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  1. JJStorm

    Pneumatic Air Guns

    Nah i havnt been flooded coz i libe on a hill bitch! Hahaha
  2. JJStorm

    Pneumatic Air Guns

    Its something different, its something... something not from this world... but hey i got power back an hour ago which is great, the military must have it under control, i think???
  3. JJStorm

    Pneumatic Air Guns

    Yeah i do, im in newbury right now looking to see whats up, its not good... its a ghost town man! Im gonna grab all my supplies now and get a power converter for car batteries, i need food!
  4. JJStorm

    Pneumatic Air Guns

    Yeah i am had to gey wood for fuel and practice some archery for huntung. I dont know man is weird... I got the generator working and my friend said he saw two guys fight each other for no reason, apparently there was a lot of blood... im getting ready...
  5. JJStorm

    Pneumatic Air Guns

    This is great man, thanks oh and also... Day 2 of no power & hot water... starting to get a liitle annoyed. Phone is on 10%.... last thing with power in the house. This is the last piece of hope.....
  6. JJStorm

    [WIP] Xmod

    Ok mate, thanks! you need any now?
  7. JJStorm

    new mod could use a few testers

    Hey man do you need any sprites. Im willing to help you and give you anything you need, in terms of sprites that is. If you are interested just message me what you want
  8. JJStorm

    [WIP] Xmod

    Hey man do you need any sprites? I can work for you, make anything you need. Just message me what sprites you need and i will do my best to make them
  9. JJStorm

    Explosions - again

    Hey man want any sprites for this, I can do them
  10. JJStorm

    Nuget102's Food Mod

    Hey man do you want sprites for your mod, I can make them for you
  11. JJStorm

    [WIP] Scientific Mod

    Hey man, do you want sprites, I can make them for you!
  12. JJStorm

    It's Hammer Time Mod

    not bad man i like them, except one or two of them look a bit bent. lol
  13. JJStorm

    Walking the lonely streets

    im working on another similar poster with a city on fire and trying to add spiffo but its not working so well so i might do another sillouette guy but with more deatail and do a doog job onshadows i will post it later today
  14. JJStorm

    Walking the lonely streets

    yup dont worry shadowing is on its way