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  1. Don't even have the intelligence to spell breach but expecting people to deal with the fact that you're too lazy and rude to do any real PR. Okayyyyyyy. Moderator WarningTake a 14 days break to make yourself familiar with our rules: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/108-forum-rules/ Should be plenty of time for you to read it. We're a lenient bunch, but you have no reason to go and insult anyone like that. -nsK
  2. Where exactly do you spawn in relation to the map? Top right is it? EDIT: never mind, it is, figured it out by finding the lake
  3. Some houses have no bedrooms xD
  4. GahRii


    Lmao. That's pretty hilarious.
  5. I burned a house down just to see what the flames looked like. I did this by putting an uncooked steak in a stove and leaving it on until it eventually overcooked and caught fire.
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