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  1. Covid-20 ValuTech Walkie Talkie During the early hours of the morning, as rays of light split through the autumn leaves and down over you. Alone in the quiet, quiet world... you'd notice for a moment how peaceful things were now. Months must have passed since the virus mutated, though keeping track of the days became a chore hardly worth the effort. The wind gently brisked passed you and over the field where you had been settled, when suddenly as you started to forget the awful events of the last few weeks... a sharp static emitted from deep within your tired rucksack. "... ... ... over!" "... -ill repeat. Alpha, Lima, India, Victor, Echo! I am calling out from the vicinity of Muldraugh, we are alive and I will repeat. Alpha, Lima, India ... ... ..." You'd listen as the radio signal gradually faded, before cutting out into silence. Over the tree line you'd spot in the distance a small town... now what? The Server Covid-20 is an all rounded group banding together (some of whom due to lockdown) to create an apocalyptic experience on the PZ platform, for sake of quality over quantity I'll be accepting only a few applicants who're interested in the idea. Please go ahead and let me know down below if you'd like to be a part in this, you can reply in RP or casually. It's up to you, thanks. - Chazz
  2. This looks awsome, me and my brother are both mature and looking to join a great Clan Server. Can't wait to get on, sent you a Steam request!
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