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Found 5 results

  1. The character is not saved after the crash of the game, any failure, any mistake and the game character is completely deleted, to the flesh until the very start, that is, I start from the very beginning, where I have nothing, BUT! The world is preserved, my refuge is completely in place, all things and the like, but the character is not! I discovered one bug on my own ... When you go to the crafting menu and in the “filter” line I start to write something, and then change the keyboard layout, the game crashes, fix this fatal bug, because of it I lost my character. I know that all this is still in the alpha-beta-gamma-omega stage ... But such critical bugs kill all the desire to play as evil, I decently put (items) into it. By the way, for future autosaves, that every 10-15 minutes there was a save, when the game crashed so much, there was a place to go back to, I know not quite honestly, but efficiently. P.S. In which section to write, where they consider ideas, I have a lot of cool ideas that are needed in PZ or at least diversify or improve the game.
  2. -Zombie spanning inside unaccessible areas like under stair in the prison and bunker at the train bunkers. Yellow vest clipping way to much with the hoddie. Sheet not showing when putting on doors. -Making coffee will be consume the hole bottle just to make a cup
  3. This the main weapon i use, and works just fine until u are in top spot. Basically if let go the aim button during the animation it will let u stock in the place just like the first attempt to fix it. This doesn't happen of course if u let the animation end keeping right click but it u let it go by accident or just because you want to move as soon as possible cuz u are about to be overrun by zombies it let u stock in place no moving an inch, i feel that actually adds some extra time to the animation being very punishing for the player. I hope it could be tested further and manage to polish it more. i feel something similar with the machete as well.
  4. While playing i drunk bleach accidentally while trying to tear sheet on rags, and then while drinking it, i tried to cancel the animation by pressing "shift" to sprint (jog). It did stop the animation but bleach was drunk to the bottom. Tested it in vanilla version (without mods), still works. Edit: It still does give unhappiness and poisoning and could kill a player, if no treatment applied. So, random missclick could ruin your whole run.
  5. The picture show how its seen from behind the bunkers, you can see trees and zombies inside the unaccessible area in the bunker
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