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  1. I just checked, cheers lads, this is gona be great
  2. Hi guys, can anyone hit me up with the settings that 6 months later uses so I can play it in build 41, it was my favourite version of the game in oldzoid cheers
  3. I have a gtx 980 ti and this happens a lot to me on IWBUMS. I happens at the start of the game aswell. you can interact with the corpse, but can't see it. I have also had this problem when killing a zombie on the stairs, aswell as the ground
  4. I was testing fuel burning times on a campfire against the numbers that are taken from media\lua\server\Camping\camping_fuel.lua. For example it says that a log should burn for 4 hours but I was getting about 2 hours. I tested this with the other fuel sources listed and I would always get half or around about that value. I found the offending piece of code in media\lua\server\Camping\SCampfireSystem.lua at line 165 and 166 the same function is added to the events (the function that seems to reduce the burn times every ten minutes) Events.EveryTenMinutes.Add(EveryTenMinutes) When I comment out one of those calls then the burn times become consistent with camping_fuel.lua. I doubt it was intentional, but if it is then ignore this plz. This is on the current IWBUMS build
  5. Apologies if that has been asked and answered before, but will stamp and push/attack with weapon be on different hotkeys in the animation build?
  6. Swagger


    The inventory update is very juicy and something I had hoped for for a long time. I hope it can lead to something like my very first suggestion on these forms many years ago, a tool belt and weapons holster with a quick draw keybind. Looking good
  7. its not really a bug, its just coded that way in the lua. Some of the tasks use the command to check if the item is in your bag and then triggers the transfer call, while others dont. I ended up making a mod that altered the lua to make them all consistant. I suspect it will be cleaned up in the later builds once the big stuff is done
  8. Swagger

    Red Hand Gang

    I wouldn't say its that OP, more often than not you are just in a single room with only 1 exit, the door. So you can become trapped quite easily by a horde.
  9. This also happens a lot to me, I generally have to hope there is lightning when it rains or I cant see anything. This is survival mode on IWBUMS and the negative traits I take are weak, obese, unfit.
  10. I'll just be cheeky and ask 4 in the hope one might get answered Will we get the chance to ride a horse!??? Will the forests mechanics ever change to allow it to be more easily traversed and used more as a way of sneaking past zombies Will we see more combat mechanics? i.e space bar to foot stamp, alt+ space to stab the zombie with a knife in the second hand. Will we ever get the chance to crawl so zombies can't see us in buildings when we don't have sheets on the windows etc
  11. I play survival mode, I take the unemployed, obese and weak and I don't find it that hard to survive. In this build i found my survival rate when up when I started to utilise the space bar stamp function, its so OP and generally played a bit more cautiously. I definitely die more in this build (mainly my fault) and I think it has some problems with too many zombies in the first few days (mainly from a RP point of view) but I wouldn't say it was very hard once you get the hang of it, but since we are playing the game with missing features I don't think it matters too much. I just had to play the first few days a bit different to how I previously did.
  12. I have never taken lucky and I have never had trouble finding multiple axe's
  13. The floating fortress is an (probably) unintended side effect of the building system that hasn't been ironed out yet. But the the sheet ropes and the ability to knock out the stairs with the sledgehammer was added intentionally by the dev's. If its good enough for Max Brook's its good enough for me.
  14. I don't agree with Floating bases, but knocking out the stairs of a structurally sound building is fine and in no way breaks immersion.
  15. Currently I pick Unemployed Weak Obese I sometimes pick cowardly but its doesn't really do much in my experience
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