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    Zorak reacted to EnvyDemon in Ability to open/close Jackets   
    I'm not sure why this has not been posted already, but and many other members of the community would like the ability to have the ability to open/close jackets, in a system much like the one that hoodies have to raise/lower the hood, as well as the ability to change hat orientation.
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    Zorak got a reaction from Optimism in IWBUMS 41.46 released   
    <3 Finally
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    Zorak got a reaction from ZombiesLoveBrainiacs in IWBUMS 41.46 released   
    <3 Finally
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    Zorak got a reaction from Geras in IWBUMS 41.46 released   
    <3 Finally
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    Zorak got a reaction from trombonaught in IWBUMS 41.46 released   
    <3 Finally
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    Zorak got a reaction from TrailerParkThor in IWBUMS 41.46 released   
    <3 Finally
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    Zorak got a reaction from geronimo553 in IWBUMS 41.46 released   
    <3 Finally
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    Zorak reacted to Geras in ExerciZe   
    Maybe you also could make bench presses and treadmills usable? They're already in the game.
  9. penisham
    Zorak reacted to GoodOldLeon in IWBUMS 41.42 RELEASED   
    New patch and penisham is back? what a great day.
  10. penisham
    Zorak reacted to nasKo in IWBUMS 41.42 RELEASED   
    Added emote wheel, you currently press Q to open it.
    - Emotes wheels binded to Q by default.
    - Emotes wheel is now a long press to bring up.
    - Emotes wheel includes different looking emotes if you are in stealth 
    - Pressing Q (shout) while crouched will now have different text and smaller sound radius.
    - Swinging your weapon in the air (not hitting anything) won't attract zombies anymore.
    - Added new sets of anim for fishing with spears.
    - Can now fish with a fishing rod while sitting on ground.
    - Updated the MacOS application icons.
    - Allow medical items to be dragged onto the list of injured body parts in the Health ui. Previously items could only be dragged onto the image of the body.
    - Made right-clicking items on the ground more reliable by checking if the item icon is within a certain distance of the mouse pointer.  Previously, only items on the square that was clicked were detected.  If the item was near the corner of a square, the user had to hunt around to find the right place to click.
    - Updated map to include recent fixes and Ben's Cabin
    - Added a Reload button to the lua debugger file list.  It appears next to the file name of the item the mouse is hovering over.
    - Added an in-game animation-clip viewer accessed by CTRL+F7 in debug mode.
    - Quality of life changes and fixes
    - Updated with new controller icons from Binky
    - Moved the code for clicking on curtains, doors and light switches from Java to ISObjectClickHandler.lua so modders can change this behavior.
    - Added back code to IsoPlayer.removeSaveFile() to delete map_pN.bin savefiles to help Nolan on SuperSurvivors and other minor changes to make his life easier
    - Added a new item property called Tags. Tags is a list of strings that can be used to specify what the item is used for.
     Instead of checking lists of item types such as Hammer/HammerStone or Saw/GardenSaw, the game can check for items
     that have certain tags. These tags are: ChopTree, ClearAshes, CutPlant, DigGrave, DigPlow, Hammer, Saw, TakeDirt. Also, digital watches have the tag Digital which affects how the clock is displayed.
    - Moved recipecode.lua functions into a global table called Recipe.
     The functions are organized into sub-tables Recipe.OnCreate, Recipe.OnGiveXP, and Recipe.OnTest.
     This is similar to how vehicle-script lua functions work.
     For example, CutFish_TestIsValid is now Recipe.OnTest.CutFish.
     The old function names are still available to avoid breaking mods.
    -  Error messages are printed to the console when loading a game if any recipe's OnCreate, OnGiveXP, or OnTest methods are undefined.
    - Reduced crit chance of knives.
    - Ignore the slowdown from injures, negative moodles, etc when closing or opening vehicle doors.
    - Reduced the distance at which light switches can be clicked on.
    - Ball-Peen Hammer can now be used for carpentry etc.
    - Spears used for fishing lose condition when damaged, and don't disappear from the player's inventory.
    - If you were about to do a close knife kill (jaw stab) forbidden when zombies are attacking - but your alternate normal attack will deal more damage. This avoids risk of unwanted jaw stabs when you have high small blade skills.
    - Increased reloading/aiming XP gain when level is under 5.
    - Increased minimum damage of M14 from 1 to 1.2.

    - Hide left-hand items when reloading firearms.
    - Hide any left-hand item when chopping down trees.
    - Tweaked normal glasses UV's so the arms show, male and female versions.
    - Tweaked drinking anims to be a bit more natural.
    - Tweaked gun recoils, loading and racking blends to eliminate some popping.
    - Adjusted recoil of handgun and rifle a bit.
    - Tweaked Trousers.xml, Trousers_Black.xml and Trousers_NavyBlue.xml masking to avoid clipping.
    - Tweaked Shorts_ShortFormal.xml to avoid clipping.
    - Fixed non-empty containers sometimes looking like they had no items in them (in random toilet-paper-filled buildings).
    - Fixed lua error with the "Rest" context-menu option when extremely tired and no bed/chair was clicked.
    - Fixed being able to fish from infinite distance, you'll now need to be at max 6 tiles from body of water with a rod and 2 tiles with spears.
    - Fixed various issues with moveables - primarily metal ones.
    - Fixed vehicles not colliding with zombies after the engine shuts off while the vehicle is still moving.
    - Fixed zombies sometimes attacking instead of playing their hit-reaction animation. (Difficult to reproduce, somehow this person had it happen twice in a row!
    - Fixed animation event garbage collection.
    - Fixed ActiveAnimXXX events occurring every frame after a new node is started in the same AnimSet.
    - Fixed two DebugLog.txt files being created during startup. One of these files was being closed via garbage collection, which has caused problems on Linux in the past.
    - Fixed not being able to jaw-stab a zombie from behind when the zombie was playing the Zombie_DoorClaw animation.
    - Fixed action animations (like reading) not playing when sitting on the ground after trying to attack while sitting.
    - Fixed timed actions continuing while getting up from sitting after pressing a movement key.
    - Fixed parts of clothing not being visible through a hole in a layer above sometimes.
    - Fixed zombies playing their aggression sound after killing the player. It kept playing during the eating-body sound.
    - Fixed multiple death screams playing sometimes when the player is killed by zombies.
    - Fixed zombies sometimes playing their bite animation again after dragging the player to the ground.
    - Fixed the player-info avatar animating more slowly at higher framerates.
    - Fixed the animation-clip viewer animation running more slowly at higher framerates.
    - Fixed not being able to interact with tents placed by the map-maker.
    - Fixed rooms sometimes appearing unlit when the light switch was on. This happened when loading a part of the map with room light switches but no lamps or porch lights.
    - Fixed wearing each item of clothing in a stack, when those items have the same name but different underlying types (like Jacket).
    - Fixed favorited items being used for campfire fuel.
    - Fixed a bug with reusing zombies which could result in a zombie trying to walk toward a sound it heard before it was removed
     from the world.
    - Fixed the player info avatar not updating when hats and glasses are knocked off the player.
    - Fixed the loot window not updating to show hats and glasses knocked off the player.
    - Fixed the player-info avatar animating while the game is paused..
    - Fixed the carpentry menu Door submenu appearing disabled when a doorframe can be built..
    - Fixed food in a bag in a Fridge/Freezer not cooling or freezing.
    - Fixed Big Garage Doors / Windows showing as doubled normal sized doors / windows in cutaways.
    - Fixed logging out and back in with the "Winter is coming" challenge (and others) resetting the timer.
    - Fixed some item weight discrepancies.
    - Fixed not being able to start a BBQ with any other materials apart from paper.
    - Fixed unlimited sugar being allowed to be added to a beverage.
    - Fixed lockers not cutting away correctly.
    - Fixed lunch box always spawning with fresh food even a long time into the apocalypse.
    - Fixed pouring water from bottle to bottle not reserving empty bottle's favourite status.
    - Fixed Filling up broken Saucepan repairs it.
    - Fixed sandbox option "Infection Mortality" set to "Never" not working.
    - Fixed placing and removing bait from a trap duplicating it.
    - Fixed the crafting ui "Name Filter" entry and "Filter All" checkbox displaying different values in each tab.
    - Fixed the fishing ui not being tall enough to display the caught items sometimes.
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    Zorak reacted to lemmy101 in IWBUMS 41.41 RELEASED   
    - Enabled the "New Character" button after the player dies in singleplayer, so it's more clear that players can continue the save with a new character. This button was already available in splitscreen and multiplayer.
    - Added "Corpse Shadows" display option. Corpse shadows are drawn as a separate pass (along with player, vehicle, and zombie shadows) so could affect performance with lots of corpses.
    - Added a sandbox option to disable zombie lunge after climbing over fence (in the zombie lore).
    - Allow sleeping anywhere when the character reaches a fatigue level of 4. The sleep is short and has more negative side effects than a "bad bed".
    - Allow the player to go to sleep outdoors when it is raining. 
    - Added "Simple Clothing Textures" option to disable blood/dirt/holes/patches on clothing textures. The blood/dirt/holes/patches are still on the clothes but aren't drawn. Turning this on can save texture memory and possibly improve performance on lower-spec hardware.
    - Added "Simple Weapon Textures" which disables drawing blood on weapons. Turning this on can save texture memory and possibly improve performance on lower-spec hardware (but not as much as Simple Clothing Textures).
    - Allow multiple map windows to be opened at the same time.
    - Added UIElement:onKeyPress(), onKeyRepeat() and onKeyRelease() methods so top-level UIElements can intercept keypresses without having to use events such as Events.OnKeyPressed or Events.OnCustomUIKey.
    - Slightly lowered spawnrate of watches on zombies
    - Slightly lowered the chance for pre-set alarms on watches
    - Rebalanced M14 Single Shot Assault Rifle. 
        - Changed model
        - Now uses proper ammo (.308) instead of 5.56. 
        - Magazine size set to 20
        - Damage has been balanced to bring it in line with other rifles
    - Reduced damage for Wood Axe to 1.3 Min and 3 Max, down from 3.6 Min and 4.6 Max. Previous damage values were workaround for a past bug that ended up way overpowered when said bug was fixed.
    - Added hoodies to some zombie outfits.
    - Big metal shelves now require metalwork to disassemble, also gives metal bars & plates (previously was only screws).
    - Increased spawn rate of fanny pack.
    - Increased weight of rifles.
    - Lowered min angle of shove to stop shove working on distant zombies
    - Lowered max range of shove as the range "extends" when player shoves (as body leans forward, so does the range)
    - Traps can get destroyed when the player is out of range
        - when destroyed, a destroyItem takes the traps place, by default this is 'unusable wood' but can be set in the trap definition
    - "Put in Container" inventory context-menu option now shows the name of the container (if any). Hopefully, this will make it clearer that the item isn't going into an equipped bag.
    - Increased the range the player prefers to target lunging zombies instead of prone zombies from 0.5 to 1.0

    - Adjusted the 2-handed miss animation to leave the weapon in left hand during the miss anim
    - Disallow fishing when sitting on ground, as said action has no playable animation at this time. If the UI is opened first and player then sits before starting fishing action a forceGetUp is performed.
    - Removed excess frames from "zombie get up from back" anim
    - Tweaked blend settings for "zombie getting up"

    - Fixed jaw-stabbing zombies through unbroken or barricaded windows.
    - Fixed jaw stab animation playing but character missing
    - Fixed splatting blood and playing weapon-impact sounds when hitting a window between the player and a zombie.
    - Fixed cancelling attaching an item to the hotbar leaving the model visible on the player but not in the hotbar.
    - Fixed UI updates slowing down when the GameTime.Speed.XXX debug options are enabled.
    - Fixed IsoZombie AnimationPlayer being freed, then recreated after death.
    - Fixed model-rendering debug code accessing AnimationPlayer from the rendering thread. This was the code that rendered the character's skeleton and other things.
    - Fixed a bug in the JOML Matrix4f class.
    - Deleted some old unused classes.
    - Fixed unnoticeable splitscreen rendering issue when the game is paused.
    - Fixed lua error with the Horde Manager ui when the spawn location goes out of bounds.
    - Fixed zombie models unfolding when they first become visible.
    - Fixed NullPointerException climbing through a windowframe without a window.
    - Fixed the close-window animation not playing when using a controller.
    - Fixed being able to sleep in a moving car.
    - Fixed Movable-cursor not being able to pick up office cubicle walls from west/north side, also made them hoppable.
    - Added functionallity for any object existing as Iso and Inventory (such as radios) to be dismantable/scapable in their IsoObject form by looking up the inventory item dismantle recipe. For this to work the spriteproperties must be set to 'CanScrap' AND have at least one dummy material defined for the scrapcode to recognize it as valid scrapable, the actual materials returned will be from the recipe
    - Fixed walls on the same tile overlapping door when the latter was opened.
    - Added a check that makes sure the door index is always after the last wall and wall index is always before the door.
    - Added a tileproperty TreatAsWallOrder for objects that aren't walls but should be treated as such in the indexing (such as the shower glass panes)
    - FPS multiplier now capped to a maximum of 5 (6fps->30fps). This possibly fixes death by stairs, along with other possible sudden deaths due to lag related pauses, as time will not pass significantly during such a pause. 
    - Fixed some lambda garbage collection
    - Fixed duplicate Keyframe.BoneName strings (Bip01, etc)
    - Fixed death music not stopping after creating a new player using the New Character button.
    - Possibly fixed bug that treated walking zombies as if they're still knocked down, causing wrong target priorities when attacking affected zombies.
    - Fixed player movement stopping when playing the one-handed crit attack animation.
    - Fixed wrist-worn items clipping through long-sleeved clothes by hiding the wrist-worn items.
    - Fixed character-creation Beard Type "None" not being selected when loading a preset without a beard.
    - Fixed blur at certain zoom levels
    - Fixed blood not being drawn temporarily on hotbar weapon models when equipping or unequipping them.
    - Fixed various debug panels affecting a dead player after creating a new player with the New Character button.
    - Fixed recipes not preserving the "favorite" status of items when the result item has the same type as a source item.
    - Fixed zombies ending up on their back when they are hit while flipping from their back to their front.
    - Fixed the "close window" animation playing when the E key is pressed on a closed barricaded window.
    - Fixed empty assault rifles in Burst or Single firing modes killing zombies.
    - Fixed clothing items that can't get blood and dirt on them from getting wet. This includes belts, jewelry, and watches.
    - Fixed SleepingEvent not working correctly in splitscreen.
    - Fixed corpses being drawn underneath stairs.  They still get clipped if they overlap a lower stair tile.
    - Fixed knocked-off hats being drawn underneath stairs
    - Fixed some cases where empty containers looked like they had items in them.
    - Fixed some invalid item types in the loot-spawning tables.
    - Print a warning to the console when invalid item types are in the loot-spawning tables.
    - Fixed some gc with item spawning.
    - ProceduralDistributions Lua table is parsed one time during startup instead of each time items are spawned
    - Fixed the hotbar shortcut keys not working after the player gets bumped just before an attack starts
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    Zorak reacted to sprkng in Build 38 and Beyond: Small but Important Suggestions Thread   
    1088 In-game road atlases that you can find so you don't have to resort to out-of-game maps when driving between towns. Road signs would also help
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    Zorak reacted to Killom in Build 38 and Beyond: Small but Important Suggestions Thread   
    Please add specialized containers with enhanced capacity.
    A craftable wood stack. This container only accepts "Logs, boards or sticks / twigs" as input. But you can store up to 900 weight units instead of the usual 50
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    Zorak reacted to Narrnika in Regulator of age   
    With increasing age, I would add a decrease in the coefficients to the speed of acquiring skills and an increase in the starting professional skill.
    For example:
    20-year-old farmer: +3 levels farming and + 125% to speed of learning farming;
    60-year-old farmer: +7 levels farming and + 25% to speed of learning farming, -50% to speed of learning other skills.
    Something like this, the numbers need to be balanced, of course.
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    Zorak reacted to Xonic in Make the fatigue penalty start with "Tired" instead of "Drowsy"   
    Now when the player gets "Drowsy" moodle, a heavy penalty applies on the combat. It would be more reasonable to start the penalty at "Tired", and makes "Drowsy" a warning sign to player.
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    Zorak reacted to lemmy101 in IWBUMS 41.35 RELEASED   
    to encourage flashlight use - no one ever uses flashlights because its perfectly able to see even in houses at night. Using flashlights is cool and atmospheric and something a person would do irl, and also comes with risk/benefit tradeoff so is an interesting gameplay mechanic that until now has never been required to be used.
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    Zorak reacted to Charlypizza in IWBUMS 41.32 released!   
    can u add the military flash light that is L shape and be putted in the belt like the walkie talkie and made it a rare item to find?????
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    Zorak reacted to Neanderthal in Prominent Texture Segmentation   
    I noticed that in Build 41 (playing on the latest version as of this post 17/03/2020)  the divisions between textures on walls, and on some floor tiles, is especially more prominent as compared to 40.


    (Just zeroing in on the tile issue a little more here)


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    Zorak reacted to DavidBlane in Raven Creek   
    release workshop
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    Zorak got a reaction from Geras in Taking aim   
    Or Brandenburg !
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    Zorak reacted to Geras in A Good Day   
    Ah, I see. Good point. I couldn't care less who DrunkOnLife is, vid was posted on official PZ  YouTube channel, might as well be one of the Devs/internal testers. Thanks for clarifying, though!
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    Zorak reacted to Geras in A Good Day   
    Thanks, I haven't used the mod, so I wouldn't know.
    Also, modded gameplay being posted on official PZ yt channel is what made it confusing.
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    Zorak reacted to Geras in Disable saplings/trees causing car damage when just driving past   
    Please, for everything that is holy, disable the car-wrecking damage of saplings and trees when just driving past slowly.
    The massive speed debuff is enough to get you killed when zombies are nearby, and this is fine.
    Maybe leave in trees (not saplings!) damaging windows and windshields - that's cool and realistic-ish. There is no way a small sapling would damage a car window when driving past. They are too short, and too elastic.
    Also, some saplings are impossible to distinguish from harmless bushes, and this becomes a huge issue when world erosion kicks in.
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    Zorak reacted to Batsphinx in Disable saplings/trees causing car damage when just driving past   
    I'll add this to the Team Tanglewood fix list tomorrow.
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