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  1. I'd be interested in giving this a go. Have you thought about approaching Storpey on youtube to see if he'd play it on his youtube channel? It'd get you some free exposure and he loves playing indie horrors so I recommend trying to get in contact with him You may already know of him, he's also from the UK. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrQ1KtTfGnan4kGPbyOmfXA
  2. You don't need quotations marks as far as I am aware. So just /additem Base.AxeWhen I type without quotations I get an error in the console saying it's an unknown command. Can you run any other admin command, or do they all give you errors? As far as I know additem is the only one that doesn't work. When I type /additem "Base.Axe" in the in-game chat box, the error only appears in the server cmd window.
  3. If you want to complete reset your server then go into C:\users\yourname\Zomboid\Multiplayer and delete the servertest folder.
  4. If you're having trouble logging as admin it should be username admin and pass admin by default if the server does not prompt you to create the account at start up.
  5. You don't need quotations marks as far as I am aware. So just /additem Base.AxeWhen I type without quotations I get an error in the console saying it's an unknown command.
  6. Attention everybody - We're currently testing build 25 so if you want to join make sure you have it! We have a group on steam which will give updates on the server status and what's going on currently so make sure you join it. Visit our Ocenania PZ Steam Group here.
  7. When I add items like so: /additem "Base.Axe" nothing appears and in the server console I see this message:
  8. Capitals still don't work for me
  9. SERVER IS UP FOR THE NIGHT & OPEN TO JOIN. (ip will be changed tonight so you will need to add me to join after tonight)
  10. Yes, they have never exactly grabbed and mauled me but they pick you down over time and eventually you find yourself with a broken limb or bleeding... you can change how dangerous the zombies are by changing the server settings located in your pz folder.
  11. Staff may have had this question before, but I could not find any answers.. I start my server with 25 beta but do not get prompted to create admin log in details. Any help? Suggestions? Any help is much appreciated and thank you for your time.
  12. That would probably be because, occasionally the problem lies with the save associated with the folder. It isn't 100% but it can solve the problems sometimes. Oh okay. Well, to me, all knowledge of possible fixes are handy.
  13. I heard from a friend that going to C:\Users\yourname and deleting the Zomboid folder fixed the loading problem.
  14. Thanks for the reply, I was half expecting it to be something along those lines. Oh well, I can put up with it since the game is so promising and fun even at these early stages of development.
  15. Very odd. Have you tried running the game in compatibility mode?
  16. Several of my own remedies for problems like this in PZ. - Try compatibility mode. - Enter the server info and make sure you hit save before joining. - Troubleshoot your network for problems. - If all else fails, try a new server or use the singleplayer until the next build is released.
  17. Hi, you need to make sure you have the correct ports opened. You need 16261 open for communications and 16262 all the way up to however many slots you want your server to have for example 16263, 16264, 16265, 16266, 16267, 16268, 16269, 16270 if you only wanted 9 player slots (or is it 10?). I'm no pro I had trouble sorting it myself, but I'll leave you with a couple of links that I used personally to get my server running. Making your IP static Port forwarding Hope this helps!
  18. At this stage is it possible that companies such as Multiplay could start hosting PZ servers? I emailed them asking and they said they'll put it on their "to-do list". I can run my own server but it's on my own personal network so slows me down quite a bit unless I'm actually playing PZ at the time and don't notice. Has anyone had luck with other providers?
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