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    I saw mall map fixes, does this mean the ladders on the roof areas of the mall are climable?
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    Darrien got a reaction from booner352 in Admin Server Commands/Toggles   
    I didn't see any admin commands or toggle options in the suggestion compilation or current suggestions confirmed by the dev team so here we go.
    Create Horde on these coords - Currently zombies do not respawn in multiplayer, so the current work around that has been suggested is to make several admin character accounts and position them at various points on the map and spawn a horde of x number. Using coords instead, you can spawn the zombies without having to need so many of these admin accounts, especially if your playing with just a few friends in coop.
    Additem + quantity - Being able to add a quantity of amount of items to give to yourself or player would make repeatedly typing in the same command over and over again for items you use in bulk like planks.
    Godmode/Invisbility Toggle - When you spawn in as an admin, your default with godmode and invisibility one, I think it should be a toggle to turn off similar to the safety toggle. This way if I am playing with a small group of friends and do not have to make a separate admin character for this purpose.
    Soft Reset Options - I would like a function similar to how pzserversettings works but with the soft reset, say you just want to reset the entire map with zombies instead of the above create horde function. Here you go, this way you do not lose everything if you only want to reset the zombies. You can add other options for the soft reset for it to initiate.
    Teleport to Player or Teleport to coords - This is great if your administration a large server and need to check player activity to make sure nothing is going on.
    Gunshot/Chopper to coords - If you want to force a new hordes migration, it places it on a random player or area, this way you can force it to a specific spot.
    Most of these commands are based on the idea that I take from a GM or DM point of view in Dungeons and Dragons, controlling the environment and taking control of the AI Director. This mostly works for good admins but not abusive ones but then if you have a bunch of admin abuse your server is going to be empty soon.
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