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Found 5 results

  1. - Sometimes when passing over trees no branches sound -When zombies break windows and player is no looking at the action it wont sound -Zombies keep making the chasing noise even when losing the player and been idle -Snowstorm looks great but muted no wind and cracking branches sound -Birds sounds during winter -Zombies don't ear windows of car been broken -If player saw logs and then build wall it will keep making the saw logs sound instead of hammering -Sometimes footsteps of player don't sound on grass *Soundtracks are great but random not according to the situation of the player (planting carrots with intense music lol) Please comment if u notice more sound problems.
  2. You guys need to add the Customization saving, because you added more clothes. And that would be very comfortable for these players, who likes and spend 15-30 minutes to create their own character.
  3. I set my base at the west Warehouse of McCoy Corp and found this bug. While raining, character stands on the 2nd Floor of that warehouse would be as outside, the character will get wet, feel the wind, and see the rain falling around. No modification of map & building No mods
  4. I noticed what zombies AI is a little bit broken... or completely. Im crazy or AI is broken? NO MODS - West Point
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