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  1. "ALGUUAHGGHGHGHGHGHH" I'm being bitten, remember?
  2. Could rig the lawn mower into a weapon of sorts. That'd be fun.
  3. Cars should be scattered about in logical places. Gas and keys are the ones that should be rare. Once the electricity turns off I'm pretty sure pumps do, too.
  4. OP, let's not say we did. I'd rather not see PDP fans flooding into the forums. They're annoying, have little to no common sense, and will defend his flaws with the jealousy card. I'd prefer the primary YouTubers for Zomboid to be the ones we already have. They have brains that actually work, after all.
  5. There was a point where the zombie fad needed to stop, but it has passed it long ago. I want to leave this wild ride.
  6. FInally, someone is able to do what I wanted to do. Someone give this guy a medal.
  7. Ammuniton. A rare commodity. We all know that the map starts to run dry of resources if you've survived long enough. So what if you could use spent casings and scavenge gunpowder? Seeing how Kentucky is probably huge on guns(Any Kentuckyians willing to confirm this?), I'm sure people would have no problem finding gunpowder in abandoned gun stores. To add a challenge, using homemade bullets would cause the gun to degrade faster as you're using filthy casings. One issue that I've noticed with my suggestion if one can make gunpowder at home with the right materials. I'm no expert on explosives or guns, so please tell me if I'm wrong. Anybody agree with this or would like to add onto it?
  8. Seems like it could be a fun quick fix. Good luck to you and your team!
  9. Not exactly what I meant. Thanks though.
  10. I'm making my first steps into modding. I have a few ideas I want to see if I can get working, however I have a question that I cannot find in the tutorials. I noticed there's a item type for food, but what about ingredients? Any help is appreciated!
  11. It's going to become a shitstorm real fast though. There is no such thing as a good community hub. It is Steam, after all.
  12. Has anybody made it to West Point yet? I'm too nervous to go into uncharted waters. EDIT: Devs need not reply. cheater cheater pumpkin eater
  13. I'd rather them finish the core game first. If you guys have seen Lemmy pissed before, you know that if they started working on MP now, he would start playing out a fantasy from The Shining.
  14. Because I am superior. Why are these plants talking to me?
  15. Since I had no costume and I had no plans to help give out candy with the family, I decided I would get my agoraphobic ass outside and help out. I stole a bunch of my father's old ragged "garage work" clothes and cut 'em up to look like I'm a shipwreck survivor. He wasn't too happy, but it was so worth it. Wish I took a picture. I really wish I did.
  16. Rob, you guys won't make the same spawn rate mistake like you did a few patches ago, right?
  17. Sorry for the late response, I forgot I had this thread open. I remember this plant while driving through Interstate 95 in Georgia. I think there's a bit of it here in Florida, too. It's mostly in Arlington or the outskirts of Gainesville. Hey Rath, how much you want to bet that these plants could be the perfect camouflage? There's the problem of overgrowth, but I'm sure this can easily hide key stashes.
  18. What. Yes, let's all have Down's Syndrome kids running around an zombie infested world.
  19. M'oh! What is the meaning of life divided by pi which is not equal to e=mc2 that is mixed with uranium dehydrate?
  20. After about a year of thinking, and watching progress for farming, I thought I would give my thoughts about plants and wildlife of Muldraugh. I'm sure most of us know that hunting is a common suggestion in the forums, but what about plant life? Thanks to good 'ol Romain we have farming, but what about herbs and medicinal plants? What about the fact that plants tend to take over buildings without management? These are the subjects I'd like to talk about (and maybe suggest) in this thread. Herbs, plants, and their medicinal uses I was, at one point, going to make a mod for this to experiment with LUA. Schoolwork and my learning disability got in the way, however. It's common knowledge that ancient civilizations used a technique called herbalism. To those uneducated on ancient history, this was the original medicinal practice. Most of the time it was more or less just religious superstition, but some plants like Aloe, for example, worked pretty well for burns and itchiness. People still use Aloe today, in fact. Many post-apocalyptic stories depict people using herbs and plants as a way to conserve the highly valuable medication we have today. Have any of you ever used something called Eucalyptus oil to treat sinus congestion? This stuff is from an Australian native tree called Eucalyptus. Of course, you can't get it in Kentucky, but people may have the oil in their houses. I doubt you'll find it in hospitals since it's mostly just home use. Lavender has a decent amount of options, too. It has no real healing purpose, but it can counter stress and anxiety. It also can be used in soaps and detergents. Though cleaning clothes doesn't seem to be in the PZ spirit; stress relief does. Plantlife and their ability to take back their rightful throne I have no idea if it's possible graphically, but plants can and do take over buildings if they're not managed. Since farming is in, I assume it's a first step to adding something like this. Lately, more and more streamers have lived longer than a month. It bothers me that the only thing growing is bodies. There's no real change to the map other than body count, amount of hordes, and dwindling supplies. Personally, I'd love to see some plants growing over gates and such. I will say again, I know this may not be possible. I'm only hoping it will be some day. So this is where I end my thread. I may come back and edit it here and there if there's any inconsistencies I overlooked. I thank you for reading my thread, and I hope some day we can have more ways to get medicine and more things to see than bodies by the number.
  21. As a former golf player, I can confirm this. One of the reasons for the weight difference is there is different sizes for children and adults. Now I can't say I know exact details about golf clubs, only that I've gone through three different sets due to my age at the time.
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