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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all survivors, I've been uploading small mods to the Steam workshop and one of them is about adding more carpentry and masonry options. I'd like some feedback on what I should add, and how I should balance everything. Masonry is supposed to allow for stronger walls, but it shouldn't be easy to acquire all the materials. So far all the options make use of a full bucket of concrete and some bricks. So I'd like to know: How much stronger brick walls should be? How rare the materials should be?
  2. Workshop Page:http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=860479137 This is a map I've been working on. It is a continuation of a map I started for Nolan's Survivor Mod. Please note you cannot use Nolan's Survivor Mod at the same time you use this map. Title:Valley Station Military Outpost Version:1.1 Size: 1 Cell Cell Location: 41,14 http://map.projectzomboid.com/?desc=Survival_1xL0#0.8336425885023149,0.11389437032158789,237.37631379976963 Description:The military has created an outpost on the highway leaving Valley Station. Al
  3. ShuiYin

    Profession Mod

    SYN Proffesion Mod 1.1 Basically this mod made available a new profession that is a combination of all available professions bonuses and perks including the unique axeman, desensitized and night owl. Plus: a new special job trait "marksman" that is not released in game that claims to give faster reloading. 1.1 Special Security Guard perk: Night Owl 1.2 Special Lumberjack perk: Axeman 1.3 Special Veteran perk: Desensitized 1.4 Special Fitness Instructor perk: Nutritionist 1.5 Special Burger Flipper perk: Cook 1.6 Bonus special unreleased perk: Marksman 2. Best of every strength and fi
  4. Hey guys, me and my friend rented our first server ever, at Nitrado.net Setup was very easy but I do not know what I am doing since its the first time we rented a server. Could someone help out me with few things: 1. Loging in to server: I can find my server in PZ but cannot connect to it! What kind of username and password should I use? If I want to login as admin or as a regular player? Where do I define this? What option should I select if I want my server to be private or password protected? 2. Adding mods to the Server: I know how to define mods
  5. ShuiYin

    EasyAccess v1.4

    EasyAccess 1.4 for Project Zomboid Sometimes you just wished your bags can be opened without equipping them to save time. Now with this mod all bags in your inventory can be accessed easily. This mod enables you to: 1. See an icon of all containers in your main inventory at the inventory sidebar. 2. Access content of said icon by clicking it. 3. Drag and drop items to the icon to move it. 4. This mod no longer break the see content of bag on ground nor freezers. You will not get these benefits: 1. You will still not be able to access bags inside of anot
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