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Found 3 results

  1. Hey all, With my recent mapping adventures I bring to you: 34 buildings I'm not using. There's yours, yes YOURS I havn't checked these in quite some time and were made with the old tools, so would probably have a few issues regarding the 2x update. Here's a little screenshot with some of the buildings you'll find in the download -TG Unused.zip
  2. Hi Spiffo's Community, I have a problem when I tried to open the server settings at the build 33 of Project zomboid, when I opened the pz server settings from the folder "PZServerSettings", I opened the .bat and this problem appeared "to could not load the class zombie.PZServerSettings.MainWindow" I want an aswer as early as possible Thanks for you interesting on this topic.
  3. The mod is based on "Craftable Axes" by Tooks and "Broad Hatchet for Fire Axe" by Aardman55. Borrowed fashion features 3 Types of Axe Heads Craftable Axe Handles A Makeshift Axe (degrades slightly faster than the Fireaxe) A Worn Makeshift Axe (Degrades faster than the fireaxe and deals slightly less damage} A Blunt Makeshift Axe (Considered a blunt weapon, no longer using the Blade skill. Deals less damage and degrades faster than a Fireaxe) Distinction Add sprites for Axe Handle and Axe Heads. You can cut down trees. To create the handle is needed now also knife apart saws. In order to cut the right hand. The speed depends on the type of blade. Hunting knife does not break down and fit always. Craft Axe Head from Worn Axe Head, using leather belt and stone. It takes a long time. Craft Worn Axe Head from Blunt Axe Head, using stone. It takes a long time. Russian translation. French translation by Klare. Polish translation by Geras. [ Download ] [ GitHub ] [ Workshop ] P.S. New game not necessarily. P.P.S. In the picture the pros and cons are of equal importance, it's just a typo! Later, I make a new image.
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