as reason for the dramatic music. -tiered zombie updates is off -music selection is set to early access.
  6. Sometimes, when the game loading, the character begins to behave as if his leg is damaged (reduced speed, slightly lame, while running - very lame). At the same time, no damage is displayed in the health panel, and before that the character was healthy. Exit to the main menu and the continuation of the game does not seem to help, only a complete restart of the game helps.
  7. This has happened twice to me now. Unfortunately, both times, I forgot to check the logs to see what the exact error was. I just kept playing. Both characters didn't last long because the journey to find another generator ends up killing them. 🤣 Note: Only mod I have running is the Achievement mod, as as far as I know, I don't think it would affect this. But who knows. Steps for The Bug: 1.) Pick up a generator 2.) Try to pull out a weapon from your belt(both times for me have been 1, don't know about other slots) 3.) Error pops up 4.) Generator is still equipped, but it can't be found in menu 5.) Continuing to pull out weapon causes multiple errors 6.) Only way I have found to get rid of the generator is to reload game. 7.) When you do this, the generator despawns. I tried searching where my character reloaded, the area with the zombie I tried to draw my weapon, and the original generator spawn, and I couldn't find it anywhere. Last game in Riverside, this happened to the only generator in the city. I died going out to find another one. 😪 If it happens again, I will be sure to update the thread.
  8. When you change the map scale (by scrolling the mouse), the font of the interface and tooltips also changes:
  9. I just checked that with 41.34 the starting baseball bat and both the old (big) and the new (small) flashlight – it seems that you can't engage attack with a baseball bat held in one hand when you have either of flashlights in the other. The moment you take the flashlight off, a correct 1-handed attack animation is played.
  10. The new music is really nice, but it seems it's about 50% quieter than the rest of it, so you have to go to Advanced Audio section and manually adjust the volume to match others. Also, it's not selectable in the main Audio section
  11. Hi everyone. We're 4 players on splitscreen, playing with xbox 360 controllers. We want to help, so we decided open this count to report our bugs. I know that you're working on better controller support, we're waiting for it. When you start a game, on the initial screen, if you start playing with the controllers, the game crashes. it don't happen when you start with the mouse. I think that is a small bug, but well, there is. No more. We will be reporting about 4 players on splitscreen or controllers bugs. We hope this will help you. Thanks and great job!
  12. The main bug seems to work with any kind of firearm. If you push a zombie with space action and then pull the trigger while another zombie is close enough to your weapon to visually touch it, the animation will freeze. Here's the video. Another bug is with homemade plumbing. I know about that clean water benefit, and I use it shamelessly, but while it's raining, if there is a puddle nearby, my character tends to fill his water bottle from the puddle (I definitely press on the sink). The third bug is related to fishing system. Fishes abundance parameter is updated only if you start fishing, despite the fact that there is 0% fish. It took me three hungry days of despair to understand that there was a lot of fish in my pond And there is some tile bugs. First is here, second (double floor) is here
  13. When you try to right click and get water from sink, barrel and such, and if among all the zdepth there's a rain puddle at the bottom layer, the game will always prioritize the rain puddle despite closest zdepth being the sink the barrel or other water container. This causes fetching water during and after rain impossible.
  14. Hi, This one might be a bit hard to reproduce, since I don't know how to... but I'll drop it off anyway. Sometimes a filled gas can shows the wrong weight. It does not influence gameplay, the actual weight is still 5.00 and the remaining gas seems to be normal: but the shown value is wrong. See the screenshot below: This only happens for specific cans. It may have something to do with filling them up when their initial gas remaining is not zero, but I'm not sure there. Most cans show normal values after filling them up: Not much of a game breaker or something, but a fix eventually would be nice. Thx in advance! Greetz, Tybs
  15. I'm not sure if that's something on my side, as I experienced this bug before since the weather build 40, but I thought it's something in drivers. It might still be, but it was over a year and I reinstalled my OS since, but the bug is still happening. The black lines only appear when there's fog and it's zoomed out. I'm currently running mesa-tkg-git 20.1.0_devel.121702.b113170559b-1 but I had it appearing under different Mesa versions. AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB
  16. That's also a bug that's been there prior to the animation update and maybe it's been reported (but I can't find where) and loot distribution, but the glass counters in jewlerries or optic (2nd floor) in mall for example spawn mostly nails, but also cement boxes etc. It's similar to trailer cupboards I reported before
  17. It seems that the cones put from the recent vehicle stories can only be destroyed with a sledgehammer. Running over them with a vehicle or picking up (or disassembling) seems not be an option.
  18. That's an odd issue. Funnily, it works the other way around. It also works with just the flashlight held in one hand. You can still use the turn off context of the menu though and then it works with the keybinding reliably. I don't think it matters, but I rebound my keybinding for this to "0" back in 41.33.
  19. A small issue, but the Big Spiffo Sign can be driven (and walked) through, as it's not a solid object. It also can't be picked, though it's a 2-tile object.
  20. First of all, thanks for the new distributions in build 41! They are still not ideal and things could be tweaked further, but they are definitely a step in the right direction :). It's also nice to see cash register having money inside! However, it seems that at least one of the cash registerters seems to have weird things inside – books instead of money in Muldraugh book shop ( https://map.projectzomboid.com/#10610x10368 ).
  21. It seems that garage doors are still sometimes closed even if I set the locked houses frequency to never. Checked it in the last build. P.S. It seems it still says 41.33 in the main menu, but I see it's new as the world version has changed from 159 to 161
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