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Found 4 results

  1. Very often, sitting zombies appear right behind their my back on the street against the walls =/ And now everything is much cooler. I entered the house through the door. I checked the toilet. There were no zombies. Im went into the kitchen, turned and:
  2. If you press AIM, then you will go faster through the bushes with no slowdown
  3. Some bugs/issues I have encounterd in Build 41.14: 1.While you are crouching and moving forward, if you look back, the character will stand up, step to the opposite direction a little bit, and then do the normal stealth-backward animation. 2.All the generators I have found were in 10% condition. 3.In the sandbox setting, seems like there is a mismatch between "zombie count" and "population multiplier".(for me, it is "normal - 0.35", "high - 1.0" and so on) 4.The garage door looks wired(triple door frame) when examining by X-Ray. This overhaul is awesome! My backpack is awsome!
  4. After spending a day or two in the base, I've decided to head out for some supplies. On my way I found one of my cars duplicated with everything that was in it. There's saved game in the link if needed. Difficulty setting is custom. EDIT: Just after hitting "continue" from main menu, duplicated car... dissapeared, and it's no longer there where it's shown on the screenshot. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Q1Ta0wn6jZES8aS9pQLen3G4axfEgwO8
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