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Found 8 results

  1. When I clic to stop the alarm of my character's watch, the character first moves for few steps, then stops the alarm. He shouldn't have to move.
  2. Ok, this one bug is more of an issue for me than any other bug. When interacting with an object (furniture), the character will automatically move to a "better" position to interract with it. The problem is it generally positions the character on the wrong spot when it was already in the good position. For instance: - Character moving into another furniture. - Character moving few steps away from the object (still able to perform the planed action, like taking objects, but will be too far away to, for instance, to access the furniture inventory after that) - Character turning to face away from the object - And the last but not the least: while building a shelf inside a house, character decide to exit the house, and get around it in order to be on the exterior of the wall I wanted to build the shelf on. From there, it then proceed to build the shelf. Good thing, it still built the shelf on the "inside face" of the wall, while working from the outside of the house. This moving bug can be pretty annoying when you're trying to loot a house without being seen by the Zs (character moving unpredictably when you want loot cupboard and such). Thank you in advance for this much needed fix.
  3. in my current run ive taken a few lacerations to the chest and torso. weirdly though when i bandage them with ripped sheets they still show as a wound on the health screen even though they are listed as bandaged. i had a neck scratch as well and this showed correctly.
  4. I noticed what zombies AI is a little bit broken... or completely. Im crazy or AI is broken? NO MODS - West Point
  5. When dismantling wooden furniture, a hammer and a saw are used as tools, but the animation played is one using a screwdriver.
  6. As said in the title: The game doesn't count the club hammer as a hammer for carpentry actions. I agree it's not the best suited tool to plant a nail, but neither would be a stone hammer (that does count as a hammer for carpentry). Same goes for the mallet, I guess.
  7. When i try to rotate any object it doesn't work and makes the noise of a zombie hitting a window PZBUG.mp4
  8. The new playstyle names are great, but in the save games and on the death screen, it's the old names that are showed ("Survivor" for Apocalypse playstyle, "Fighter" for Survivor playstyle).
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