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  1. XD its just that if you spend more time farming/building and all you spend less time whit zed so get less use to them
  2. well my system was based on experience dealing whit zed, fighting, avoiding, time whit them and all, because to up skill you jneed time.
  3. ok i have read a bit around th forum and a lot o people has been talking about panic and how you should get use to zed after some time. I think its a good idea and it should be reflect by the way you play (here comme the examples!!) ok we got 3 skill "branches" into the skill "tree" first is fighting (blunt and all) after utilitys (farming, building...) and after agility (sneak and other). I think that 2 factor the panic "ability", zed in the immediat area and those that spoted you and wish to say hello. So if you play more fighter you should get less panicked by zed on you (that are goin
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