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  1. "You're wrong, now shut up" This is not how discussions work, and no, mental health issues caused by loneliness and psychological trauma aren't schizophrenia. At least not outside the context of the Hollywood pulp I was referring to. So are you here to troll or what? i'm just going to stop responding.
  2. Realistically, Schizophrenia Could be developed very easily if you were alone for a year or more with very little human contact, and were constantly in a state of fear, depression, and have experienced the death of your entire family, or know such has happened, but of course that depends the person. This thread isn't about Schizophrenia however, so no more derailing.
  3. It would be possible, surely, but it would probably do better to become Schizophrenic in the game, rather than start with it.
  4. Nothing at the moment.

  5. The means to make it is there! If you disagree with me go ahead and say why, but we have Agoraphobia and Claustrophobia, so why not a couple of Disorders? it could be a fun game to have a character have his mood randomly fluctuate from the tiniest things, and you may say you can just take Short Tempered, but I don't really agree because that only makes it easier to become angry and unhappy, and if you would take this trait, it should cancel out the ability to take Short-Tempered or Patient. This game has alot of psychological-stuff planned so a couple of things like this would probably fit right in, imagine the difficulties one could have joining a survivor group with this, would make for a very interesting game! And if anyone finds this post offensive, i'm uhh...sorry, I didn't mean to offend and don't see how I did. And for you old-timers, i'm sorry if this was suggested before, really I am. Thanks for reading!
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